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MarketMuse is the ideal tool to help you and your marketing team properly create and optimize your content! Do you want an efficient and comprehensive way of keeping track of all your plans, assets, tasks, and workflows? Look no further than MarketMuse – a revolutionary platform reinventing how businesses create, manage, and deliver knowledge-driven content!

With its robust features, affordable pricing options, and easy-to-follow workflow structure, this powerful platform will equip you with everything needed to keep up with your ever-changing digital environment. Let’s dive into this MarketMuse review to take a closer look at these amazing features and see why it’s easily one of the top choices for marketers today.

What is MarketMuse? 

MarketMuse is a game-changing AI-powered content optimization platform and is every savvy content marketer’s dream tool. It’s the new guide every marketer needs to create stellar content. Its intelligent algorithms effortlessly analyze your content and offer invaluable insights into topical coverage and keyword optimization. 

AI Content Planning and Optimization Software MarketMuse 1

With MarketMuse, you are equipped with comparative data that help you outrank competitors by incorporating strategic content improvements. Thanks to these improvements, you will witness a noticeable spike in your search rankings and overall content performance. It’s almost like having a sharp-witted marketing guru right in your pocket, empowering you to create content that stands out in the crowd. With MarketMuse, you embark on a content marketing journey driven by data and AI while waving goodbye to aimless campaigns and mediocre results.

MarketMuse, as the name says, is a truly ingenious platform that works like an insightful muse for your content needs. Combining the power of artificial intelligence with detailed data analysis, MarketMuse crafts comprehensive content strategies for you, perfectly catering to your target audience. 

Designed to save you time and resources, this platform gets you closer than ever to your desired outcomes by providing you with topics and key insights that drive organic traffic and improve search engine rankings. Furthermore, its ability to analyze content gaps and create concise briefs ensures that you are always steps ahead of the competition. In short, MarketMuse isn’t just about content creation, it; it’saluable tool for building a flourishing and impactful digital presence.

MarketMuse Key Features and Benefits 

MarketMuse has several key features that make it one of the most powerful content optimization platforms on the market. 

Account-based Marketing 

MarketMuse’s Account-Based Marketing feature is a marketer’s dream come true. It allows you to identify and target high-value accounts with precision and accuracy, maximizing your campaigns’ impact and driving profitable results for your business. 

With MarketMuse Account-Based Marketing, you can easily segment and market to the right customer profiles, explore potential partnerships, and create personalized content tailored to specific accounts that will drive conversions. 

Content Marketing Feature 

The Content Marketing feature of MarketMuse is an essential part of the platform, allowing marketers to optimize their content strategies and get the most out of their digital presence. This comprehensive feature provides users with market intelligence, analytics, and insights into topics, keywords, and coverage gaps – all in real-time. With it, users can better understand their competition, the market they’re operating in, and the content pieces that resonate with their target audience. 

The SEO Analysis feature helps you maximize your SEO efforts by uncovering valuable insights and trends from your competitor’s performance, so you can easily outrank them in search engine rankings. This powerful tool also provides users with useful recommendations to help them optimize their content and stay ahead of the game. 

Event Management 

Event management is one of the most crucial features of MarketMuse because users can use the tool to inform about events. This powerful feature allows you to easily create and manage events, track their performance, and optimize them to maximize results. With this feature, you can market events with targeted campaigns and monitor the progress along the way. 

Users can market their events across different platforms through the Event Management feature, make data-driven decisions to maximize ROI and measure their success. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

MarketMuse is an innovative platform that uses AI and data analysis to provide comprehensive content strategies for businesses. With its Account-Based Marketing feature, marketers can identify their target market with precision and accuracy. The Content Marketing Feature helps users understand the market they’re operating in, while also providing recommendations on how to optimize content pieces for maximum reach. 

Event Management allows them to create targeted campaigns and track progress along the way – all of which leads towards maximizing ROI through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) feature of MarketMuse is a powerful tool that helps marketers to centralize customer profiles and data in one place. This platform allows marketers to capture customer data from multiple sources, including website visits, social media posts, email interactions, and more. With this comprehensive data profile of each customer, marketers can segment users according to their behavior and deliver even more personalized content – resulting in improved conversions and ROI.

Demand Generation

Delving into the world of digital marketing, one can’t help but notice the impressive power of the MarketMuse Demand Generation feature. This innovative tool is designed to simplify the complex process of identifying and tapping into new market opportunities while providing users with invaluable insights that guide them toward maximizing their content strategy. 

This comprehensive platform even offers personalized suggestions that lead to improved visibility and audience engagement. In the vast digital marketing ecosystem, the all-knowing MarketMuse Demand Generation feature emerges as a brilliant solution, equipping businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in today’s fast-paced market.

Digital Analytics

MarketMuse Digital Analytics is a revolutionary feature designed to empower marketers and content creators alike. It simplifies the process of analyzing and understanding the performance of online content. This sophisticated tool provides valuable insights that enable users to refine their strategies and make data-driven decisions. 

As an all-knowing feature, MarketMuse Digital Analytics unravels the mysteries of audience engagement and competitor performance, helping you stay ahead in the digital world. By using this innovative feature, you can unlock your content’s true potential and set yourself up for success in today’s fast-paced and competitive online environment.

Email Marketing

When MarketMuse’s email marketing tool features are executed successfully, businesses can connect with their target audience, promote products and services, and grow their customer base. MarketMuse’s Email Marketing feature, designed to ease this process, offers an informative, simplified approach in a user-friendly platform. By harnessing the expertise that MarketMuse’s expertise, users can effortlessly plan and execute email marketing campaigns while keeping their content quality in check. 

Whether you’re a small business owner wanting to improve your email marketing effectiveness or an experienced marketer looking to maximize your results, the MarketMuse Email Marketing feature, with its all-knowing guidance, will help you achieve these goals and transform your email marketing into a force to be reckoned with.

Content strategy development 

Diving into the world of content creation can be daunting, especially when you’re striving for nothing but the best. MarketMuse has made it simpler by introducing the Content Strategy Development feature, a game-changer in driving your content toward excellence. This remarkable tool is designed to help you uncover gaps, brainstorm topics, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Content Planning MarketMuse

By leveraging artificial intelligence and data-driven insights, the Content Strategy Development feature offers customized recommendations based on your unique requirements. Gone are the days of guesswork and time-consuming manual processes. MarketMuse empowers you with the knowledge and confidence to create content destined to succeed. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to embark on a streamlined journey toward captivating, high-quality, and irresistible content.

Content optimization 

The MarketMuse Content Optimization feature is a true game-changer for digital marketing professionals looking to elevate their content strategy. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this innovative tool analyses your existing content and compares it to the top-ranking web pages on your chosen topic. What’s even more impressive, it provides invaluable insights and recommendations on improving your content, such as identifying gaps and enhancing its overall quality. 

With it, you can optimize all your content to become more visible to search engines and with that improve user engagement. With the MarketMuse Content Optimization feature at your disposal, you can transform your content into an all-knowing and simplified masterpiece that resonates with your target audience and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Competitive analysis 

Research and Planning 1600x779 png 1600×779

MarketMuse’s Competitor Analysis feature is a marketer’s dream come true. By using this feature, you can examine the market landscape and see how your existing content and potential competitors compare to each other. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly get an overview of which topics are being covered by other players in the market and what your own content lacks or needs to focus on to strengthen your overall market presence. 

Additionally, MarketMuse provides insights on the most important keywords that could be missing from your content so you can work to fill this gap. Overall, with MarketMuse’s Competitor Analysis feature, you have a powerful tool at hand that helps you gain valuable market intelligence and maintain an edge over others in the industry—all while staying abreast of market trends.

SERP analysis 

The MarketMuse SERP analysis feature stands as a game-changing tool for digital marketers and content creators. By effectively demystifying search engine results pages, this innovative instrument simplifies the intricate process of optimizing your online presence. Designed to deliver astute insights and actionable recommendations, the analysis feature comprehensively crunches critical data from top-performing websites. 

With this invaluable information at your fingertips, you can create tailor-made content strategies that not only bolster your keyword focus but ensure greater search engine visibility. In essence, harnessing the power of MarketMuse’s cutting-edge SERP analysis is akin to consulting an all-knowing oracle, dedicated to your digital success.

Topic modeling and research 

Dive into the dynamic world of content strategy with MarketMuse’s incredible Topic Modeling and Research feature. This ingenious tool has the power to revolutionize your content creation process by providing a comprehensive analysis of top-performing content, uncovering hidden opportunities, and fine-tuning your strategy for success. 

With the ability to explore a multitude of themes, subjects, and subtopics, MarketMuse’s technological prowess delivers unmatched insights, ensuring that your content stands out even in the most competitive arenas. Simplified and all-knowing, this exceptional tool bridges the gap between data-driven research and creative expression, empowering you to take your content game to unparalleled heights.

MarketMuse Pricing Plans 

Delving into MarketMuse pricing plans can empower your content strategy through artificial intelligence while making your investment worthwhile. These plans are designed to cater to an array of needs, whether you’re an individual content creator or a large enterprise. 

The platform’s simplified pricing structure ensures that users from various backgrounds can harness its robust features and realize the full potential of content optimization. MarketMuse pricing plans promise a comprehensive suite of tools that also integrate seamlessly with popular content management systems. 

Based on what you need, MarketMuse offers 4 different plans, Free, Standard, Team, and Premium. Below, we will go into the details and pricing of each plan. 

Pricing MarketMuse

The Free Plan

The Free Plan is ideal for an individual user. There are 5 queries per month, and limited results in SERPs X-ray, Heat Map, and Topic Navigator. This plan is missing a lot of the features that MarketMuse has to offer; however, it’s ideal if you want to try it out before choosing a pricing plan. Plus, it doesn’t require a credit card to sign up. 

The Standard Plan

The Standard plan is a great choice if you are looking to give your content more advanced optimization features. This plan includes all the features of the free plan but with additional features like data exports. 100 queries per month, and full results in SERP analysis, competitor research, and market intelligence updates. 

The Team Plan

The Team plan from MarketMuse is tailored towards small to medium-sized teams and businesses requiring multiple user access. This plan includes all the features of the Free and Standard plans, as well as advanced market analysis, market intelligence updates, unlimited content briefs, deeper insights into keyword performance and SERP trends, and improved collaboration opportunities. With this plan, you can easily manage and optimize content for multiple users in a streamlined, efficient manner. 

The Premium Plan

The Premium plan includes all the features of the Team plan, as well as market intelligence insights and reports for deeper market analysis. It also allows businesses to optimize their content strategy with market intelligence updates and competitor research. 

This plan is tailored toward large teams or organizations that need access for multiple users. There are also unlimited queries, domain analysis for any number of pages and managed topic tracking. With this plan, you will also get a dedicated account management team and team training for your users.  

How Much Do The Pricing Plans at MarketMuse Cost?

The Free plan from MarketMuse is an ideal choice for businesses that require more advanced content optimization tools. As the name suggests, it’s free and doesn’t require you to put in a credit card. 

The Standard plan is excellent if you’re an individual who needs more advanced features than the ones in the free plan. The cost of the Standard plan is $149 a month, or $1500 a year. 

The Team plan is an excellent solution for small to medium-sized teams and businesses that require access for multiple users. It initially comes with 3 users, but you can add more for the price of $99 each. The Team plan will set you back $399 a month, or $3900 a year.

The Premium plan is a more comprehensive solution tailored towards bigger businesses with a much larger volume of work. The pricing is custom at an annual rate, so the cost will depend on the specifics of your needs. It comes with team access, but you can always add more users for $99 per user.   

Advanced MarketMuse Techniques 

MarketMuse also has advanced techniques you can use. 

  1. Content Audit: Analyzing the market landscape to assess keyword optimization opportunities and identify gaps in content coverage. 
  2. Keyword Research: Identifying relevant keywords with high search volume using market analysis tools, scorecards, and other market intelligence data points. 
  3. Topic Exploration: Analyzing SERP analysis reports to determine topic areas that need additional exploration or refinement for optimal keyword performance.
  4. SEO Ranking Analysis: Monitoring search engine ranking movements over time to assess your market position relative to competitors and identify potential optimization strategies for improving rankings on specific keywords or pages of a website. 
  5. Competitive Intelligence Reports: Leveraging competitor research from MarketMuse experts to gain insights into competitive arenas and improve pipeline decisions based on market trends, customer feedback, etc. 
  6. Collaboration Opportunities & Updates: Working with MarketMuse professionals as part of an expert team to capture market changes quicker than ever before through market intelligence updates and personalized recommendations for improved content quality and better user experience overall. 

The advanced MarketMuse techniques provide businesses with market analysis tools to help them identify hidden opportunities in competitive areas and optimize their content for better search engine performance. 

With these powerful market analysis tools at their disposal, businesses can work with MarketMuse professionals as part of an expert team to understand the market landscape more quickly than ever before. 

Pros and Cons of MarketMuse 

MarketMuse is a market analysis tool that helps businesses and content creators identify hidden opportunities in competitive arenas, optimize their content for better search engine performance, and gain market insights. With its advanced market analysis tools, MarketMuse can provide powerful market intelligence data points to help you stay ahead of the competition and make smarter decisions. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of using MarketMuse. 


  • Content Audit: MarketMuse offers a user-friendly yet comprehensive platform for evaluating potential keyword opportunities and determining any gaps in content coverage. This fantastic function allows companies to identify the areas they need to improve or develop further quickly, so they can prioritize their tasks more effectively.
  • Keyword Research: Using scorecards, market intelligence updates, and other data points, Marketmuse helps users uncover relevant keywords with high search volumes that are likely to generate more leads or conversions. 
  • Topic Exploration: The SERP Analysis reports provided by MarketMuse enable users to determine topic areas that need additional refinement or optimization for optimal keyword performance – helping them create more effective content strategies than ever before!  
  • Ranking Analysis: With this feature, businesses can monitor changes in their ranking positions over time, gain market intelligence insights, and identify potential optimization strategies for improving their website performance on specific keywords or pages. 
  • Competitive Intelligence Reports: MarketMuse provides market experts to help businesses keep up with market changes and customer feedback – providing them with the tools they need to make smarter pipeline decisions based on market trends. 
  • Easy-to-use Interface: MarketMuse is designed to be user-friendly, allowing businesses and content creators of all levels to quickly review market trends and spot optimization opportunities. 
  • Improved Content Quality: With market insights from MarketMuse professionals, businesses can create higher quality content that appeals more effectively to their target audience for a better user experience overall. 
  • Cost-Efficient: MarketMuse offers a cost-effective way for businesses to analyze market data points and gain market intelligence to make smarter decisions regarding their content strategies and other aspects of business operations. 
  • Accurate Insights: MarketMuse’s market intelligence data points provide accurate insights into market trends and customer feedback, allowing businesses to stay ahead of their competition.
  • Comprehensive Reports: The SEO Ranking Analysis and Competitive Intelligence Reports provided by MarketMuse enable users to gain valuable market insights to make informed decisions about their content strategy.


  • Limited Features: Although MarketMuse offers a range of market analysis features, it is still missing some features that are present in other market intelligence tools. 
  • Occasional Accuracy Issues: Occasionally, the accuracy of market data points and keyword insights provided by MarketMuse can be questionable – so it is important to double-check market trends and market insights before taking any action. 
  • High Price: The price of MarketMuse can be relatively high for some businesses, depending on the plan that they choose – but the market intelligence insight gained from using this tool may be worth the cost. 
  • Limited Data Sources: MarketMuse limits the range of data sources that can be used to conduct market research, which could limit its effectiveness in more competitive markets. 
  • Accessibility Issues: Some users may encounter difficulty accessing certain features on the platform due to compatibility issues with different browsers or devices, leading to frustration when trying to analyze market trends or optimize content.


Overall, MarketMuse is a powerful market intelligence tool that provides businesses with accurate market insights and comprehensive reports to help them stay competitive in the market. Its easy-to-use interface makes it accessible for users of all levels, while its cost-effective plans make it an attractive option even for smaller businesses. 

The SERP Analysis feature enables marketers to create more effective content strategies than ever before, while the SEO Ranking Analysis and Competitive Intelligence Reports provide valuable market data points and keyword insights. However, there are some drawbacks such as limited features compared to other market analysis tools, occasional accuracy issues in market data points, high pricing depending on your plan choice, lack of customer support options, and limited data sources. 

Despite this though, MarketMuse remains a great investment for any business looking to gain market insight into their industry or target audience – giving them access to key performance indicators they can use when making decisions about their marketing strategy.


Q: What is MarketMuse? 

A: MarketMuse is a market intelligence tool that provides market insights, SERP analysis, and competitive intelligence reports to help businesses stay ahead of their competition.

Q: What features does MarketMuse offer? 

A: MarketMuse offers market analysis features such as SEO Ranking Analysis, Competitive Intelligence Reports, and SERP Analysis to provide accurate market data points and keyword insights. MarketMuse is also known for its easy-to-use interface for both experienced and inexperienced users.

Q: How much does MarketMuse cost? 

A: The cost of MarketMuse depends on the plan that you choose – but it can be relatively costly for some businesses, so it’s important to consider your budget before signing up for a plan. 

Q: Does MarketMuse have any limitations? 

A: Yes, there are some limitations to its features compared to other market intelligence tools, occasional accuracy issues in market data points, lack of customer support options, and limited data sources, which could limit effectiveness in more competitive markets.

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