Canva vs Crello in-Depth Comparison – Who is the Winner?

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman
Canva vs Crello -

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Online graphic design tools are our saviors when it comes to creating branded graphics for several social media platforms we use.

As a blogger or YouTuber, you always need artwork for Facebook posts, Instagram stories, and much more. There are so many options out there; that’s why finding a graphic tool that works is difficult.

In this article, we will break down the two most famous and widely used online graphic designing tools – Canva and Crello.

In this Canva vs Crello guide, we will discuss their similarities and differences, key features, and pricing plans.

Canva vs Crello: Similarities and differences

They are both online graphic designing tools that help you create stunning and beautiful designs for your blog or social media. Canva and Crello both may have various similarities, but besides that, they still have some essential differences that set them apart.

Canva offers you 60 thousand customizable templates, more than 4 million stock images, and all types of graphics to create on-brand content with unlimited team collaborations and costs only $12.95 per month.

canva homepage

While on the other hand, Crello has 30 thousand templates, 500 thousand stock photos, and limited team collaboration, which is all cost $9.99 per month.

crello homepage

The features they offer are almost the same, but Crello provides less of what Canva offers. You can try them both for free.

Canva vs Crello: Features in Free Plan

The good thing about these tools is that both offer a free plan, which allows anyone having an email address and internet access to use a lot of their platform’s features for free. But features offered by Canva and Crello are different. Let’s discuss how they are different when it comes to their free plan.

What you’ll get in Canva Free Plan

Here is the list of all the features offered by Canva in their free plan:

  • Design Types – Canva offers 100+ design types like Animated, letters, presentations, social media posts, and much more.
  • Storage – For uploading supporting files, you’ll have 1GB of free storage.
  • Folders – Free plan users can create two folders from the Folders tab available on the homepage.
  • Templates – Free plan users can access more than 8000 customizable templates, but all of them can’t be used for free.
  • Free Photos – You can access thousands of free photos and graphics for free.

What you’ll get in Crello Free Plan

  • Resizing – Crello’s free plan users can easily resize your designs to any format. However, in Canva, you cannot resize your design in a free plan.
  • Upload Fonts – You can upload your fonts from your computer.
  • Folders and Storage – Free plan users can create as many folders as possible and sort their designs without any storage limitations.
  • Built-in-library – It allows you to access Crello’s built-in library and use thousands of photos and videos from it.
  • Templates – You can access more than 30,000 customizable templates, but most of the templates are not for free.
  • Design Sharing – In Crello’s free plan, you can share your designs with anyone, but they can only view your creation.

Canva vs Crello: Integrations

Third-party tools and services make our job more comfortable. Let’s see which one is best when it comes to add-ons and integrations.

Canva Integrations

Canva is integrated with almost every popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other free stock platforms like Pexel, Pixabay, etc.

One other feature that makes Canva unique is that you can embed social media posts like a Twitter tweet, Soundcloud music, YouTube video, and much more in your designs.

You can easily connect your cloud storage account like Google Drive or Dropbox. Besides that, it also allows you to integrate with so many service providers such as Box, HubSpot, and much more.

Crello Integrations

Sadly, Crello doesn’t offer any third-party integration.

Canva vs Crello: Usability

Both tools’ user interface is quite similar, and there is not much difference between them in terms of Ease of use. Both are easy to use, that anyone can start working on a project without guidelines, tutorials, or instructions.

Both of them have easy-to-use functionalities that let their users conveniently drag-and-drop objects and photos.

Canva vs Crello: Help and Support

If you find yourself in need of help while using Canva, you can directly send an email to their team. Canva provides support through email from Monday to Friday. You can also get Help via Facebook and Twitter from their official accounts.

Their Help Center already provides the common issues and their solutions; you can visit there. Besides that, it also offers free tutorials if you want to learn how to use Canva.

While on the other hand, Crello also provides customer support via email.

Canva and Crello both are not offering any phone support because of ownership security.

Here is the complete comparison between Canva and Trello:


·       It offers 100+ design Types.

·       Canva doesn’t offer any resizing functionality.

·       You can only create two folders at a time.

·       It offers 1GB of storage for uploading supported files.

·       You can access 8000+ customizable templates

·       It allows you to collaborate with your team members

·       You can access hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics.

·       You can access 30,000+ templated, but the majority of them are not free.

·       You can Resize your designs into any format.

·       It allows you to upload your fonts

·       There is no limitation on the creation of folders.

·       It doesn’t offer team collaboration functionalities.

Canva Vs. Crello: Pricing Plans

Canva Pricing Plans

Canva vs Crello - Pricing Comparison

Crello Pricing Plans

Canva vs Crello - Crello Pricing Plans

Wrapping Up

Both Canva and Crello are fantastic tools when it comes to online graphic designing. Both are easy-to-use platforms, even if you don’t have the slightest background on using any of them.

If you’re working in teams and have more stock image usage, then Canva would be the right choice for you because it has a broader selection of stock photos than Crello. Crello offers no team collaboration features.

If you frequently use tools like a better file manager or features like resize and animate. You would normally only have on the pro version of Canva; Crello would be your choice because Crello offers it in the free version.

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