Canva frequently asked questions

At some point, many of us needed to use graphic design for various reasons, be it for editing personal photos, or making splashier social media posts. Even when a simple photo needs to be edited a bit, using a graphic design tool may come in handy.

These tools aren’t designed to only serve newbies with no experience in the branch of graphic design but are also intended for use by professional graphic designers working on big projects.

If you’re looking for a graphic design tool to aid you in your line of work, you need to have the best one at your fingertips. We’re presenting you Canva review one of the most popular and high-quality graphic design tools today – Canva. With over 30 million loyal users and a valuation of $6 billion, it has become a very sought-after tool for many people.

By visiting the Canva platform, one can find a large number of diverse templates and designs for basically anything. Posters, brochures, presentations, business cards, and many more, just name it – there are templates for all of your graphic design needs.

 Canva frequently asked questions

Since there are many graphic design tools available on the internet, when searching for one, people have to make sure they’ve found and made use of the best one. That’s why there are many questions that are frequently asked about Canva, and we’re glad to answer some of them to you.

In this Canva review these questions cover the most important things that need to be known about Canva in case you’re considering it. So, if you want to know how to use it, what features it carries, and how much it costs, among other significant information, stay with us.

Canva Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Canva, Exactly?

Canva is a comprehensive design tool that may be useful for novices, experts, and organizations to create attention-grabbing graphic designs. Most people think of it simply as an image design tool, but Canva is much more than that. You may create anything from PDFs, websites, invoices, flyers, and infographics.

You may either start from scratch or use one of their many templates, depending on your level of skillfulness. Canva is a trusted and user-friendly tool that can help you turn a basic concept into a stunning design that you can either show online or print out.

Who Should Use Canva?

Canva is a tool that can be suitable for both inexperienced, new users and professional graphic designers. The tool is also ideal for small company owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers that need to create designs rapidly and efficiently. Unlike other tools that require a long learning time, Canva is rather easy and simple to use and offers subscription plans that are specifically made for single users or enterprises.

For example, there are 5 plans, including:

  • Canva Free – This plan is specifically made for individuals and smaller teams with no experience, in need of some editing help, mainly for photos or videos.
  • Canva Pro – Best suitable for individuals or small groups within graphic design enterprises, with little to no knowledge of graphic design.
  • Canva Enterprise – Meant for larger and more graphic design-savvy businesses in the field of graphic design.
  • Canva Education – This plan is designed for high-school and college students that require help for school-based projects and purposes.
  • Canva Nonprofit – As its name suggests, this subscription plan is meant for nonprofit organizations and doesn’t cost anything.

Who Should Use Canva

How Does Canva Work?

Canva provides a comprehensible UI with a drag-and-drop capability. Anyone may use this to produce a design that meets their needs. Canva’s application provides users with high-quality pictures, graphics, fonts, and layouts.

On Canva’s official website, in the design section, users can find all kinds of templates for social media, marketing, customized prints, cards, and invitations. You simply have to choose what kind of design you are creating, and after picking out the template, you will find many editing options that’ll come in quite handy.

When the graphic designing process is done, based on what you want to do with the final product, you can download it, share it online, or print out the design.

Canva Vs Canva Pro Vs Canva Enterprise:

What Does Canva Offer for Free?

The offer of free templates and features on Canva is fairly extensive. Over 250,000 various templates, more than 100 design styles, and thousands of pictures, font styles, and graphics are among the free stuff the tool provides for its users.

All users get 5GB of free cloud storage and the opportunity to add people to their own Canva team to collaborate on designs. You may establish up to 20 teams for free, each with a maximum of 3,000 members.

The Canva Free plan, which is intended for inexperienced individuals, among the previously mentioned advantages, offers designs to be exported as PDF, JPG, and even GIFs or MP4 files. Besides doing your work right there on the web platform, you can download the Canva app for free and create graphic designs from your phone, no matter where you are.

What Does Canva Offer for Free

What Are Other Paid Canva Plans and How Much Do They Cost?

When it comes to Canva vs Canva Pro, you will get many additional features in Canva Pro. All design content on the site will be unlocked for unlimited usage, giving you unrestricted access to around 420,000 templates, with new designs being regularly uploaded. You may also work with over 75 million images, videos, music, and graphics which is significantly more than what the free plan offers.

Furthermore, your cloud storage capacity will be increased to 100GB, where you may store designs as templates for anybody in your Canva team to make use of. Also, you can plan social media material to publish at specific times and dates.

The Canva Pro plan costs $119.99 annually and can be used by up to 5 people at once. There’s also the Canva Enterprise plan, which is a little more expensive, priced at $30.00 per month, and can be used only by one person.

The price range varies depending on the number of users. If there are 50 users, for example, Canva Pro costs $2,819.99 a year, and Canva Enterprise costs $1,500.00 a month. For bigger graphic design enterprises, there’s a custom option to go for if there are more than 50 users using the tool. In that case, there might be a reduction in price.

What Are Other Paid Canva Plans and How Much Do They Cost

Can Canva Be Used for Social Media Posts?

You can generate a variety of posts for numerous social media networks with both Canva’s free edition and the other paid plans, which means you can create professional-looking material no matter which option you choose.

Canva can be used for the purpose of designing the following:

  • Instagram posts, stories, and story highlights;
  • Facebook posts, profile and cover photos;
  • YouTube channel designs;
  • LinkedIn posts and banners;
  • Pinterest pins;
  • Twitter posts, and videos;
  • TikTok backdrops

Can Canva Be Used for Social Media Posts

The design process is mainly the same regardless of the sort of material you generate, and the editing tools are the same. That’s why if you know how to design a simple social media post, you can also create more complicated designs like presentations, logos, invitations, and many others.

What Are the Best Canva Pro Tools?

Using Canva Pro means that you’re offered a myriad of editing tools that’ll help your creative process of designing anything you wish.

Here are some of the most appraised Canva Pro tools:

Brand Kit Manager – The Canva Pro plan allows you to collaborate with a whole team of designers. The team manager can maintain the templates and allow other team members to work on them. Final graphics may be saved in a centralized location, eliminating the need to transmit links or files.

Magic Resize – Canva Pro allows you to resize your photos for different designs with a few clicks. The time saved is far more valuable than you can anticipate.

Background Remover – This tool is frequently used when making social media visuals such as thumbnails for YouTube. After choosing to edit your image, you may submit a photo of yourself and remove the backdrop with a single click, without losing picture quality. You may also place a border around the image to help it pop out more once the backdrop has been removed.

Content Planner – It allows you to schedule and post on several social media networks, such as Instagram and Pinterest. A lot of this can be done on the go, using your smartphone, which is really convenient if you’re short on time.

Access to a Large Image Library – Canva Pro, as previously noted, provides access to a large media collection, making it simple to create fresh and creative images. Because the images you select have already been cleared for usage, you won’t have to deal with copyright violations in your marketing materials.

What Are the Perks of Using Canva?

If you have made up your mind about using Canva, you’re in for some pretty awesome perks. The number of benefits that come with using Canva makes the user experience that much more effective and worth the while.

First of all, Canva includes a large library of layouts that allow you to design consistent visuals for your blogs, social media channels, and websites. The resizing tool allows you to quickly assemble a few related visuals from the same theme, allowing you to retain a professional look throughout.

You may create photos for various social networking platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Since there are numerous templates you can use for free, you may make your pick and tweak them as needed.

Any designs that might have been made for prior projects may be reused by making minor alterations, rendering them different and ready to be used for another project.

Everything you do is saved and backed up on the platform. Canva maintains its position as the gold standard in online graphics for both inexperienced and advanced users.

What Are the Perks of Using Canva

Are There Any Canva Tutorials?

Even though Canva is quite undemanding to use, some newbies may have a problem understanding how it works. For that reason, the people at Canva have included a learning section on the website, that is only dedicated to teaching you how to use the tools.

Said section consists of courses and tutorials which may be very helpful. You can find courses about personal branding, social media graphics, graphic design basics, and presentation basics. On the other hand, the tutorials include learning the basics, from “how to use the tools” to designing high-quality videos.

Remember when we talked about the Canva Education plan? That particular plan is specifically made for students who want to gain additional knowledge of graphic design. The course starts from the very basics of graphic design and evolves into the more important features.

Is There a Downside to Canva

Is There a Downside to Canva?

Every graphic design tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. What’s important is that the pros outweigh the cons. There are several downsides to Canva, however, none of them are major deal-breakers.

Here’s a shortlist of Canva’s cons:

  • There are several premium-only features, such as the resize tool;
  • Photo editing capabilities are limited since Canva is more design-oriented;
  • The most popular and sought-after design templates get monotonous because they are very commonly used.

However, besides these few minor setbacks, Canva remains one of the most compelling, user-friendly, and cost-effective graphic design tools available on the internet. We can surely say that, unlike many other graphic design tools that come with a lot of downsides, Canva’s cons are quite insignificant.

Is Canva Worth Paying For?

It is, indeed. Canva’s price is far less expensive than hiring a professional to design something for you. For example, many people pay graphic designers to create their social media posts or even edit their photos. By purchasing a certain Canva plan, you can save money and learn something new, all the while making your design perfect.

While certain Canva templates are popular, you may get unique, professional-looking designs for a low cost if you only edit them a little. Also, given all the great benefits that this tool offers, Canva is definitely worth having.

Is Canva Worth Paying For

Does Canva Provide Good Customer Support?

If you’re having any kinds of problems while using Canva, make sure you contact their exceptional customer support team. There’s a form that you will need to fill out where you describe your issue.

Canva’s customer service has always been prompt, efficient, and polite, and are available to answer your questions or help you with a certain issue at any time. They don’t specify a deadline for answering, but it’s never taking more than 48 hours. They’re glad to help with any technical problem as well as issues regarding utilizing the tools.

To Sum Up

So, there you have it – everything prospective Canva users want to know before using this graphic design tool.

In a nutshell, using Canva can be beneficial to both graphic design rookies, and experienced high-rollers in the field of graphic design.

Having the option to use Canva for free or opt for one of the paid plans makes this online tool a perfect fit for everyone.

Choosing from a wide palette of templates, layouts, fonts, and whatnots, is definitely a perk many love about Canva.

We hope we have made it easier for you to make up your mind about using Canva.

Until next time, happy designing!