WordHero Review: An Effective AI Solution for Writers

WordHero AI Writing Tool Review
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Content writing can be pricey and time-consuming for many writers, entrepreneurs, and marketers. This is where artificial intelligence steps in to help alleviate the pressure.

Nowadays, there are a lot of virtual assistance tools for content writing available on the market. Although these software programs are designed to assist you with particular topics and generate high-quality content for you, not all of them are perfect for creating informative and accurate content.

In this review, we will introduce you to WordHero, an effective AI content writing tool that can help you write quality content on a plethora of topics and niches. 

WordHero AI Review: What is WordHero?

WordHero is a content writing virtual assistant that works flexibly according to the writer’s needs. It can outline and generate content on a topic you select. 

This software includes assistance in many written forms, such as ads content, emails, product description, social media posts, blog articles, and website content.

WordHero’s developers have taken their work seriously – it contains 54 tools and new ones are being added every week. With this interface, WordHero generates original, SEO-friendly, and copyright-free content.

Features of WordHero

WordHero is an effective content writing tool that includes more features than most of its competitors. Below in this WordHero AI review, we will cover some of the main settings it offers.

  • Unlimited amount of content – this is probably one of the most appealing features. With WordHero, you can create as many copies of content as needed on a monthly level.
  • A variety of tools – this software includes more than 54 writing tools that will cover different topics. Let’s go through some of them:

Descriptions – this AI assistant will help you write impeccable product descriptions, video descriptions, and book descriptions according to the highest SEO standards.

Marketing content – WordHero can also come in handy with ad titles and descriptions, as well as email marketing.

Personal writing – level up your writing when it comes to your bio, Q&A sections, reviews, etc.

Poems and lyrics – AI can even assist you in creative writing, such as poetry and song lyrics.

Automatic Editing and Proofreading – One of WordHero’s bonus features is automatic editing and proofreading. The final editing stage is focused on identifying spelling and grammatical mistakes and correcting them. A different pair of eyes will easily and quickly spot mistakes and this WordHero feature will do just that.

Analogy Provider – it allows the use of metaphors and comparisons to clarify and simplify complex ideas and make the content more engaging.

Books – AI Writing tools are helpful with book titles and descriptions. Once the book is finished, giving it a catchy title is probably the most challenging task. WordHero offers attention-grabbing book titles in just a few minutes. For those publishing their books, WordHero will easily produce high-quality content as per the book description.

Bullet points – A very helpful content template if you are stuck with what to write in bullet points. WordHero helps extend the content to listed points.

Brands – Coming up with a brand name is difficult for those lacking creativity but WordHero lends a hand and helps create catchy brand names in just a few minutes.

HSO Copywriting Formula – High-conversion sales pages are only a click away with the use of the WordHero HSO copywriting formula templates.

Content rewriting – No need to hire a copywriter when WordHero can rewrite the existing content in no time and provide engaging and original pieces. There is also a Content Writing V2, still in its Beta version.

Cover Letters – These can be demanding because the content has to be persuasive and professional. WordHero offers templates to create an effective cover letter without hassle.

Explanations – The platform offers two highly useful writing tools to explain the content on all comprehension levels – children to professors. The Explain it like a Professor template uses more complex terminology elevating the content to a higher academic level. The Explain it to a child template on the other hand simplifies the terminology in a way that the general audience will understand technical content. It makes the content easily understandable.

FAQ – WordHero creates FAQs concerning your product or service that might be asked by the target audience.

Ads – Create Facebook and Google ads that will drive more traffic to your site. Create innovative ads for your campaign to generate more sales for the business.

Grammar Corrector – useful in avoiding sloppy-looking content that only shows you don’t bother to produce high-quality content. The grammar corrector will make the content look professional and clean by fixing basic and advanced grammar mistakes.

AIDA Copywriter Formula – A classic copywriting technique that helps create content that will drive action from readers.

Amazon Product Descriptions – Create high-conversion product descriptions for Amazon in no time. Use one of the many ready-made templates to get started.

Listicles – Use the listicle template for easy-to-read content without spending too much time and thought.

Offer Ideas – If you are considering new offers for customers visiting your site, WordHero’s Offer Ideas templates will help you generate ideas for discounts and deals that increase your sales.

PAS Copywriting Formula – Find the right choice of templates for pain, agitation, and solution formula writing.

Products – Brainstorm ideas, create product descriptions or reviews, or convert the features into product benefits and increase your sales.

Startups – Use the elevator pitch for your startup idea. If you are still looking for a pitch, WordHero can help you brainstorm ideas. Use the templates to create a catchy startup slogan or create value propositions that are original and relevant.

Videos – Develop smart video concepts and attention-grabbing titles with the best video templates from WordHero. The platform is excellent for creating eye-catchy video descriptions that reach the right audience.

Emails – WordHero offers a variety of email templates. Get professional help with constructing welcome emails, generic emails, email subject lines, and cold emails.

Personal LinkedIn Bio – LinkedIn is the go-to place for job hunters and recruiters and having a professional-looking profile is essential. When stuck, use WordHero’s templates to create a LinkedIn profile in no time.

Blogs – Generating blog article ideas and creating high-quality blog articles is challenging. That’s why WordHero provides help with brainstorming topics and outlines that will be of interest to readers. The platform also helps you create compelling blog headlines and catchy blog introductions, and wrap up any text with an impressive conclusion.

Fictional Story Ideas – if you are struggling with an idea for your next fictional story, you can brainstorm fiction topics with WordHero and let it generate original storylines that bring your fiction to life.

wordhero features

Who Should Use WordHero and How?

WordHero is a user-friendly and intuitive AI software that allows you to generate content in just a few clicks. There is also an additional Editor mode designed to assist you with long-form content.

The aforementioned features are beneficial for anyone who dabbles in writing and wants to save precious time, such as article writers and copywriters, marketers, social media managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Pricing & Plans of WordHero

By choosing a limited-time promotion, you can gain early priority access with two options of payment:

  • Pro Unlimited, for $29 billed annually – with this plan you get an unlimited copy, access to all tools, 24/7 priority support, low prices forever, and the ability to cancel the plan anytime. 
  • Pro Unlimited billed monthly for $49 per month – the same benefits apply in this plan as well, only you will be billed more per month. This option is fitter if you don’t need to use the service year-round.  

At the same time, for a $69 fee, you can get lifetime access to the WordHero AI software. This way, you have virtual assistance for generating an unlimited amount of content copies, access to all existing and upcoming tools, as well as updated templates.

WordHero’s 24/7 customer support will answer your questions and if you aren’t satisfied with the conditions offered, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Users who opt for a WordHero Lifetime Deal through AppSumo have the exclusive chance for a 10% discount for the first order. Just enter your email in the Discount popup, click Unlock my 10%, and check your email. 

wordhero pricing

Is WordHero Better than Other AI Tools?

In order to make this WordHero AI review more transparent, we tried typing the same piece with several other writing tools and came to the comparative conclusions below.

From personal experience, ContentBot.AI and Rytr are too complicated, especially for beginners, while Typli.AI generates the content in quite a random and not so convenient tone. 

Typli.AI seems appealing because of its Chrome extension and WordPress plugin; however, the expansion tools give you limited opportunities and little control of the writing voice. 

Finally, ThunderContent gives satisfactory content quality, but the editor offers limited options.

We found WordHero to be the most user-friendly among these AI tools, mainly because of the way the long editor is organized. The Title > Outline > Create paragraph template is universally convenient and the quality of the content is inch-perfect.

This software includes a myriad of tools for several writing forms, such as reviews, book descriptions, articles, etc. The road map is also appealing and promising for SEO content.

What makes WordHero stand out is that this software not only offers unlimited options to its users but is also quite dedicated to the quality of generated content. The developers regularly update this AI engine while prioritizing the user experience. 

Pros and Cons of WordHero

Let’s go through some main positive and negative sides of WordHero that will help you decide whether this software is the right solution for you.


  • WordHero focuses on the quality of generated content. 
  • It saves writers time and alleviates the pressure of writing tasks.
  • You can generate unlimited content and put different ideas into a convenient writing structure with this software.
  • With the Lifetime Plan, you can obtain through AppSumo, you get a long-term virtual assistant for your writing assignments.
  • Easy to use artificial intelligence writing tool;
  • Users produce high quality content that is plagiarism free;
  • An alternative to human writers that saves time and reduces the writing pressure;
  • Unlimited content creation per month;
  • Improve existing or generate new social media post ideas;
  • Usable short-form content ;
  • A content marketer can generate unlimited high quality blog articles or any other content type;
  • Semantically correct and original content with a choice of more than 50 content templates;
  • A Lifetime Plan obtained through AppSumo offers a long-term virtual assistant for your writing assignments;
  • Offers a promising roadmap;
  • It’s a great writing tool for generating unlimited poetry.


  • You will still need some manual edits in order to get high-quality content.
  • It can’t always provide adequate information on all topics.
  • The subscription plan can be a bit pricey for some writers.
  • Still in the early development stages;
  • Additional edits are required to produce high-quality content;
  • Doesn’t always provide adequate information on all topics;
  • Has moderate generation time;
  • Long-form content is not its forte, showing signs of factual incorrectness;
  • The subscription plan can be a bit pricey for some writers.

WordHero AI Review: An Overview

Writing is quite a time-consuming task, and WordHero helps reduce your extra time spent on research, outlining a structure, and writing. You just choose one of the features, type in your topic, and get your content generated.

This way, you can increase your efficiency and get your assignments done in a shorter time. Whether you write blog articles, social media ads, or product descriptions, this content writing tool will leave you more time to think about different ideas on your topic.

Apart from time, an effective AI assistant like WordHero will also save your budget. Hiring a whole team of content writers for a bigger workload is expensive, and this interface can help you cut on such expenses.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that the content that AI technology generates is still not 100% adequate – so, certain editing from a human writer will be needed.


Is there any word limit on WordHero?

No, there is not. With WordHero, it is recommendable to opt for the long-form editor so the AI software can help you write 1,000+ word pieces.

How is WordHero different?

Compared to other platforms, WordHero has an unlimited plan and includes more writing tools. WordHero also stands out as a more permanent and versatile solution for writers.

What technology does WordHero use?

WordHero currently employs OpenAI’s GPT-3. Still, its developers are constantly updating the interface and exploring new technologies. The current version is just a promise for more options in the future.

Is WordHero worth it?

Yes. The software is flexible and dedicated to content quality and with numerous plans at hand, it covers all users’ needs.

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