SE Ranking Review: The Best SEO Tool To Boost Your Organic Traffic

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SE Ranking Review
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Insights on SE Ranking

  • Keyword Research and Tracking Excellence: SE Ranking excels in keyword research and tracking, providing tools to identify high-performing keywords and monitor trends over time.
  • On-Page Optimization Made Easy: SE Ranking empowers users with clear insights for on-page optimization, including meta tags and content quality.
  • Competitive Edge with Competitor Analysis: Gain valuable insights into competitors' strategies, keywords, and backlinks, refining your own SEO strategies.
  • Fortifying Backlink Profile through Audits: Use SE Ranking's backlink audit to improve website authority by identifying and eliminating toxic links.
  • Technical Perfection via Website Audits: Detect and rectify technical issues affecting SEO, such as broken links and slow loading times.
  • Local SEO Domination: SE Ranking provides tools for managing local citations, monitoring local rankings, and analyzing local competitors.


SE Ranking is a comprehensive all-in-one SEO tool and digital marketing platform with a flexible pricing system.

It contains all helpful tools like keyword research and ranking, website audit, backlink monitoring, and many more to support your SEO campaign. SE Ranking provides additional tools like social media management.

No matter if you are an SEO professional, business owner, or agency, SE Ranking will help you to implement and manage your SEO campaigns effectively. You don’t need previous experience to use the software. It’s in the cloud, so you don’t need to host.

This SE Ranking review gives you all the details you need to know.

Play Video about SE Ranking is one stop SEO Solution

To make the best use of SE Ranking, you’ll need the details on what’s this keyword rank tracker tool all about, what functions it incorporates, and how you can use it to its maximum capacity. 

Below, we provide you with all information you need to start your SE Ranking journey.

SE Ranking – What’s It All About? 

seranking homepage

SE Ranking is an all-inclusive tool for organic SEO traffic that’s used by over 12.000 SMB organizations across the world. Not only organizations, but this tool has 300,000 worldwide users who are absolutely satisfied with the results.

SE Ranking is an entirely cloud-based solution that assists customers in improving their rankings within a search engine (mostly Google).

This tool incorporates research on keywords, rank monitoring, website audits, and covers other fields of expertise as well. 

Advertisers will find SE Ranking to be a superb aid in outperforming any competition. 

Users can also find SE Ranking useful when it comes to pay-per-click advertising, which helps promote online adverts using lower budget primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords. 

Not only that but you’ll also be assigned a supervisor to oversee whatever social media activities you include. 

Don’t think that SE Ranking is brand new, but it may be the first time you are hearing about it. 

The platform has actually been on the market for a while, launched in 2013 by a company located in the United States. Valery Kurilov, a marketing strategist was the “culprit” who invented SE Ranking. 

But, let’s take a peek at what SE Ranking really offers.

Ranking review SE ranking

Pros & Cons of SE Ranking:




Professional reporting that is easy to generate, read and understand;

Social media management tools are included;

Marketing checklist to implement all proposed steps for the campaign;

White-label platform;

Includes organic and paid data;

Integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console;

Affordable pricing plan for different users’ needs.

Limited features;

It takes time to generate some audit reports;

Social media management tools are basic and not as advanced

SE Ranking – Specifics, Functions & Characteristics

SE Ranking is a powerful digital marketing tool that will deliver all the necessary features needed for a successful SEO campaign. What’s more, you’ll be getting some extra useful features to use for social media management that are not typically included in other SEO tools.

Keyword Analysis:

SE Ranking has numerous keywords in its library. And numerous means it contains almost 3 billion keywords terms, and you may use each and every keyword to help your SEO organic traffic. 

Whenever browsing a keyword term, SE Ranking gives you information to help you make an informed decision when choosing the best keyword for your chosen topic. 

There are complex rankings of every keyword in SE Ranking’s database. As you might expect, the complexity indicates how simple or tough scoring a rank through a given keyword is. 

Furthermore, it incorporates volume metrics used to determine the prominence of the keyword at hand. To add to that, you will also have the chance of viewing the platform’s price ratio done on a pay-per-click basis. 

 SE Ranking also generates the associated phrases when you do a browse query, which contains comparable solutions and proposals. Moreover, SE Ranking displays traffic data so you can select the greatest keyword or phrase.

Keyword Rank Tracker:

With this SE Ranking tool, you can track keywords in Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines by all locations, with 100% accuracy.

Keyword rank tracker tracks SERP rankings, with Google Maps and Google Ads positioning for up to 5 competitors. You will get complete info on search volume, traffic forecast, number of search results, competitiveness, and more on each keyword.

Website Audit

Using the website audit feature, SE Ranking lets you get an evaluation of your own or your competitors’ website based on parameters like domain overview and website health, parameters per page, meta tags and headings, link analysis, image optimization, and usability.

All nicely packed in a user-friendly dashboard, you will not only get all the important data but also suggestions for resolving issues and improvements. You can schedule reviews to be regularly performed on your website so you’ll rest assured that everything is in check. 

On-page SEO Checker

This tool will help you to improve the optimization of your homepage. The report that you get is based on the following parameters:

  • Domain characteristics;
  • Title and meta description;
  • URL structure;
  • Index status;
  • Image and link analysis;
  • Technical and content analysis;
  • Header tags;
  • Page load optimization;
  • Keyword density;
  • Popularity on social media;
  • and Usability.

The report you get back is easy to understand since everything is nicely presented in subheadings, and most importantly, you’ll also be notified about what you need to fix or adjust. Once you do it, your overall score will be improved. 

Backlink Checker

SERanking Backlink

By using the 15 key SEO parameters, you will get a complete list of backlinks from any domain or competitor you want to search. The backlink checker will suggest new backlinks soon after they are added.

Other than delivering a list of new and trending backlinks, the Backlink Checker feature will also scan for damaged or weak links that are no longer good to use and can damage your overall SEO score.

Backlink Monitoring:

With SE Ranking’s backlink monitoring tool you can import backlinks manually or automatically, but also filter out any backlinks you won’t actually need. Once you decide on the backlinks that are harmful to your SEO, you can disavow them by marking them and leaving the rest to the tool.

backlink research SE ranking

Keyword Suggestion Tool:

The Keyword Suggestion feature comes in quite handy in cases you need to find profitable keywords for your campaign. 

All you should do is enter a keyword or URL and the Keyword Suggestion tool will provide you with a list of similar, related, and long-tail keywords to choose from. You will get info on search volume per month, cost per click, traffic cost per word, competition, and the number of sites shown in SERP.

Keyword Grouping Tool:

seranking kw group

Using the Keyword Grouping feature will save you precious time since you won’t have to do it manually –  SE Ranking will do it for you in seconds and you can be sure any errors are out of the question. 

Other than grouping the keywords, this feature will also help with the quality enhancement of your content by offering new or closely related keywords, and synonyms. 

You can adjust the tool to group keywords by location, country, or language, and do some more adjustments afterward, depending on your accuracy requirements.

Page Changes Monitoring:

This tool will alert you for each change made to the following stances that are being monitored on your website:

  • Links;
  • Content;
  • On-page audit;
  • Grouping and selective monitoring;
  • and Scheduled checking and reporting.

By having the upper hand with permanent monitoring, you can prevent any negative impact on your SEO score.

Marketing Plan:

No matter if you have just entered the exciting world of digital marketing or you’re a seasoned professional, using this feature will be of great help with creating a ready-to-implement strategy. 

SE Ranking marketing plan

The Marketing Plan feature will deliver a checklist with the following parameters:

  • Strategy and pre-launch care;
  • Keyword research and implementation;
  • On-page and off-page optimization;
  • and Social media management.

SE Ranking is a user-friendly digital marketing tool that keeps you on track with completing necessary tasks from the checklist or you can broaden the list with additional tasks relevant to your specific project.

SEO/PPC Competition Research:

This SE Ranking feature provides insight into the competitors’ keywords, organic and paid ads, the list of competitors, and all past keywords or research that have been used in advertising. The results you will get will be presented in diagrams and graphs.

B2B Features:

SE Ranking B2B features

SE Ranking offers customization options tailored to your and your customer’s needs by adding users, giving access to different levels of use, and creating a reporting system that will automatically send reports with your brand identity to selected email addresses.

A Lead Generator is another great feature that will help you with promoting your services. If you install an on-page SEO checker widget, visitors can enter their details and can get an automated audit report. 

Social Media Management

With this unique SE Ranking feature, you can auto-post updates to all your social networks. You can adjust the timing of the post based on user engagement, plus, you will receive advice on which type of content delivers the best outcome.

I find this webinar super helpful to help you get started, watch this:

Play Video about SE Ranking Overview

Other SE Ranking Functions

Besides the aforementioned functions, SE Ranking has some more functions up its sleeve including pay-per-click rival monitoring, tracking page updates, Application Programming Interface (API) for SE Rankings, ranking statistics, and social media regulation. 

With the pay-per-click rival monitoring, you may “eavesdrop” on your competitors to learn what keywords they’re targeting. 

It also shows you the cost per click (CPC) for each search query and you’ll have the option of outbidding your competition or just focusing on lower-cost terminology.

The tracking page update function is necessary for keeping up with the changes in your web page by receiving simple notifications from SE Ranking whenever you need to make some changes. This is an excellent device for keeping your web page safe and secure.

On the function of API for SE Rankings, you can use this feature to speed up your results, which is crucial for businesses with lots of web pages to maintain. 

SE Ranking includes a ranking statistics feature that you can utilize for white-label reports and when rebranding customer papers. 

SE Ranking Pricing Plans

There are 3 subscription plans available for SE ranking. Those are the Pro Plan, the Business Plan, and, finally, SE Ranking’s Enterprise Plan. 

The SE Ranking Pro Plan

Here’s what you’ll receive with SE Ranking’s Pro Plan.

  • Limitless amounts of projects you can create
  • For each project, you’ll get 10 SEO contestants
  • 250,000 pages with a full Web site audit
  • Tracking 30,000 backlinks
  • Daily 100 backlink monitoring
  • Keyword Organizer
  • 450 on-page audits
  • Marketing strategy
  • Expanding the database of keywords to 10,000 new keywords
  • Analysis & Handling of Social Media
  • 3 seats for users
  • Adaptable SEO reports

The SE Ranking Business Plan

Upgrading to the business plan will get you all of the functions on the Pro Plan, and more where those came from. Some of the upgrades include:

  • 20 SEO contestants for each project
  • 700,000 website audits
  • Tracking 90,000 backlinks
  • Examining backlinks for 300 domains daily
  • Generating 10,000 reports within a day
  • 100,000 outcomes per report
  • 750 pages of on-page audit
  • 10 seats for users
  • Tracking 250-page modifications 
  • 25,000 new keywords added to the database
  • Your very own Application Programming Interface (API)

SE Ranking Enterprise Plan

This plan is suitable for larger-scale enterprises. As for their pricing on this plan, you have to contact the SE Ranking staff to agree on what price you’ll pay.

The functions of this plan include everything from the Business Plan, and then some.

  • Limits set by the user
  • A personalized account manager
  • Switching to a different platform from your existing one
  • Onboarding instructions for the enterprise’s team
  • All future tools and improvements will be available ahead of schedule
se ranking pricing

Conclusion: Is SE Ranking Worth the Money?

SE Ranking is the optimal solution for each level of expertise and business size. Compared to other SEO tools, SE Ranking is affordable, especially for freelancers. 

SE Ranking will provide you with incredible SERP features, carefully selected and offered in a range of plans to satiate your business needs.

SE Ranking boasts a huge database of three billion keywords, which is handy for discovering low competition phrases that will help you boost your ranking fast. 

And also, imagine how relieving it will be to know that something is clearing the way to successfully convey your SEO campaign. SE Ranking will remind you of every single step you have to take according to best practices. All that will keep you on track with everything that’s going on. 

If you’re on the fence about giving SE Ranking a go, try out the free 14-day trial period, explore all possibilities, tools, and analyses and see if this SEO tool fits your business aspirations.

Also there are some good alternatives like Semrush, you might want to check them out.


SE Ranking is a website-optimizing solution. Local Rank Tracking, Competitors Monitoring, and Automatic Daily Updates are some of its useful features.  

Based on reviewers’ scores, SE Ranking’s Global SEO and Integration with web analytics tools are rated as the best features with a score of 9.2.

Small businesses with 1-50 employees and everyone in the Marketing & Advertising industry can make use of SE Ranking.

Many free and useful features are available to try out for free, like the Keyword Rank Tracker, On-Page SEO Checker, Website audit, Backlink, and Page Changes Monitoring, SEO/PPC Competitor Research, Marketing plan, social media management, and analytics, report builder, sub-accounts, keyword suggestion tool, and many more. Other features like the Keyword Grouper, Backlink, Parameter, Index Status, and Search Volume Checker, are available only after you’ve asked for permission.

Yes, SE Ranking has an API included in the subscription plan that starts from $112/month, unlocking all other features.

Yes, just go to the Settings part of your account, click on the ‘Subscription’ button and an ‘Upgrade Account’option will appear. Choose the plan you want to upgrade, and pay the additional amount that will be generated automatically.

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