Canva Pro: What Are The Additional Features & Benefits?

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Is Canva Pro Worth It
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Canva is a powerful freemium graphic design platform, prodigiously useful for novices, professionals, and companies striving to create spectacular and top-quality graphic illustrations.

This online graphic design tool is armed with a horde of practical functionalities that vary from an elementary drag-and-drop feature for rookies to over a million images, fonts, and superb graphics suitable even for expert-level customers.

Once you start using the free-of-charge Canva or Canva Pro design solution, you will be surprised how easily you can transform your idea into a killingly good and jaw-dropping design that you can either print or display online.

But, if you are curious whether Canva Pro is worth your time and money – stay with us and find out.

Is Canva Pro Worth Paying For?

According to the goals you want to achieve – Canva Pro can be a fantastic investment. In case you have lots of users and co-workers, and your business is relatively new and small, you may have too many expenses. So, think twice before reaching into your pockets and spending more of your hard-earned money.

With that said, let’s take a look at whether Canva Pro is worth paying for. If you need access to tons of graphics, images, videos, audio materials, and heaps of graphic design templates – paying for Canva Pro is unquestionably worth it. 

Canva Pro Pricing

The best part is that you can always upgrade Canva Pro to resize the designs and use plenty of cloud storage – making this go to tool priceless.

What is The Benefit of Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is packed with countless benefits, and stating the full scope of the tool is just impossible.

Below, we will mention the most notable advantages you’ll get by using it:

  • The transition from concept to primary model and the first draft is fast and easy.

  • A huge number of graphic design templates to choose from.

  • There are numerous in-app tools to fine-tune images, text, and colors to create the ultimate end-product.

  • An option to invite your co-workers or team members by entering their personal email addresses.

  • Working on active tasks and projects with your team simultaneously.

  • Exclusive access to over 600,000 copyright-free pictures, templates, and illustrations.

Do Professionals Use Canva?

Canva is software that attracts customers searching for an easy option to build their promotional and marketing boosting materials but don’t want to hire experts. Therefore, it’s suitable for nearly everyone – both novice and professional marketers. 


So, there are tons of professionals that use Canva Pro for their own social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc) and other marketing needs. With it, pros create engaging social media graphics, posters and all sorts of other creatives.

What’s The Difference Between Canva Pro and Free Canva?

The key difference between Canva Pro and free Canva is that the paid Pro version allows you to use a much more extensive matrix of stock images and custom templates, more cloud storage, among the other functionalities.

  • The free Canva version is limited to 5GB cloud storage, thousands of graphics and photos, more than 250,000 free templates, and over 100 design types — including letters, presentations, and social media posts. 

  • Canva Pro offers a bottomless pool of over 600,000 premium and free templates, millions of top-quality graphics and stock images, and whooping 100 GB of cloud storage.

Unlike the free version, Canva Pro allows you to make a Brand Kit. Here, you can upload your logos and fonts for further use and consistency. But that’s not all, as you can also use the Magic Resize tool. This feature allows you to modify the size of your designs for different platforms with only a click of a button.

Canva Pro saves your designs as templates, and your team can use and schedule them for up to 8 social media platforms. So, if you work on significant projects that require a presence on social media post across multiple platforms – upgrading to Canva Pro is mandatory.

Canva Pro vs. Canva Free: A Comparison

Photos & Videos

Free Canva: Provides access to a collection of 4 million photos, videos, and design elements. Users can upload their own images or graphics and purchase premium photos to create content starting at $1.

Canva Pro: Offers access to an extensive library featuring over 60 million photos, videos, illustrations, icons, and other elements, all included in the subscription. No extra charges apply.


Free Canva: Offers access to a limited font selection and does not allow users to upload custom fonts.

Canva Pro: Grants access to a comprehensive font library comprising over 1000 fonts, while also allowing users to upload their own font files for a personalized touch to visual content.

Brand Kit

Free Canva: Limitations include the inability to upload transparent logo files and fonts. Users can also create custom templates with only one color palette with up to three colors.

Canva Pro: Facilitates brand consistency with the Canva Brand Kit. Users can upload logo files with transparency, add fonts, and generate up to 100 color palettes, each accommodating up to 100 colors.


Free Canva: Offers access to 8000 templates.

Canva Pro: Provides access to an extensive collection of over 20,000 free photos and premium templates.


Free Canva: Allows the creation of only 2 folders.

Canva Pro: Offers unlimited folders for efficient organization of design work.


Free Canva: Provides 1 GB of storage.

Canva Pro: Offers a generous 100 GB of storage space.

Team Access

Free Canva: Allows sharing design links via email for team members to view or edit.

Canva Pro: Enhances collaboration on Canva templates by enabling team members to view, edit, or use designs as templates through shared links, making it particularly valuable for those selling their Canva design templates.

Resize Your Design

Free Canva: Lacks the ability to resize designs created in the wrong dimensions, necessitating the creation of a new design.

Canva Pro: Features the time-saving “magic resize” function, enabling users to effortlessly convert one design into multiple formats with just a few clicks.

Transparent Background

Free Canva: Transparent backgrounds are not available on the free plan.

Canva Pro: Provides the convenience of removing distracting backgrounds with a single click and saving graphics as transparent PNG files, a valuable feature for professional designer, especially for logo designs and promotional graphics.


Free Canva: Offers access to 6 animation options for designs.

Canva Pro: Expands creative possibilities with access to 11 animation choices for designs.

Is Canva Better Than Photoshop?

Canva and Photoshop are titans in the graphic design industry because they both offer excellent tools to fit various graphic designer needs. But, if you wonder whether Canva is better than Photoshop or not, join us in the head-to-head comparison below.

1. Features:

Canva comes with limited editing options, primarily for basic modifications.

Photoshop, on the other hand, is a real beast and gives you absolute editing control. The creative tools Photoshop offers are beyond comparison, so there’s no discussion here.

2. Pricing:

In this category, Canva returns the hit and beats Photoshop. You can get the whole Canva package for $12,99 per month, but to use Photoshop, you need to spend $79.99.

3. Compatibility:

Both Canva and Photoshop are equally good when discussing compatibility. Photoshop works on both Windows and Mac computers, and Canva, as a web app works on all devices. 

4. Learning Curve:

Photoshop is hard to learn, and you will need to spend countless hours watching tutorials and practicing. You will need weeks, if not months, to understand the full extent of Photoshop’s tools. In contrast, you can learn to use Canva in less than an hour.

Although both Photoshop and Canva offer quality editing of photos – they’re not that much alike. Photoshop is for professional designers, creating professional looking designs and editing pictures in-depth. Canva is better for users who want a quick editor that isn’t expensive and gives fast results.

Is Everything Free With Canva Pro?

You can’t get Canva Pro for free unless you’re a member of a non-profit or educational organization. So, to use the benefits Canva Pro has prepared for you – you will have to pay a monthly fee. The pricing depends on the number of users you will register. The starting price for up to 5 members is $12.99 per month with annual billing.

You can always try the generous 30-day free Canva Pro trial, but you have to enter your payment info to access it.

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