8 Best Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers for 2021

Time Tracking Tools For Freelancers
Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

Time has been and will always be one of the essential resources one could ever have. Unlike other resources such as energy, money, and skills, time, once wasted, we can never get back. No matter how much we try, altering what has been done is not possible anymore. Given this fact, it has always been crucial to do the best that we can to the time that we have.  

There are several ways how we can make the most of our time, benefitting from it most productively. One of the most effective ways to do that is through organizing. 

Unfortunately, some people find it not easy to organize and manage their time, especially those who have no choice but to work inside their homes during this pandemic. Working at home with your family is no doubt a blessing, but dealing with a lot of concerns inside the house while juggling your time to finish your daily tasks at work is not an easy thing.  

Good thing, there are these Time Tracking software and apps that are available nowadays that are great for freelancers to use. Most of these apps don’t just track your time but could help improve one’s productivity both at home and work, make the most out of life, and also improve one’s peace of mind. So, without any doubt, these kinds of apps should be a must-have for freelancers who are aiming for more effective, efficient, and productive work. 

But amid the hundreds, or maybe even thousands of these apps available on the web, what are the best ones to use, especially in the coming year? What are the best time tracking tools for freelancers in 2021?


RescueTime Pricing Plan

Being in the industry for more than 12 years is no joke. A company should have a very good reputation to be able to exist in a market that is full of uncertainty and competition. Given this reason, we can say how serious RescueTime has been in providing only a great service to its customers. Years after it was established, the company now has more than 2 million users, which they help become more productive, motivated, and focused. Some of their well-known clients are The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, LifeHacker, WIRED, The Guardian, Fast Company, and the Harvard Business Review.  

Toggl Track 


Need a time tracking app, but you don’t have enough money to allot for it? Toggl Track is the best time tracking app for you. Using this app could give you the best of both worlds—it is free and very effective and useful at the same time. 

No matter what operating system you are using, may it be an Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, or web, this application is always accessible to its users. Furthermore, it is also easier to manipulate, as it is less complicated than other time application apps. 

The best thing about Toggl Track is its idle detection. This feature enables the app to detect whether a computer is idle or not. If it is, the app will offer several ways to correct the time on your record. For example, if you have been idle from work for 15 minutes due to several factors, the app will help you knock out those idle minutes off your record at the end of the day.  


If you want to be more organized, be able to keep track of your goals and processes at work, improve your productivity by 30% or more, make the most out of your time, identify your computer habits, and improve your plan execution, you might want to consider using the next time tracking app from our list—DeskTime.  

DeskTime Logo

DeskTime, unlike other time application apps, also has invoicing and cost calculation features, which are great in recording, creating, and sending out invoices. With this app, you will no longer worry about getting underpaid. DeskTime will sort this out for you. Functional to either a mobile app or desktop, DeskTime is not just perfect for freelancers, but it is also best to use for small businesses, teams, enterprises, freelancers, and agencies for their team’s time tracking, workflow management, and attendance tracking too. 


Trusted by Columbia University, Conde Nast, McDonald’s, ACLU, and Amnesty International, Harvest promises to let you have more time to be productive than to worry about your daily schedule, billable hours, employee monitoring, and expense tracking. Founded in 2006, this application promises to effectively help you create and send invoices online without the hassle and confusion of the process. It also has some features that would let its users have a photo of the receipts received, which they can store in their Harvest account for free with the use of their Android and iPhone apps. With this software behind your back, it would sure be easier to focus more on making your clients happy by becoming more productive and organized. 


Perfect for teams or businesses, Everhour is an app that has a time tracking feature that comes next in line in our list. Trusted by more than 3,000 companies and organizations all around the globe, such as Nielsen Brandbank, Foundation of California Community Colleges, next capital, PLAYGENDARY, box fusion, and Ambry Genetics, this app is very simple and easy to navigate by users. You only have to connect the app to your tool. And you will be able to track time without any hassle. 

Also, Everhour has features that allow the app to sync changes automatically. With this, you will be sure that the information displayed by this app are up to date. You also would no longer have to spend more time to double-check the information anymore too. This app will make sure you and your team will only get the most out of your data with a hundred percent accuracy.  


Want a tracking app that is easy to navigate, pleasing to the eyes, and not complicated? Then surely, Tyme is the best tracking app for you.  

Can be synchronized with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Watch, Tyme is the application that is the best fit for a lot of people. The software’s design is very pleasing to the eyes. It is not complex and very user-friendly. It can also be accessed easily. It only shows real-time information, which can be very beneficial for its users. Furthermore, it also comes with special reminder features that could help users not be stressed out with their deadlines and schedule. 

There are two versions of Tyme—the single-user version and the team version. Tyme’s single-user version is perfect for independent people, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students. On the other hand, the second version could be very efficient for people who are working as a group.  

Prices for both versions differ based on the services users could receive from it. For Tyme’s single-user version, the cost is about $3.99 monthly or about $35.99 per year. For the team version, the plan costs the same but is multiplied by the number of its user. So, the total cost for the latter plan will depend on how big your team is.  

The best deal about these plans is their 14-day trial. Through this, new users will be able to assess the time tracker, avail all its services, and embrace all the app’s promises without spending a penny. Availing this free trial is a great opportunity for users to know whether the software will fit their needs or not. 


Used by over 5,000 customers worldwide, Timely is loved by a lot because of how it could automatically record the amount of time spent on different project and tasks using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This allows the app to draft errorless timesheets for you and your team members.

It also has features that enable everyone’s work posted using synchronized scheduling and real-time dashboards. This enables the team to easily review the work hours invested for the task, the daily detailed reports updates, the weekly capacity of the group, and the activities done by every member of the team. 

With regards to its pricing, Timely is available in three plans. These include the starter, premium, and unlimited plans with prices of $8, $14, and $20, respectively. All of these plans come with a free trial for 14 days—the best deal for people who want to test the software’s efficiency first before investing money in it. 

Time IQ 

Existing in the industry for almost a decade already, Time IQ has gained the trust of thousands of companies all around the world. Some of those companies include Meredith, HGTV, NBC, Food Network, VARIETY, Fender, and Better Homes and Gardens.  

There are several features this application can offer to its users. These include tracking employees’ time, monitoring progress, and simplifying accounting. With its features, time spent in reporting and tracking is decreased and maximized. Aside from these, a lot of users also have testified how the accuracy of their reports has also increased.  

If you want to try this software but still not sure yet whether or not this app will be the perfect fit for the needs of your team, know that Time IQ offers a free 30-day trial work. So, if you want to evaluate the software first before purchasing a plan, this is now the right time to do so. After the 30-day trial period, users will now be required to pay $5 monthly per person for the fee.

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

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