Frase Review: A Deep Dive Into This Super Writing Tool

Frase Review
Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

Content writing is not a walk in the park, and when done manually, it takes both time, effort, and dedication. Every content writer knows the struggle of long hours of research just to be able to create the most basic outline for an article. And on top of that comes the research of the competitors, SEO optimization, and so on.

That is why, the moment Frase ai for content come to the market, it was cause for celebration for all content writers!

Frase took the content writing world by storm – and for good reason! Imagine just clicking a few buttons and getting everything you need to start writing. Well, that is exactly what Frase does!

But how does it do it? There must be some downsides too, right? In this Frase review, we will answer all of your questions. Let’s go through the most important things you need to know about Frase.

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Frase Review: What is Frase?

Frase ai for content is an innovative platform that can help you create and optimize content for maximum discoverability by search engines. It does this by giving you information about what people are searching for on the internet. This information can then be used to fine-tune your writing for optimal audience engagement.

Frase Pricing Plans pricing offers 3 simple and flexible plans for you to pick from; the Solo, Basic, and Team plans. Monthly Frase pricing is $19.99, $44.99, and $114.99, respectively, it may seem a little on the pricey side. However, for what the plans offer, they are well worth your money. Now, let’s see what you actually get if you choose Frase.

frase pricing plans

The Solo plan, being the most affordable one, is ideal for individuals who are just getting started with SEO content writing. With this plan, you can use many of the core features at a price that won’t break the bank.

If you are already a freelancer or part of a small team, you might want to check out the Basic plan. With it, you get unlimited document sharing and you can work on up to 30 documents.

Finally, we have the Team plan, which offers the most features. As the name suggests, this is ideal for larger teams and agencies that require to write content at a much larger scale.

You can buy an SEO Add-on for any of the plans. At only $35/mo, this gets you unlimited access to the Frase AI Writer, SERP data enrichment, and monthly keyword search volume in the Outline Builder.

If you decide that you want to use Frase for a long time and you want to save some money, you can pay annually. This gives you a 15% discount.

Core Frase Features

At the heart of Frase, there is the Content Brief creation. This tool helps you to effortlessly create content briefs on any question or search query you think people will be interested in. What makes Frase special is that the brief will not only have the SEO keywords, but also the keyword counts, headings, subsections, and other relevant information.

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Not only will Frase give you a brief, but it can also write content for you as well! By just simply putting in a sentence prompt or keyword, a sophisticated AI algorithm can automatically suggest sentences, or even entire paragraphs, to add with a single click.

After you’ve written your content, you can even use Frase to compare that to other search competitors. This can help you find ways to optimize your content so it can have maximum consumer engagement.

Frase Pros & Cons

One of the best features Frase has to offer is its Google Docs integration. Included in the Team Plan, this allows you to conveniently use Frase from any Google Docs document. This makes it possible for unlimited contributions, feedback, edits, and comments – boosting productivity!

Another thing that Frase offers is a Topic Score, an essential part of the Content Optimization aspect. With this, Frase uses and analyzes Google search results based on your keywords to show you how optimized your content is, and gives you suggestions on how to improve it further. 

Unfortunately, no tool is perfect. One of the biggest drawbacks of Frase is that you can’t work on too many documents. While the Team plan gives you unlimited Documents Credits, the Basic Plan limits that to 30, and the Solo Plan a measly 7!

Use the credits wisely!

Additionally, yes, Frase does have some SEO capabilities. However, it is first and foremost a content tool. So unless you use some other tools for backlink analysis and keyword research, you will have to pay for the SEO addon as well. Fortunately, this does give you access to the AI writer, a nifty tool, and a real-time saver.

Who Can Use Frase?

Practically anyone who is involved in SEO Content creation can benefit from using Frase, not just content writers.

While writers will obviously make use of Frase a lot, many others can use it as well. From SEO and content managers to Freelancers and Small Business Owners. Really, anyone who wants to optimize their search results can incorporate Frase into their workflow and benefit from it.

Is Frase Different From Other Tools?

Other SEO tools do exist, but they are nothing like Frase. 

Most other tools mainly help you research SEO keywords, which admittedly is pretty good. However, Frase, in addition to this, also creates detailed content briefs and an outline for what you want to write. It can ever write the content for you, saving you a bunch of time in the long run.

How Does It Work?

It’s not that Frase is just a great tool for creating content. The way that it does it proves that it can be used by anyone – beginners or users of other similar tools. 

After you’ve decided on the plan that fits you more, your next step is to log in to your account. Click the button under “Frase Content” to start creating. First, you start with a keyword. Choose what your topic is and search the net for it. 

Frase will gather all important pages that contain that keyword and will then give you 2 options: proceed to create content or export the data. Another important thing that Frase offers are the Google Traffic and Concept Map sections. Thanks to them, you will get the top web analysis and the chance to fill out any content gaps you might face. 

Once you have all of this done, it’s time to start with creating your content. Right on your screen, you will see the content brief and on the left, you can start creating content. Moreover, Frase even gives you the number of keywords a competitor’s site has. This way, you can directly get a clear picture of how you can rank your text higher!

The last thing is to simply export your document. After that, you choose where it goes!

Is Frase Worth Buying?

The honest review is that it’s a wonderful tool that can help you halve your research time. Plus, Frase works great with any SEO tool. This way you can get great content that is original and SEO-optimized!

Content writers, bloggers, copywriters, even YouTubers are taking advantage of this great tool! So jump on the bandwagon and write your best content yet!

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

Ron started as a tech blogger 15 years ago. Since then, Ron has developed massive writing skills and is reviewing tools for freelancers and more.
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