Which Platform is Best for Freelancers?

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman
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Research and surveys revealed that about 60% of the US workforce have left their traditional jobs and moved towards freelancing. This number is continuously increasing, and the only reason is its numerous advantages

Freelancing makes it possible for you to have full control over your life. You are your own boss, no one is here telling you what to do, and you can choose your leave days. These factors are driving most people to freelance.

There are dozens of guides available for striking out on your own, but as a freelancer, you can’t get higher-paying projects by just creating accounts on popular sites. You’ll have to establish a portfolio highlighting your past work and prove yourself through tests that showcase your skills.

There are hundreds of websites available, but to help you, we’ve compiled a list of the best freelance websites where you can find work as a freelancer, and companies can find high-quality and affordable freelancers.



With thousands of freelancers in more than 250 categories, Fiverr is one of the most well-known freelancing websites. It connects freelancers and business owners digitally under one roof. If you’re looking for jobs that are quick and affordable, then Fiverr is the site you must visit.

Fiverr has a gig method to connect sellers and buyers. Once you create an account and after updating your profile with the necessary information, you create gigs. The basic starting price of Fiverr gigs is $5.

Whatever skills you have, the chances are high that you will find work here. Since the network is so diverse, clients come from all the sectors to hire people for different services. Work on your service to make it more attractive and appealing, impress the buyers. People sell anything on Fiverr, from Graphic Designs to voiceovers and android development.



Five years ago, oDesk and Elance merged, and a new company was rebranded as Upwork. Today it is the world’s biggest freelance platform having 12 million registered freelancers. Upwork covers diverse areas such as designing, data entry, software engineering, and much more.

The company is trusted by top companies like Airbnb, Microsoft, and GE to hire the best talent. Fiverr allows you to sell anything. However, with Upwork, you have to fill in your information detailing your skills when creating an account. The information you put in will define your brand on the platform, and most likely, Upwork will force you to focus on doing one thing. Most freelancers and clients complain that it charges a high percentage fee. Upwork can suspend your account if you don’t follow their rules in terms of payment.



With over 31 million registered users, Freelancer provides the most comprehensive list of all the freelancing platforms’ industries. Its majestic client list includes some high-profile business juggernauts like Intel, Boeing, and Microsoft. Freelancer is a blessing for all those small businesses who need talent and require hello in tasks related to designing, development, writing, and marketing.

Freelancer has the most easy-to-use and user-friendly interface as compared to other platforms. You can quickly sign up and upload examples of previous work. After that, you can bid for the work and contact the hirers via the live chat option. The platform features a high volume of freelance jobs with more than 1400 job categories attracting freelancers.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour

People per Hour is smaller than the above two but still large enough to be a deal. The main objective of People per Hour is empowerment. Freelancers have earned more than £130 on this platform. PPH wants to empower each Freelancer to do what they love doing.

PPH mostly focuses on freelancing for web projects. But it doesn’t mean that it is not suitable for other job categories. The good thing about People per Hour is that it offers relevant and useful features that help you manage and advance your business. It allows you to access invoicing tools, in-app messaging, and proposal review tools that help you get work done with ease and convenience. PPH uses AI to connect buyers with the most suitable freelancers according to the needs of buyers. It can be the best place to try for people having small jobs or who are under a tight budget.



Guru is a great freelancing platform designed to help companies find and hire professional and talented freelancers worldwide. It is not a viable option for every business, especially if you have a tight budget and looking for cheap services.

The definition of Guru is “A recognized leader.” Freelancers on Guru are the experts and leaders in their industries. But the fees are much higher than what freelancers on other freelance platforms charge. You might need an exponentially skilled freelancer for some projects, and this is where Guru’s come in.

Its user interface is super easy, and it is much easier to navigate any profile on Guru. Unlike other freelancing platforms, Guru has the most flexible payment options than most of the competition.


Toptal 1

A freelance website designed to help companies hire from the top tier (3%) of the professional and expert freelancers. If you have no budget restrictions, want to spare a lot of money, and look for the best freelance talent globally, you must visit Toptal.

The platform doesn’t offer a general skill category. It will only show you the top three percent of design, project management, and development talent. One of the major downsides of Toptal is that you’ll need to make an initial deposit of $500 before posting a new job. Once you make your first hire, the amount will be credited back to your account. If you’re a business owner and looking for top freelancers in the market, then Toptal is the place you must visit.

Final Words

If you’re starting as a freelancer, then there are some things you need to consider. Understanding freelance platforms entails benefits that could help you improve your career. These platforms help you establish the ideal profile and build a reputation. Never make a mistake; these sites are only designed to help you find clients. Only your performance will matter at the end of the day.

To conclude our review of the best freelance platforms, there are many other websites helping both freelancers and companies. However, If you’re looking for the best among all of them, then these six are the viable and best option for you.

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