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Self-employment or freelancers keeps on rising, reaching its highest level since the year 1957. If you are one of the millions of self-employed individuals, you may fret about looking for cheap and high quality health insurance.

Usually, you may meet the requirements to sign up for a new health insurance plan in the open enrollment time, which occurs every fall—qualifying events like losing past health insurance, having a baby, and getting married.

Health Insurance For Freelancer

We made a list of the most reliable health insurance for freelancers. This will assist you find the most fitting for you.

Affordable Act Care

The Obamacare or Affordable Care Act made a health insurance marketplace where freelancers are able to obtain insurance coverage for themselves and their loved ones. This is a viable choice, regardless of your employment status.

To obtain a health plan via ACA, you want to acquire a plan during the Open Enrollment stage. Federal Open Enrollment lasts from November 1st to December 15th. You can register for a healthcare plan during that stage, and then the health coverage will start on the 1st of January and cover you for the whole year.

You may also be eligible for Special Enrollment once you experience a main life event such as divorce, marriage, labor, or loss of your job. An occasion, which qualifies you for Special Enrollment, is called a qualifying life event. Therefore, if you have full-time work and choose to quit becoming a freelancer, you will be eligible for Special Enrollment. Health insurance plans on hand in the marketplace all provide similar health benefits. However, monthly premiums, as well as other prices, might differ depending on your location.

COBRA For Freelancers

As stated above, you will be eligible for Special Enrollment once you resign and want to get individual coverage. However, if you want to stay on an employer-sponsored plan, you can utilize COBRA or Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.

Cobra is a healthcare program that allows workers to keep their employer-sponsored insurance program once they resign; it doesn’t matter if it is voluntary or not. This plan works through converting a group health insurance plan to an individual one. The company’s insurance must be able to give you a recommendation on your qualification as well as the expense of the coverage. COBRA coverage is costly. Your employer typically subsidizes the health coverage for you, meaning the cost you give out is not the full price of a health insurance plan. Once you opt to this coverage, you will require giving out the insurance plan’s total cost and a two percent admin fee. This will cost you a lot, so it might just be feasible as a short-term option.

Even when you like your insurance plan, ensure to compare the full expense of the COBRA coverage with the fee of other insurance plans available. Talk to the insurance provider to know more about COBRA coverage cost. After leaving your job, you must also get a letter from the insurance provider explaining how the health insurance works as well as the actual monthly premium.

Professional Associations

Once your job has an organization or becomes a member of an independent worker organization or self-employed worker association, you can get group health insurance through Professional Associations. This allows people to band together as group members that are the same to their group insurance. Freelance Union is a good example. They provide a health insurance plan, supplemental medical plans, which include life insurance and dental coverage. The site also provides a subsidies guide, FAQ page, as well as a glossary of health insurance terms and tips on picking the best plan made to your preferences and needs.

Short Term or Temporary Insurance

This kind of health insurance plan does not give you the perks of coverage options provided by the ACA plans. This might be a short term or temporary choice to think of once you overlook the open enrollment time and wish to keep away from paying medical expenses until you are able to obtain ACA plan coverage.

Business Group or Local Chamber

For many years, the Chamber of Commerce offers a cheap group plan for excellent coverage members. Look into whether a professional organization or local business may have

For several years, my city Chamber of Commerce offered an affordable group plan for members that had pretty nice coverage! Also, some national associations can help freelancers like you.

High Deductible Private Insurance

In case you are earning a good income and do not meet the criteria for ACA subsidized care, you may find yourself considering family or individual insurance plans. After getting over the sticker shock, it can run USD1,000 or more for a family with four members to obtain an insurance plan with low deductibles; think of getting a bare-bones insurance plan, which secures you from full disaster. You will give out most routine medical attention, though being with the insurance plan might entitle you to substantial discount rates.


unitedhealthcare homepage
An auxiliary of UnitedHealth Group, UnitedHealthcare is considered the largest health insurance company in the US. This was founded in the year 1977 and had an A rating.

UnitedHealthcare provides wide health insurance coverage with benefits in various states and more than 130 countries. In 2019, this health insurance for freelancers included 1.3 million doctors and other medical care professions and over 6,500 hospitals. This health insurance company provides an array of products such as Medicare, health insurance, short-term insurance, Medicaid, dental, vision, as well as supplemental coverage.

UnitedHealthcare earns the second spot as it provides coverage in all states in the US. Also, it has a superb network of healthcare experts and providers. UnitedHealthcare also stands out when it comes to technology that might make their providers cheaper and more efficient.

Kaiser Permanente

kaiser permanente homepage
This is another reliable healthcare insurance for a freelancer with a remarkable reputation. Kaiser Permanente was established in 1945. This company earned high scores of 4.0 and 5.0 with NCQA together with prominent rankings.

The company provides health insurance in various states in the US, such as Georgia, Colorado, California, Washington, Virginia, Oregon, Maryland, and Hawaii, for more than 12.4 million members. Kaiser Permanente has a vast network that takes account of 715 medical officers, 39 hospitals, 63,306 nurses, and 23 271 physicians.

You might have access to an array of health plans, which takes account of Medicaid, Medicare, health savings account, and high deductible health plans-eligible plans as well as catastrophic plans. The availability of plans depends on where you reside.

The commitment and solid reputation of the company make it the best when it comes to preventive care. By concentrating on prevention, you might keep healthier and save cash in due course. The high level of customer satisfaction also makes this health service provider apart from the rest.


There are many techniques freelancers can utilize to find the cheapest health insurance policy. The fact that health insurance is based on many factors, your case and requirements become a vital aspect in determining what insurance plan will suit you best.

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