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Wishpond Review
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In today’s world, the most important factor in business is marketing and marketing has started gaining its due importance.  Any company or brand needs a strong marketing strategy to bring in leads and generate revenue.

Nowadays Reliable CRM (Custom Relation Management) is extremely critical for any growing business. You can start your business with a simple customer management system consisting of just spreadsheets and email applications.

A survey by LinkedIn and Aberdeen Group, showed by 2016, 64.2% of organizations have rated CRM systems as impactful.  On the other hand, established that effective sales groups have an 81% probability of persistent CRM usage.  The common leverage CRM for;

  • Keeping track of all customer interactions
  • Coordinating sales and marketing processes
  • Maintaining customer information
  • Systematically converting leads
  • Identifying and qualifying new leads

Companies run campaigns for your brand, do email marketing, and analyze trends. Everyone wants to save time and increase the efficiency of their brand. That is where marketing tools like ShortStack and Wishpond work.

In this wishpond review, we will discuss the features of Wishpond and how it is easier to market your brand by using Wishpond.

What is Wishpond?

Wishpond is the world’s easiest marketing platform for managing and generating nurturing leads. Its mission is to make it easy for marketers to grow their businesses. Wishpond is a complete suite for online marketing needs.

This platform includes tools for landing pages, social promotions, website popups, online forms, lead activity tracking, lead management, lead intelligence, marketing automation, email marketing, and marketing analytics. Wishpond’s marketing helps you to attract visitors by building eye-catching landing pages and also converts them into leads.

Wishpond tool offers a variety of features, but also several handy third-party integrations. This includes software such as Salesforce, High-rise, Insightly, MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Salesforce IQ, Base CRM, and many other apps.

Wishpond has gained much popularity in a short period due to its useful features. It is a complete platform for marketers. Wishpond includes more than a dozen applications to fulfill online marketing needs.

Wishpond allows you to make your website SEO-friendly without spending much in terms of time and money. Using Wishpond you do not need to have any technical know-how because its user interface is easy to understand.

Wishpond Key features:

Wishpond offers a variety of useful features. This article will give you a brief overview of this product.

Wishpond Landing pages:

A landing page is a single web page. When you “land” on one page by clicking a link from an ad, email, or website, you can see that there are no navigation toolbars at the top of the screen. There is no other information to distract you from the purpose of that landing page.

Wishpond Landing Page Feature:

Wishpond Landing Page Feature

Contest & Promotions:

The contest and promotion feature on Wishpond will generate more buzz about your brand online by inviting potential customers to “enter to win!” something they perceive as valuable.

Referral Suite:

This offers a variety of lead-capturing and lead generation options. It also includes a bonus entry contest, referral link sharing, and a leaderboard and waitlist possibilities. These features will help customers invite others into a relationship with your brand by rewarding them for promoting your brand.

Website Pop-ups:

We all see pop-up ads; they want us to enter our information to receive something in return. Wishpond’s website popups product allows you to create popups, slide-in popups for your content marketing strategy.

Website Popup Features:

Website Popup Features

Online Forms:

Wishpond helps you manage leads, the term “leads” means actual living that may be your customer. By obtaining their information you can properly introduce yourself and explain why they should love you. That’s how marketing works!

So, you first need a place to put it which brings us to the online forms offered by Wishpond.

Marketing Automation:

Wishpond’s marketing automation makes marketing your business easier. You can spend more time closing deals and other marketing materials to your potential and current customers.

Email Marketing:

We get tons of email marketing newsletters, and since they are such a popular way for businesses to communicate. Some businesses can afford to hire a digital marketing agency for them to create custom email templates.

Leads Database:

Wishpond’s lead database can help you create activity on your website. Lead-generation forms came in, and the marketing initiatives they have responded to help you convert that interest into sales.

Landing Pages and A/B Testing

Wishpond simplifies the process of designing and experimenting with landing pages. With Wishpond’s drag-and-drop landing page builder, you have the flexibility to effortlessly add or remove page elements. Additionally, Wishpond provides A/B testing capabilities, allowing you to compare the performance of different landing page versions to determine which one yields better conversion rates.

Social Media Contests

Wishpond streamlines the management of social media contests on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Wishpond offers a diverse selection of content templates to choose from, catering to various contest needs. Furthermore, Wishpond includes prize management features, enabling you to efficiently oversee and monitor your contest prizes.

Lead Management

Wishpond simplifies lead capture and tracking with its comprehensive lead management capabilities. You can select from a range of lead capture forms tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, Wishpond provides lead scoring functionality, allowing you to give priority to your most promising leads.

Website Popups

Wishpond’s website popups feature enables you to create engaging and eye-catching pop-up messages or forms that appear on your website. You can use these popups for various purposes, such as capturing leads, promoting special offers, or encouraging newsletter sign-upsThese popups are highly customizable, allowing you to design them to match your brand’s aesthetics. You can target specific website visitors with different popup messages, enhancing your ability to engage and convert them.

CRM Integrations

Wishpond integrates seamlessly with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, enabling you to manage and organize your leads effectively. By connecting your CRM software with Wishpond, you can ensure that all lead data collected through your campaigns is automatically transferred to your CRM database. This integration streamlines your lead management process and ensures that you have a centralized repository for customer information.

API Access

API (Application Programming Interface) access allows advanced users and developers to create custom integrations and automate various tasks within the Wishpond platform. With API access, you can connect Wishpond to other software or systems you use in your business, enabling data flow and synchronization. This feature provides flexibility for businesses with unique requirements and technical expertise.

Custom JavaScript

Custom JavaScript functionality empowers users to add custom code snippets to their landing pages, popups, or forms. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to implement specific tracking codes, analytics, or third-party integrations that aren’t natively supported by Wishpond. It provides greater control over the behavior and functionality of your online marketing assets.

Custom CSS

Custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allows users to apply their own styling and design preferences to landing pages, popups, and forms. You can tailor the visual appearance of these elements to match your brand’s unique look and feel. Custom CSS grants design flexibility, ensuring your marketing assets align with your brand identity.


Forms in Wishpond serve as a critical tool for lead capture. They can be embedded on your website, landing pages, or used within popups. The drag-and-drop form builder simplifies the creation of custom forms for various purposes, such as contact forms, registration forms, or surveys. Forms are highly customizable, allowing you to collect specific information from leads and prospects. Real-time analytics help you track form submissions and monitor their performance.

Wishpond Integrations:

Wishpond is amazing and offers over 300 integrations including email, analytics, sales, payments, and collaboration apps, so it’s easy to use with your existing marketing strategy.

wishpond connections

Wishpond Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to use
  • Designed for marketers
  • Complete platform-inducing landing pages tool, and market automation.
  • Customer service
  • Tracks lead very well
  • Integration with tools
  • Wide range of features
  • Great for small businesses and solopreneurs 
  • Great for companies that are new to marketing automation


  • Drag & Drop interface is not responsive
  • Hard to optimize templates
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Pricing is on the higher end 
  • Could have more features for advanced users 
  • Limited support for complex marketing tasks

Wishpond Pricing:

Wishpond offers three distinct plans: 
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Growth
The Basic plan includes core features with limits on up to 1,000 leads and up to 10,000 monthly emails for a single user, priced at $45 per month.
The Pro plan expands these limits to 2,500 leads, 25,000 monthly emails, and allows up to 5 users. Additionally, it offers Pro Integration, A/B testing, Custom CSS, Javascript, and API Access for $78/month.
The Growth Plan, priced at $129/month, allows for up to 10,000 leads with unlimited users and includes all features from the Pro and Basic plans.
In addition, the Growth Plan offers Priority Support and an Implementation Coaching Program. Customer Support is available for free. You can also sign up for a FREE 14-day trial before committing to any of the paid plans.

Wishpond Pricing

Reasons to Give Wishpond a Try!

Enhanced Marketing Strategies: Wishpond offers the potential to elevate your online marketing efforts significantly. It allows seamless integration of various website elements, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Effective Marketing Campaigns: With Wishpond, you can effortlessly create and launch mobile-friendly websites, monitor conversions, and deploy custom forms. Notably, it excels in organizing social media contests and promotions, along with personalized email communication. Its intelligent management system keeps tabs on website activity and aids in tracking lead behavior.

Streamlined Onboarding: Wishpond boasts a user-friendly interface and a straightforward onboarding process. It offers a wealth of features while remaining easy to navigate, saving you both time and money. Whether it’s building web pages, importing leads, or launching marketing campaigns, you can quickly become proficient in just a week.

Who should us Wishpond?

Considering Whether to Use Wishpond: Having explored Wishpond’s capabilities, you might be contemplating whether it aligns with your needs. Wishpond proves to be an excellent choice for small businesses and solopreneurs seeking a versatile marketing platform. It also serves as a valuable option for companies venturing into marketing automation for the first time. If you prioritize user-friendliness and require a diverse set of features, Wishpond emerges as a highly suitable choice. Now, let’s delve into the reviews to gather more insights and perspectives.

Wrapping Up:

Every marketing automation and lead generation tool has almost the same features as Wishpond have. However, Wishpond has some unique features. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses as well agencies.

The selection of tools depends upon your business requirement and brand. These tools always stand almost at par in the market. Wishpond marketing tools provide user satisfaction. You can get the tool that supports your business well.

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