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OUR story

Hi, I am Julia

COVID-19 made me un-employed for the first time in my life. I was scared, what’s next? It was a super tough time to get into a new job, or even an interview- so I’ve decided to jump into the deep water- and just go for it. I AM GOING TO BE A FREELANCER! That’s it!

I am going t be own boss, manage my calendar, take tons of days off… enjoy the time with my family. 

Well… yeah 🙂 I ended up working 16 hours a day, with a messy schedule and basically no life except work. 

After a while, I met some great tools, but there was not one place for me to get all those great recommendations for freelancers. 

This is why this site is built for the remote/freelancers community. 

I strive to give the best recommendations and rankings for the best tools for freelancers. Basically anything to help you out in your first steps till you scale. 

Enjoy this site