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Content is more important than ever, and it can be the thing that sets you apart from the ocean of endless information each of us is dealing with daily. And that is why modern-day marketing and advertising campaigns require carefully thought-out content creation for any brand, service, product, blog, and even influencer campaign.

Finding what to post and selecting the appropriate websites to publish is not easy, but this is where platforms like WhitePress come into play. It’s a tool that can not only make your content get the attention it deserves but also create high-quality content for you. 

Stick with us as we will go through all the features, pros, cons, and other details to fully paint you the WhitePress picture, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

What is WhitePress?

WhitePress is an innovative software that supports content marketing companies and can also be used as an effective tool by influencers to add value to their campaigns. WhitePress is an intermediary between publishers, marketers, bloggers, and vloggers. 

This platform is user-friendly and allows for fast and easy use. It was created by Polish digital developers nearly a decade ago and is now operating in 27 countries and publishing articles in 27 languages. WhitePress is dominating the European market, but it also covers Brazil and Türkiye.

Content Marketing Platform WhitePress 1

WhitePress allows you to publish on more than 60.000 websites, and it links more than 35.000 advertisers with 25.000 publishers worldwide. The software uses easy and automated processes to form a productive virtual marketplace. It’s a very useful tool to have on hand for all types of marketing, PR, advertising, or digital agencies, but also website owners, influencers, bloggers, and all things digital.

How to work with the platform

This software provides the possibility to work promptly on your device’s browser without going through a special installation or programming process. To start working with the publishing platform, you first need to register, which is very easy and free to do. On WhitePress, you can either register as an advertiser or as a publisher. 

With the use of this digital tool, you can choose from the various solutions the content marketing platform provides. As a marketer, you can distribute your content through a wide selection of websites all over the World, or you can order the WhitePress experts to write a text curated specifically to your needs. As a publisher, on the other hand, you can register your website and get new clients and content.

For advertisers

You can choose to publish content for various purposes like increasing brand awareness, strengthening SEO, promoting products or services, boosting a launch of a new brand, next-level advertising, etc. 

whitepress filters

The next step is to select a publication website that best suits your needs. There is a vast collection of websites you can choose from, operating in different markets, countries, and languages. WhitePress collaborates with websites such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Antyweb, National Geographic, Playboy, Papilot, Claudia, Wprost, and WP, among others. 

Whitepress marketer

After you finish your order, you can complete your payment via PayPal. WhitePress will then process and fulfill your publishing order respecting the deadlines and other client requirements. The platform has an integrated tracking script that gives you insights into your publishings and the interest regarding your content.

To get around WhitePress as an advertiser, you can either add or order content. If you want to add an article, you can do so with the help of a special form to get your content ready for publication. You also have the option to order an article to be written by the WhitePress SEO experts. 

The Process Step by Step

  • Add a pitch for a content piece/article (place your own article or order a unique piece via WhitePress)
  • Choose a placement point for your content
  • Complete the order
  • Follow the analytics for audience traffic and engagement to your article

For Publishers

The other category that WhitePress offers is free registration for publishers. The pre-condition for registration of a website to the WhitePress platform is to have at least 500 visitors monthly. This rule is in place to ensure good visibility for advertisers and that the websites it features offer high-quality content. 

whitepress add new project

After the free registration, you can enter the software as a publisher and post article proposals for your website. On the other hand, advertising agencies or marketers can pick up your proposal and send an offer to publish an article on your website. If you accept the offer, you can get new content for your site and receive payments for it. 

As a publisher, you can set up a price for the articles and decide to accept or refuse the publishing offer without any penalties. WhitePress ensures that the content is scanned for plagiarism and uniqueness via CopyScape, so you don’t have to wonder whether you get unique content. The payments take a maximum of one business day, and the provider is in charge of all details regarding the process, including the prices, deadlines, client support, etc.

Start earning money with WhitePress in few steps as a publisher

The Process Step by Step

  • Post an article pitch
  • The marketers can then log in and check out your pitches
  • Marketers make an order for placement of an article on your website
  • Complete the orders and make an earning

WhitePress Pricing

Registration is free, and you can register as a marketer or a publisher. In addition, you can order texts from WhitePress experts. The pricing for WhitePress varies depending on the specific services and features you need for your content marketing campaign.

You can contact WhitePress directly to request a quote based on your specific needs and budget. They should be able to provide you with more information about their pricing and help you choose the right plan for your business.

WhitePress Pros and Cons

WhitePress is a great tool to have on hand if you are dealing with any type of digital work or advertising. There are many features that make WhitePress stand out from the crowd, and after carefully analyzing the platforms, we share with you the key pros but also cons that we detected to help you make an informed decision about trying out this platform.


The WhitePress platform is developed in a way that makes it super easy to use, from the registration itself to signing in and going through all the available options on the website. In addition, they offer a demonstration call to guide you through the platform.

With the use of WhitePress, you will get SEO-optimized content and boost your SEO performance. Payments are also very easy and fast. It takes a maximum of one business day from the invoice receipt to the pay-outs, which is super-fast and convenient.

WhitePress also lets you track the interest for your published articles in the monthly reports, so you can get client performance feedback.


Although the overall impression of WhitePress is quite positive, we are committed to giving out honest reviews, so we will go through the cons as well. From our analysis of the platform, the main limitation we could detect is that this tool is not suitable if you are targeting the US, Canada, Australia, or other markets that are not included in the WhitePress portfolio yet. So even though the publishing list WhitePress offers is amazingly broad, it’s focused mainly on the European market, with the addition of Brazil and Türkiye.  

WhitePress Features

There are over 54.300 advertisers and publishers registered on the WhitePress platform, with the addition of 60.200 portals, 1.4700 influencers, and 1.050 journalists. 

WhitePress has a great search engine feature that is comprehensive and developed to ensure fast and easy navigation through its vast database. 

An additional feature we quite liked is the educational content posted by the WhitePress team. The platform includes a comprehensive (and free!) Knowledge Base covering the topics of SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, and Earning money on a blog or portal. 

You can also go through the WhitePress guide for beginners, news, and events. So, apart from publishing, earning money, or ordering amazing content, you can also educate yourself on how to grow your business digitally.

Top Reasons Why Users Choose WhitePress

There are many reasons why go for WhitePress, and some are mentioned in the pro and features list above, but we added a few more reasons why users like this platform. 

Featuring Carefully Picked-out Websites

The websites that are featured in the WhitePress platform have to fulfill the entry-level traffic requirement of at least 500 monthly visitors, which ensures that the websites joining the platform are already publishing high-quality content. On the other hand, the published articles will have a good audience reach to begin with. In addition, these regulations include both content and technical parameters of the publishing websites. The WhitePress Team pays special attention and does not allow for any random websites to join to keep the quality level of both publishing space and content produced. 

Domination of the European Content Market

WhitePress has a massive content placement in the European markets, and by utilizing this tool in your marketing or advertising campaigns, you stretch out your audience reach internationally. With the WhitePress software, you can cross the borderlines fast, easily, and effectively. If your target is to expand your market and broaden your audience and client reach, WhitePress is a “go-to.” In addition, you can order high-quality, SEO-optimized content in 27 languages with the local teams in charge of quality control.

Great Customer Support

WhitePress provides great customer support service; you can contact them in various ways. There is a chat box provided by Messenger, which can be found on the left side of the browser, and it’s super easy to use. You can contact the WhitePress team on the chat box as a guest or via your Facebook profile. The WhitePress UK team’s working hours are Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 16:00. You can also contact them at their email address. In addition, there is a contact form on which you can send questions to the team, and they will provide you answers ASAP.

WhitePress Alternatives and Competitors

There are as many digital companies as one could imagine, so, of course, WhitePress has many alternatives on the market. We offer a list of some of the alternatives and competitors of WhitePress.

  • AWeber is an Email Marketing Software that can simplify email marketing campaigns.
  • iContact is an Email Marketing Software that offers features and tools for various stages of your campaigns.
  • Reviewfl owz is an Online Reputation Management Software that can access all past and future reviews.
  • Vero Workflows is an Email Marketing Software developed to serve marketing, digital engineering, and other purposes.

Final Thoughts

This platform is specifically crafted and designed to facilitate content marketing companies with the publishing of articles and building up effective communication practices between various market players, such as publishers, advertisers, copywriters, and also customers. 

WhitePress allows publishers and advertisers to publish articles easily and in a timely manner. With its help, all kinds of digital companies can boost their growth and manage to achieve good inflows of income with the support of effective campaigns produced with the WhitePress software due to the highly functional layout and the range of websites in its portfolio. 

WhitePress is a platform where a publisher can easily find and connect to a marketer or vice versa, which was confirmed by our positive experience with the platform. Whether in need of a publishing space or a visible place to set up advertisements, WhitePress has got it covered. All pages WhitePress works with are checked for SEO optimization, and they provide unique texts, with high-quality.

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