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Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

Businesses invest heavily in SEO and social media marketing to ensure they have a significant online presence. How can companies be more objective about how they design their social media campaigns and keyword optimization? This Rank Ranger review covers how this software operates and generates the necessary analytics to answer this question. 

What is Rank Ranger?

Rank Ranger is custom SEO and marketing software offering an extensive selection of software features and development services. The function of these software features and development services is to standardize data reporting in SEO and digital marketing.  Rank Ranger is an extensive campaign tracking and monitoring tool with analytics able to incorporate third party software for data integration, with customizable white label reports generated automatically.

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How to Use Rank Ranger?

Rank Ranger helps organizations, professionals, and small businesses increase their online presence through customized options that the companies can choose on their own from the range of options available on the platform. The software is also a powerful tool for digital marketing companies. 

  • Online Marketing Platform

The online marketing platform tracks and monitors natural, local, app, mobile, and video ranks for the top 100 websites ranking and marketing metrics integration. It also has a range of third party software and services.

The top 100 search engine list allows organizations to identify the top website rankings by traffic and see the fluctuations and elevations in their rankings. The platform enables you to compare the traffic of a range of websites, even those not ranked in the top 100. 

  • Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics data can be presented and shared in multiple versions of a marketing analysis report. The reports layout information appealingly and objectively with infographics and statistics that the organization can use to improve its operations. 

Rank Ranger Traffic Tools enables enterprises to get specific internet traffic information that can be viewed as a Traffic Monthly Snapshot, Traffic Sources, and Traffic Overview. Users can acquire traffic information like the number of visitors a website receives, level of visitor engagement, number of visitors who converted, address the site that directed the traffic to the website, and keywords producing the most traffic.

  • Google Maps Search Results 

Businesses may be interested to know the frequency their business location was entered as a keyword in the Google Maps search engine. The flexibility of Rank Ranger allows a company to add Google Maps to Tracking to Campaign. The tracking also allows for the selection of the search engine country. 

  • Mobile SERP Tool

The Mobile SERP tool is complimentary, allowing digital marketers and market researchers to gain insights into what aspects boost Google’s mobile search results by tracking trends in mobile searches.  The Mobile SERP tool tracks Google SERP features related to mobile search such as AMP and mobile-friendly. 

  • SEO Tools and White Label SEO

Rank Ranger has some powerful SEO Tools like the Rank Tracker, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, and Social Signal. These tools work together to give the user relevant data related to their SEO performance, the gaps, and SEO optimization opportunities. 

If you as a business enterprise want information on your online rankings that is not generalized, you can utilize the Local SEO feature. You can localize your ranking by narrowing down your location right down to the zip code or city to get ranking specific to your target audience and, therefore, potential customers, members, or recruits. If a business has several locations, the Local SEO feature allows you to track all the locations related to a single campaign. The platform is highly flexible, enabling business entities to make evaluations of that single campaign’s performance for each of its locations.  

The smartphone market continues to grow rapidly. Mobile phone usage and functions continue to increase, with people utilizing them for diverse purposes.  This is one market any business enterprise wants to tap into most efficiently. Rank Ranger allows organizations to tap into analytics that can increase their online presence for mobile phone websites. The Mobile SEO feature allows for tracking daily Google mobile ranks that can zoom in to the country, state, city, or zip code.   After tracking and mobile analytics, the Mobile SEO tools can generate a report based on the mobile tracking results. 

Mobile Analytics Reporting includes mobile traffic widgets that allow quick access to information, a comparison of the Return on Investment between mobile and desktop campaigns, and a comparison of mobile versus desktop social media traffic. 

The use of social media for digital marketing has become critical to commercial enterprises’ success. Having an in-depth knowledge of your social media engagement performance can help you gain a competitive advantage over competitors.  Rank Ranger provides you with social rank data by gathering social signal data from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, and Delicious. The platform can track social signals related to keywords and landing pages. This can give you an understanding of important social signals so you can further streamline your campaign.   Your rank and campaign can always be viewed on the Rank Dashboard Report.

The platform has a selection of SEO tools that provide businesses with critical rank data in one dashboard, the SEO Dashboard. The Rank Tracker enables enterprises to track all rankings for all their business’ keywords and track their competitors’ keyword rankings too. Users have the flexibility of tracking these rankings for any search engine, location, and market.  These ranking and be pooled together, offering user comprehensive keyword research that is specific and actionable. 

After tracking and data analytics, the Rank Ranger platform allows for various ways to view, present, and extract the results. It gives detailed reporting and competition analysis for the chosen filters at the enterprise’s discretion.  The consolidated information and be viewed on Rank Ranker’s Marketing Dashboard, which is 100 white-label, i.e., you can 100% make them your own by changing and including different CSS and HTML for the brand you are working, whether it is your brand or your customer’s brand. There are numerous 

Options to choose from to make the final presentation original and specific to your needs. You can select different reports, widgets, and graphs. 

  • Google SERPs

Rank Ranger has an outstanding 500K Dataset utilized by the Google SERP tool, a free tool available on Rank Ranger. Researchers can use the information generated by Google SERP for benchmarking and analyzing Ads’ presence and trending, Organic Results counts, Local Pack, News Pack, plus special page indicators, and Images.

Pricing and Free Plan

The starting price for Rank Ranger is $79.00 per month with the availability of a free trial. Rank Ranger does not have a free version.  The starting price covers deployment, training, and support. The platform deployment options are web-based, Cloud, and SaaS. Training is provided Live Online and through documentation exclusively with support available online during business hours.  The packages vary in terms of features available and include a Lite, Standard, Pro, and Premium subscription. 

  • Lite at $79/month
  • Standard at $149/month
  • Pro and Premium require a conversation with Sales. 

Rank Ranger Pricing Plans

Available Platforms

Rank Ranger can be utilized on three platforms. Rank Ranger deployment options are web-based, Cloud, and SaaS.


Rank Ranger offers a broad range of useful SEO and marketing tools. Here is a selection of a few that provide some great businesses some valuable tools to enhance their online presence. 

SEO Features

  • Competitor Analysis using Rank Tracker
  • Customizable SEO Dashboard with a wide selection of graphs and widgets
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Link Management
  • Localization
  • Mobile Keywords

Link Management Tools

  • Backlink Management
  • Broken Link Discovery
  • Campaign Management
  • Link Analytics
  • Partner Management
  • Ranking Monitoring


Rank Ranger is a data drive. The platform has third party integrations for data sources with Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Drive, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to name a few. 

The Rank Ranger platform is highly robust, flexible, and extensive SEO and marketing software. It has an array of SEO tools that can be adapted to the online performance data you require. It is a comprehensive decision-making tool for businesses to optimize social media campaigns for mobile phones and desktops. It allows viewing your social media rakings at various levels, from global to city levels. The SEO tools can assist businesses in their keyword optimization through Rank Tracking for the company and its competitors. The software is a valuable tool for business intelligence and analytics.

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

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