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Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

SEMrush is competitive intelligence that gives you the opportunity to take a peek at your competitors’ marketing strategies as well as their tactics. This tool allows you to look at their website traffic, social media presence, PPC creatives, content marketing efforts, and even their Public Relations. SEMrush can also be useful for your business by assisting in estimating new partners, supporting pre-sales processes, quickly evaluating new markets, and searching for new ways to generate prospects.

This search engine optimization tool (SEO) is perfect for the majority of small to midsized businesses. SEMrush provides a wide variety of functionality in terms of ongoing search position monitoring, crawling, and ad-hoc keyword research. SEMrush is a good overall choice for any small to medium-sized business looking for search engine optimization assistance.

The semrush price starts from $99.95 a month. This price is reasonable considering the benefits which the tool brings to any business.

Other similar services on offer include Moz Pro and SpyFu. These additional search engine optimization tools provide businesses with alternative options to SEMrush. Let’s dive into the best competitive research tools SEMrush review.

What is SEMrush? How to Use It?

SEMrush is a search engine optimization tool. A search engine optimization tool is a tool that has the potential of a web page being placed high on search engine ranking pages. Along with doing this, these tools also provide information relating to keywords, backlinks, and insights in relation to SEO competition present on the internet.

SEMRush Overview

SEMrush works by crawling, indexing, and ranking search results. Search engines function by finding results that are most relevant to what has been inserted into the search bar. SEMrush ensures that your content is visible to the internet, as well as making sure that there are high numbers of keywords and information that allows it to show up as high as possible on the search page.

Pricing and Free Plan

SEMrush offers its Pro plan at a starting price of $99.95 per month. Should you opt to pay the annual fee, you make an upfront payment of $999.40. Making the yearly payment saves you $200 when compared to paying the monthly fee.

SEMrush’s pro plan provides you with 10,000 results for each report across the tool’s domain and keywords analytics tools. The tool also gives you up to 3,000 searches or reports a day.

SEMrush prices according to projects. Subscribing to the Pro plan allots five projects, a 100,000 crawled page limit, 500 keywords to track as well as up to 50 related social media profiles, and five scheduled PDF reports. This is a very affordable option for most small to medium businesses.

After the Pro plan, the next option available is the Guru plan. This option is pricier than the Pro plan and is priced at $199.95 per month. Should you choose to pay the annual fee, it is priced at $1,999.40. Paying the yearly fee saves you an amount of $400 as opposed to paying for the service on a month-to-month basis. This subscription gets you 30,000 results for each report and 5,000 reports for each day.

Where this plan increases drastically is in the number of total projects. This plan includes 50 projects for the search engine optimization team and includes expanded targeting and research.

Also inclusive in this plan are 20 PDF reports with the option of custom branding available and access to historical data. Above this, you get 1,500 tracked keywords, 300,000 crawled pages as well as 100 social media profiles.

The final plan offered by SEMrush is the Business plan. This plan is priced at $399 monthly. Just like the other plans, you may also choose to forego the monthly payments for a one-off annual fee.

Should you choose this option, the cost is a total of $3,999.40 for a total savings amount of $800.

SEMrush Pricing Plans

The Business plan increases all the quotas of the other plans substantially. Along with this increase, you have access to product listing ads, unlimited projects, multi-user management, white-label PDF reports, and access to application programming interfaces.

If none of these options appeal to your business’s needs, SEMrush offers custom solutions for companies with unique marketing requirements. Included in this are bespoke keyword databases, custom limits, on-site training, and additional features available as per your request.

Free Plan

SEMrush, unfortunately, does not offer a free plan. However, the company does offer a seven-day free trial. By subscribing to the free trial, you can try out the service and determine whether you like it or not. All features available to the paid plans are also available in the free trial. However, once the trial expires, you have to choose a paid plan or forfeit all the features available to you.

Available Platforms

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools available. However, there are other available platforms. These other available platforms include Moz Pro, SpyFu, and google analytics. These options are all fantastic SEO tools and provide a high-quality service. Some prefer Moz Pro and SpyFu to SEMrush because they possess additional features and are easier to use. The choice on which is better for your business depends on which of these tools better suits your organization’s needs.

These available platforms all provide SEO auditing, keyword research tools, domain overview, a site audit tool, and a position tracking tool. The other available platforms also offer backlink analytics and a paid search feature.

All these platforms have their strengths and are all widely utilized. This full review of SEMrush serves to assist you in making the best choice of SEO tool to help your business grow and meet the goals you have set in place in your business plan.


SEMrush has a number of features in place in order to ensure that you receive the best possible SEO tool experience. The features included in the platform are there for optimization and the most efficient search engine optimization. SEMrush has over 40 features to discover the best possible solutions to any of your marketing challenges.

SEMRush Features

Some of the features on offer include keyword research and user research, competitor analysis, content marketing, as well as features relating to projects and reports. Discussing some of these features in further detail assists us in gaining a better understanding of exactly what they entail.

Keyword and User Research

The dashboard used by SEMrush is very simple. The first thing to grab your attention is a shot of domain analytics. This shows a breakdown of traffic as well as keywords from both paid and organic sources. Underneath that are the widgets related to the most recent SEO project that you have been working on. It is important to note that SEMrush is the only SEO tool that can effectively double as a social listening platform.

SEMrush’s keyword overview uses various interactive data visualizations to display the desired information. The tool gives you a breakdown of paid versus organic searches and an average monthly search volume. This is inclusive of a cost-per-click breakdown of just how expensive a paid result would be in other countries. It is important to note that SEMrush does not allow you to filter results by different cities, but rather only by countries.

The SEO tool does have a unique feature that allows you to switch between desktop and mobile traffic. This is very handy due to the growing number of mobile devices being used to access the internet. Being able to analyze all activity coming from desktops as well as mobile devices can provide any business with a major advantage. The company has expanded its mobile-specific database to include 16 new databases based internationally. Most of these databases are largely for European companies.
SEMrush has enhanced their traffic and search engine results page breakdowns.

In the positions report, the company populates the exact keywords lost by your competitors. This allows for you to find new opportunities for your own domain, which new keywords can be used, and also to track changes with the position changes report. The company has also developed a handy domain versus domain tool. This tool allows you to see the keywords that your competitor is ranking for that you are not yet doing the same for.

The platform has also renovated its position tracking tool. The tool now includes smart filters, which provide you with the ability to see which of your targeted keywords trigger different search engine results page features. The tool also allows you to see which SERP features you have earned as well as those which your competitors have.

The tool identifies what pages possess the highest probability of ranking in SERP results. There is an added bonus related to hyper-local SEO targeting. What this means is that you can establish multi-targeting campaigns that track several locations at the same time within a particular project.

SEMrush’s ad-hoc keyword search lists related keywords as well as phrase matching keywords. This is the Google AdWords framework for close variations of keywords. This makes it easier to see related keywords that, by targeting, resulting in the most optimal results.

When performing keyword searches, the tool provides each keyword or phrase with a difficulty score. This score is a number between one and 100. When giving this score, the tool factors in page authority, domain authority, SEO metrics, keywords search volume, how much paid ads are influencing search results as well as how strong the competition currently is on the present search page. It is recommended to aim for a score of 50. Scores of 60 and higher can be difficult to find.

Should you have a keyword or phrase which obtains a high difficulty score, SEMrush allows you to identify phrase matches for the specific keyword or phrase that has a lower difficulty score, but that still has a good search volume. SEMrush incorporates a browser toolbar extension that overlays the metrics over a live search results page.

The company has recently added an export feature to the tool, which is available above any table in the analytics reports that they provide you.

What this feature allows you to do is to export keywords by each word instead of via an excel or CSV file.


Projects and Reports

SEMrush does offer built-in reporting and organization functionality, primarily through the project features it provides. The projects tab brings you to a dashboard where all your domain data is centralized. This domain data includes a health score based on SEMrush crawling data, position tracking information relating to the ranking of keywords, and also search engine optimization ideas.

SEMrush providing you with proactive suggestions and recommendations for optimization is a crucial ability that all SEO tools should have. The ideas feature allows you to enter all your keywords and associate them with their related landing pages on your website that you want to optimize in those areas. SEMrush can assist you in a number of areas, such as providing you with strategy ideas, semantic ideas, backlink ideas, content ideas, and even technical SEO ideas.

SEMrush has introduced a new tool, Keyword Magic. What this tool does is generated up to 3,000,000 keyword ideas based on a targeted, seeded keyword. Keywords are automatically divided into groups relating to other words’ presence in them. The Keyword Magic tool also allows you to filter keywords that trigger different SERP features. Above this, it enables you to find keywords that contain questions. This ability allows you to target Google’s featured snippets.
SEMrush has enhanced its SEO Ideas tool.

The improved tool makes it possible for you to use filters to identify the pages with the most value for optimization by analyzing click-through rates, impressions, and various other metrics. After selecting which pages you desire to work on, SEMrush prioritizes them for you on how easy it would be to implement the necessary changes to each page as well as how much traffic could be gained as a result of doing so. This is a crucial tool, and definitely one of the most helpful available to you.

SEMrush also includes a PDF report builder that incorporates drag and drops technology.  This allows you to easily create reports by being fully customizable. It allows you to change templates and formats, as well as adding graphs, tables, and all kinds of useful information to the report. By allowing you to do this, the tool makes report-making as simple as possible.

The tool also incorporates traffic analytics reports. This tool estimates which channels your competitors are investing in that are resulting in gained traffic based on third-party provider data and clickstream data. The tool breaks down your competitions’ top-performing pages through keyword analysis and URL by URL reports.

Finally, SEMrush has a site audit tool that includes various reports, mostly based on backlinks and crawling. This tool also has an HTTPS implementation report to identify problems relating to the loss of sales when migrating from HTTP to HTTPS.

Also on offer are advanced crawl settings. These advanced crawl settings allow you to choose the number of pages checked, the type of crawler scheduling re-crawling, and whether or not to allow groups of URLs based on certain parameters set by you.

Semrush Integrations

Semrush has integrations that allow you to seamlessly use the tool to analyze the data you desire. The most notable integrations for Semrush are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. They also have a super cool Google Data Studio connector.

Being integrated with these allows you to pull certain landing pages from any one of these sources. It is important for an SEO tool to have good integrations to function effectively and gather the correct data.

The Final Verdict

By analyzing SEMrush, we can come to the conclusion that it is a powerful SEO platform. The company has introduced many innovative features that have drastically improved the tool’s experience and ease. SEO Ideas and Keyword Magic are features that could prove to be very helpful concerning SEO marketing and sales.

When comparing SEMrush to other platforms such as Moz Pro or SpyFu, the former offers a better overall SEO optimization experience and the latter a better user experience. SEMrush is still a solid choice and can benefit any business that chooses to use its service.

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