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Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

Freelancing is not ideal for people with the faint of heart, but for people who can get the hang of it. This can provide a flexible quality of life and the capability to know your schedule. It can be hard to kick-off as a freelancer, and developing an online presence is indeed a challenge. This is why many successful freelancers today are opting to CRM software to assist them in handling and controlling their contacts, outreach prospects, and streamlining time-consuming admin jobs, so they can get more done with less. A freelancer is a business of one, but a reliable and powerful CRM is able to help a freelancer works like a team often.

There are lots of choices available out there, maybe hundreds. Therefore, how do you navigate the dizzying range of choices? We have narrow down the best CRM software for freelancers to assists you in streamlining your search and focus your assessment on the most superb and excellent choices on hand. Every freelancer needs different, so check out these suggestions to assists you know which one suits your best.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the most reliable and trustworthy CRM available for freelancers today. This CRM provides the broadest sets of a feature. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end business management solution, offering complete CRM and sales enablement features. It has a full marketing automation suite as well as service capabilities.

Agile CRM

Agile has an open API and comes with lots of third party apps. Therefore, anything you are not able to do can be completed with a quick widget. The CRM and sales features provide a full 360-degree contact view, gamification to boost sales, customizable opportunity track as well as built-in telephony. It also includes marketing automation features like lead scoring, landing pages, drip campaigns, forms, social CRM, as well as email marketing. Also, you get a helpdesk module, but a lot of freelancers will not want this. You would anticipate this costly set of features to inflate the cost considerably, but one way or another, Agile CRM provides these features free of charge for up to ten users. You get extra contacts and extra features with the start package available for only USD8.99 a month.


  • Adding new contacts is easy, be it automatically or manually
  • The banner feature is valuable to vital flag messages about certain users
  • Email reporting is easy to view CTR open rate


  • Email builder needs an open HTML open section to embed code in an email.
  • Viewing the complete number of contacts is hard when more than 1000


The Base is considered the “next-generation CRM software for freelancers and leading sales teams. This is regarded as an all in one sales platform. The Base provides a Starter version of its platform for only $45 for every user a month that offers contact management and sales tracking. With this version, you get a personalized sales pipeline, full mobile access, as well as basic reporting. This might well be all that many freelancers need; it depends on the type of business. The next two tiers up that come in at USD95 a month for every user and USD145 a month, respectively- provided expanded sales functionality like task automation, predictive sales analytics, and funnel forecasting.

Base Software

What is more, Base also provides a lot of add-on modules that offer things, including invoicing capabilities and communication. On the other hand, a lot of freelancers will be looking at their starter package only because of the high price value of the two tiers that tend to cost-prohibitive for many freelancers.


  • Flexible pricing
  • An exhaustive list of happy customers
  • Visual reporting kit
  • Handy integration with third party software


  • Searching in the system is just possible with the use of main keywords.


If you are a freelancer and searching for well-rounded CRM software, look no further than Insightly. This is a reliable CRM with project management and marketing tools and automation for the opportunity and lead management. If you are a freelancer with lots of customers who will surely love the layout of the lead profile, you can view the history of your activity with the lead, email correspondence, exchanged files, internal notes, related events, and tasks. Custom and built-in email templates enable scheduled and personalized emails to touch Base with clients or develop relationships. Personalize reports allow in-depth looks at data in the CRM from almost any angle. 

Insightly Software

What makes this CRM apart from the rest is that it can sync with Google Contacts and Calendar, and users are able to add email accounts from Outlook and Gmail. Insightly incorporates Office 365, G Suite, Xero, Quickbooks Online, Dropbox, Dedupely, Evernote, Mailchimp, and a whole lot more. 

Insightly provides a free version for two users. However, paid versions to range from USD12 to USD99 a month, billed annually. 


  • Helps build brilliant relationship management
  • Bring together all the records
  • Great quotes as well as proposals
  • Best for tracking progress


  • Lack of social media integration
  • Deployment in neither window nor mac

Streak CRM

If you are searching for a CRM for a freelancer that is a Chrome extension and integrates with Gmail, look no further than Streak CRM. It offers email and CRM tracking from Gmail without the need to change between apps. Users can keep monitor of status, details, and notes for every customer, personalize notifications, and see your pipeline. You can include new pipelines for diverse procedures as well. 

Streak CRM

You can save or store email contacts and conversations to boxes that categorize the information according to the user’s specifications and visualize it in diverse basic charts. The best thing about this CRM software is that it’s not heavy on conventional CRM functions. On the other hand, this might be appropriate for freelancers who choose their existing business applications system. This is also ideal for those who support a lightweight application developed into their daily use email. 

Like other CRM software for freelancers, CRM also provides a free version for one user. You can opt to paid versions, but you need to give out USD17 to USD80 a month. 


  • Assign any email box or project is easy in order to keep the whole thing in place. 
  • Easily schedule email delivery and reliable. 
  • Gmail integration is so smooth, 


  • Android app is poorly optimized. 

The Benefits of CRM Software for Freelancers: What are they?

Though primarily made as CRM databases, some of the art CRM software states act as a task and project management system. Robust and comprehensive, these advanced solutions are vital for every freelancer who is planning his or her work tactically and is eager to see the investment return. For many ambitious freelancers out there, take a look at how these tools can improve your workflow and profits in due course. 

  • Master customer lifecycle with intelligence 
  • Streamline operation with automation
  • Improve collaboration 
  • Increase workflow with project management 
  • Boost profits with analytics and reports 


Every freelancer needs is not the same; therefore, choose the best CRM software that suits your needs and preference. Browse the list above and pick the one that perfectly suits your requirements and budget. 

Bear in mind, the perfect time to begin searching for a Customer Relationship Management software is before you need one. Once you have lots of leads to contact, you would not have free time to look.

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

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