ShortPixel Image Optimizer Review: Is It the Best Out There?

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ShortPixel Image Optimizer Review
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Many online businesses are focused on finding ways to SEO optimize their site. The reason behind it is simple – it generates more visitors to the site and helps them rank higher.

However, in most cases, even with the required searched volume of keywords, most sites end up under-ranked. Why?

The answer is simple. SEO doesn’t only collect Google searches but also Google Images.

Therefore, to rank higher, one must include keywords and images. And the best way to do that is to use a specially dedicated app. That is where ShortPixel comes into play!

In this ShortPixel Image Optimizer review, we’re going through the basics of how this optimizer helps you improve the SEO quality of your site.

What Is ShortPixel?

Images affect the website’s quality, and size plays a huge role. If it’s greater, it can delay the load time and chase away your potential customers.

According to the latest Tooltester research, the page loading shouldn’t be longer than 2.5 seconds for desktop devices and 8.2 seconds for mobile devices. For that reason, you need to make sure that all your uploaded images are adequately resized, as not to affect the site.

ShortPixel can reduce the size of the picture in no time, allowing the site to load faster and without any obstructions. The stellar ShortPixel features optimize GIF, PDF, web, and other file formats in less than a minute.

You won’t have to worry about the original images saved on your server because ShortPixel has an auto-backup feature that makes sure every photo will be there.

To sum up, the ShortPixel Image Optimizer is an image compressor and optimization tool that’s super easy to use and significantly improves your site performance. 

How Does ShortPixel Work?

Namely, Short Pixel is a cloud-based plugin that allows you to save more CPU and RAM. Despite the popular belief that could-based plugins are slow, ShortPixel disproves all claims as it turned out to be a fast and fully optimized plugin. 

The image optimizer is supported by a direct API address so that you can have access to multiple websites with a single API key. Plus, the straight server helps in handling the compression better. 

Once you upload the image to your WordPress Media Library, the plugin picks up the images. It instantly transfers them to its cloud servers to adjust the sizes and optimize them according to your adjusted mode.

Unlike other image optimizers, the ShortPixel plugin doesn’t affect the quality when it compresses the image, regardless of the size.

Note, however, that you need to delete some information that remains within the photo, like the GPS location, camera settings, date, and time of taking the photo, because all users will have access to this information. 

What Formats Does ShortPixel Support?

One of the best features of this ShortPixel plugin is that it does not only support PNG files but all of the following:

  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • JPEG 2000
  • GIF animated
  • GIF still
  • WebP
  • PDF Files

As you can see, ShortPixel optimizes not only conventional image files like all JPEG formats but unconventional ones like WebP, as well.

Namely, WebP image is the newest Google format designed to load faster while retaining the picture quality on point. Plus, it works well with the technical checklist of what your potential clients are looking for from your brand.

Thanks to ShortPixel Image Optimizer, you can have a WebP version of all your picture. All you have to do is check the box in the setting where it says to save a WebP version of the photo.

Ultimately, GIFs are the newest marketing trend that makes a site more attractive and welcoming. According to marketing experts, GIFs don’t harm the SEO unless you overuse them, or the site begins to glitch.

With ShortPixel Image Optimizer, you shouldn’t worry about anything like this because the plugin will resize the GIF to an acceptable size that won’t be hostile to your SEO.

How Does ShortPixel Work

ShortPixel – WordPress Plugin

One of the best features of ShortPixel is that it installs excellently in WordPress. Therefore, for all WordPress bloggers, ShortPixel comes as the best aid you can think of.

As soon as you install it, which takes no more time than a regular movie download, it will automatically start to optimize all JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF, and WebP, and you’ll get only the finished product. All the original files will be saved in the library and remain there safely.

Installation Process

Installing the plugin on WordPress is super easy. You just need to log in to your WordPress, find and select “Navigate Plugins”. Next, click on “Add New” and search for “ShortPixel”. 

Select the plugin and install it to activate the image compressor WordPress plugin. It shouldn’t take long, and in a few more steps, you’ll be done.

Once you receive a notification that the installation is done, you need to create your ShortPixel Account by selecting the button below and taking your API key from your WordPress Dashboard.

Copy and paste the address and save the changes. Then, you officially join WordPress and ShortPixel.

After installing this ShortPixel WordPress plugin, you don’t have to worry about manually optimizing all images one by one because ShortPixel will do it automatically.

Plus, if you have a blog with more images waiting to be optimized, instead of wasting your time as previously by doing them one by one, the ShortPixel plugin will that care of them all at once.

Ultimately, for all the WordPress developers using FTP for their file upload, ShortPixel can identify the upload of images and optimize them anyway.

You should know that working on your blog in a different tab while ShortPixel optimized the images is also possible and won’t harm or cause disruption to the optimization of the images. 

Short Pixel – Feature List

The ShortPixel plugin comes with outstanding features worth discussing. In the list below, you can read what each feature does and how it improves the site.

  • 3 Ways of compressing the pictures: Lossy is a method with the highest compression rate. Glossy is the method recommended for sites where photography must stand out; the images get a really small touch-up. Lossless is a method best for all users concerned with the loss of quality due to compression.
  • Limitless recalling: You can resize photos to the optimal weight regardless of the amount.
  • No file size limit: You can resize any file regardless of the type.
  • Bulk image optimization: With this option, you can go back to your old files and redo them again. You don’t necessarily have to open every single photo from the archive, but you can be selective.
  • Image backup: With this feature, you can be sure that everything is safe in your library and that you have the original photo in case you change your mind.
  • Compatibility with other plugins: Excellent sync with WP Offload Media plugin, WordPress, WPML, and WPMP Media plugins.
  • Auto-optimization: Once you install ShortPixel, the plugin will automatically pick up the photos and resize them until fully optimized. The original photos are saved in the library if you need them later.

Short Pixel – Pricing & Plans

When it comes to ShortPixel’s plans, we run across many complaints from potential clients that the pricing is confusing. Just to clarify, ShorPixel’s pricing is created to suit every pocket and in favor of many clients.

To do so, they implement many plans with lots of features and other benefits that appear confusing and complex to follow.

However, in the content below, we’ve described every plan in detail so you’d know which one to choose and what’s the difference between them. Namely, ShortPixel offers a freemium plan with 100 free images monthly – this is sufficient for all beginners and solo entrepreneurs.

Otherwise, you have other monthly plans recommended for all users of multiple sites that wish to scale up. For all of these plans, you can get billed yearly and thus save up on some cash. So, let’s review all plans that are offered.

ShortPixel Monthly Plans

The monthly plans billed yearly are the real-time saver in this option. You can save money with this feature and make the best of ShortPixel for a year.

Here’s how the monthly plans go from cheapest to most expensive.

  • Freemium Plan: You get 100 credits per month for free.
  • The $3.99 Plan: You get 7,000 credits monthly with an estimated $47.90 yearly, and you’d get to save around $11.98 annually when you scale this plan with the one-time payments.
  • The Most Popular Plan: This is ShortPixel user’s favorite plan because it includes 16,000 images for only $8.33 per month. Yearly billed, this plan costs $99.90 in total, when in fact, you save up to $19.98.
  • The $24.99 Plan: This plan allows you 55,000 credits per month for $24.99. With the yearly billed payment method, you pay $299.90 and save $59.98 compared to the other plans.
  • The $41.66 Plan: This is the new plan in ShortPixel, where you get 100,000 credits per month for only $41.66. You can save $99.90 if billed at $499.90 annually.
  • The $83.33 Plan: This is another new addition to ShortPixel’s plans. Under this $83.33 plan, you get 220.000 credits monthly. The annual billing of this plan will cost you $999.90, but you’ll save up to $199.98.
ShortPixel - WordPress Plugin

The Credits Packs

The credit packages are one-time-only purchases where you pay for a certain amount of credits or a number of pictures you can edit. Check below the prices for this type of purchase:

  • $9.99 for 10,000 credits
  • $19.99 for 30,000 credits
  • $29.99 for 50,000 credits
  • $59.00 for 100,000 credits
  • $99.00 for 170,000 credits
  • $245.00 for 500,000 credits

Pros & Cons of ShortPixel

Just like any other plugin or product, the ShortPixel comes with its advantages and shortcomings. Check out below what you can expect after installing this plugin on your site.

ShortPixel Pros

  • Easy setup: Probably one of the most important features because many users struggle to find an appropriate plugin that won’t require any prior knowledge. Installing the plugin takes the same amount of time as any other regular movie download.
  • Optimization for all kinds of files: Including JPG, PDF, GIFs, and WebP.
  • WordPress compatible: You can easily attach the plugin to WordPress and have seamless picture optimization in no time.
  • Deep analysis: With this plugin, you get a deep analysis of the bandwidth and disk space of the plugin, average compression, and left credits.
  • Flexible pricing: Instead of purchasing a fixed plan with features that you may not need in the future, here you can choose a plan that’s best for you – financially and feature-wise.

ShortPixel Cons

Our review wouldn’t be real if we didn’t include the cons that this image optimizer has. Although not many, the biggest flaw is that it cannot identify a file size range for image compression in WordPress.

For example, if the image is 100 KB in WordPress, it might have some problems when completing the task. So don’t be surprised if it fails to deliver the desired result.

Why You Should Choose ShortPixel Image Optimizer

The ShortPixel Image Optimizer comes as the best image compressor, especially for owners of multiple sites, for several reasons.

First and foremost, it helps detangle the loading time with the optimization of the uploaded pictures.

You will notice a significant improvement in conversions after this one because, statistically, having an image compressor plugin on a site works as a neutralizer to help keep your business going.

It has no problem optimizing bulky images, which is great, especially if you’re a WordPress website designer.

And as we mentioned, unlike other image compressor plugins that only optimize the conventional formats, the ShortPixel Image Optimizer works with unconventional ones like WebP, too. Also, regardless of the format and size, the image quality is always high-resolution, fast, and effective.

With the ShortPixel plugin, your images are always safe in your server in the original format. Therefore, if you ever need to reuse or redo the original, you can turn to the server’s archive.

Ultimately, ShortPixel is so desired on the market because of the high review from real user testimonials. There are many positive comments on how the plugin improved the site and business overall with outstanding features that also turned out quite easy to use.

The automatic resize feature is like having the perfect assistant who knows their job in and out.

Why Should you choose ShortPixel image compressor

ShortPixel Image Optimizer Review: Should You Go for It?

The ShortPixel plugin proves to be one of the most favored image compressors among the blogging audience thanks to the handy and variant image optimizing options it features.

Namely, you can use it for all kinds of pictures regardless of size – the ShortPixel plugin will automatically fix everything. We’ll point out again that you can optimize various image formats, including JPG, JPEG, GIF, PDF, and WebP.

As you can see, with this image optimizer, you cover conventional and unconventional formats for an affordable price.

Speaking of prices and affordability, ShortPixel has flexible pricing plans where you can choose monthly, yearly, or one-time billing, depending on the purpose, allowing you to buy a package that only has the features you need.

What’s more, there are plenty of positive user testimonials for ShortPixel online, especially when it comes to image compressor WordPress plugin choices.

We hope our ShortPixel Image Optimizer review helped you understand the plugin more and whether you need one at hand.


In a word, yes. It has outstanding image optimization features for conventional and unconventional file formats, making it suitable for businesses and teams of all sizes.

Plus, it comes with a freemium plan where you have a hundred free credits to spare.

Open your WordPress Account. Go to “Navigate Plugins” and click on “Add New”. Look for ShortPixel and click on it to install. Wait until the installation is complete and create your ShortPixel Account.

The ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin optimizes the image in terms of the pixel size of the original image and replaces it with a scaled-down image that will work in favor of the page load time and overall SEO.

Yes. This plugin comes with a freemium plan of 100 free credits. However, the free plan is much limited in its features.

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