The Best AI Content Tools for Freelancers

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman
Best AI Content Tools for Freelancers

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It’s indisputable that AI writing generally, and AI content creation, in particular, are the future when it comes to everything we read on the internet. 

In the past few years, AI content tools have been getting more and more perfect, and, in many instances, have started supplanting content writers altogether. Usually, though, content creators have been incorporating AI content tools into their own writing process. 

That way, they’re able to write more content and to produce it faster, while relying on an automated, artificial intelligence service, to deal with SEO content requirements. 

To some, this sounds like an ideal technological evolution, to others like a dystopian nightmare. Be that as it may, it is the world we’re living in, and people need to adapt. 

So, if you’re a content creator who’s thinking of including AI copywriting into your working process, you’re probably wondering which are the best AI content tools on the market right now. 

Keep reading to find out more about AI content writing, and about the best AI tools in existence at the moment!

What Is AI Content?

An AI writer or an AI content generator is an online software platform application, which receives external input provided by humans and, using natural language processing and neuro-linguistic programming technologies, produces content. 

AI content is the content produced by an AI writer. It can significantly vary depending on what information is given to the content generator; it can be a work of fiction, an AI article, a review, etc. 

The main idea behind it is to simultaneously sound natural, as if a human wrote it, while also responding to SEO requirements. Whether this has been achieved is something that’s widely debated, but some argue that it is.

How Do AI Content Writers Work?

At the end of the day, it all depends on how sophisticated the AI content writer, or AI copywriting tool is. 

AI content writers work in a way that takes and processes given information. The AI software does thorough research on the topic by browsing through the internet and extracting information related to the task assigned to it.

It appropriates the structure, tone, and linguistic characteristics of pieces similar to the one that the AI writer is supposed to create. It then generates content based on this information. Depending on the AI  content tool, the final product may even be as natural-sounding and creative as if a real human wrote it. 

The human content creator who used the AI can then either proceed to use the final product as it is or additionally modify it to suit their needs.

How Will AI Affect Freelance Writing?

There are numerous ways in which AI will, and already has been, affecting freelance writing. Most notably, it allows content writers to produce more content faster, by receiving professional aid from these AI content tools.

Moreover, considering how SEO requirements are met, content creators won’t have to bother with going through keywords manually. They’ll be able to write some texts by themselves while leaving others to their AI coworkers. 

In the end, they’ll be able to review the finished products and make necessary corrections before placing them online. 

Should AI Copywriting Tools Replace Humans?

And while this sounds almost ideal, some fear that AI content tools will eventually completely replace humans. At the end of the day, they’ve become so developed that AI content is almost indistinguishable from human-generated content.

Yet, there’s no need to worry; similar fears were present during the industrial revolution, and things turned out fine. Some job positions were abolished, but new ones were created. The far future of AI content generation would be similar to this. 

Nowadays, however, AI content tools aren’t that developed yet. Humans are still indispensable when it comes to content creation. As the situation is right now, most readers would be able to tell AI content from content written by humans. 

As long as that’s the case, humanity is safe, so to speak.

What Are the Best Free Tools for Article Writing?

Considering the nature of sophisticated AI writers, it’s difficult to find some that are free. When it comes to great, free AI content tools for article writing, the ones that we’d suggest aren’t really AI writers, but rather AI programs that will help you write content better and faster.

  1. Headline Analyzer, for example, focuses on deconstructing and perfecting your headlines. You’ll just type them in in the search bar, and the tool will give you suggestions and modifications.
  2. Answer the Public, on the other hand, helps you find suitable content for your topic. It obtains some keywords typed in by the content creator, and finds the most suitable information related to the topic in question. 
  3. Title Case helps you formulate the titles for your texts, focusing specifically on which words should be capitalized, and which not.
  4. Grammarly reviews your content, and either makes corrections or gives you suggestions related to spelling or grammar errors.

What Is the Best AI Content Tool?

If you’re willing to take this more seriously and to pay a monthly fee for some of the best AI content tools out there, we’d recommend the following ones:


Jarvis ai is definitely the best copywriting tool in existence: it can write articles, creative texts, product descriptions, all the while having an integrated SEO engine.

  • Starting price – $29 per month
  • Easy to use and master
  • Over 60 copywriting templates and over 25 languages
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Jarvis AI overview


While ClosersCopy does need some substantial input to deliver the best results, it uses the most modern technologies to make the best out of the information given to it.

  • Starting price – $29 per month
  • Sophisticated GPT-3 language models
  • Over 120 languages

ClosersCopy home page


Primarily SEO-oriented, OUTRANKING only needs a title in order to produce a quality piece of work in a minimum of 15 minutes. 

  • Starting price – $39 per month
  • User-friendly layout and easy to use
  • Focuses on most relevant sources

outranking homepage

4. is less of an independent AI writer, and more of an invaluable tool, Frase scours the internet to find the best sources, the most valuable information, while prioritizing SEO. You might also want to check out MarketMuse.

  • Starting price – $44.99 per month
  • Easy to use
  • Shows competitor websites for reference

frase homepage


Contentbot is staggeringly fast, able to give results in about 30 seconds. It doesn’t write full texts, but rather paragraphs – intros, blog posts, etc.

  • Comes with a free plan option
  • Suitable for business users and advertising professionals 

ContentBot homepage

6. is a marketing-focused AI, with more than 80 templates. Great for product descriptions, emails, and blog posts.

  • Starting price – $35 per month

CopyAI Homepage

7. RYTR 

Rytr is new and thorough, it’s great for checking language, grammar, and spelling mistakes.

  • Starting price – $39 per month

Rytr homepage

8. is an incredibly fast and best for creative marketing AI and taglines. This tool has been acquired by Unbounce.

  • Comes with a free plan

Snazzy AI homepage


Writersonic helps you perfect your content, write better sentences, with a focus on readability. 

  • Pay as you go
  • User-friendly

WriteSonic homepage

10. WordHero

With more than 50 AI tools, WordHero is great for SEO and marketing-oriented content. Taglines, ads, catchy posts will be delivered promptly.

  • Starting price – $69 per month

11. WriterZen 

Ideal for creative content, WriterZen can help you elevate your writing to another level by suggesting synonyms and enriching your vocabulary.

  • Starting price – $69 per month

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