4 Android Apps To Improve Your Company Management

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman
4 Android Apps To Improve Your Company Management

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Management is a key component of a successful business. Modern times have brought quite the difficulty in company management as there is increasing competition both within the business’ internal and external environments. For this reason, management can make or break a company when it comes to profit and reputation.

What is Company Management?

To put it simply, management is a process wherein an individual or a group of people organizes, controls, and plans the different resources, activities, and schedules in order to make the company environment efficient and effective. This is particularly important for a large company since they tend to require a more flexible environment and supervision.

Good company management also requires the establishment of a healthy working environment for all employers and employees. This ensures that everyone can work together to achieve the objectives of the company. Company management’s goal is to organize the business and its people to lead the company to success.

Whether it may be aligning the company goals for employees or managing company resources, the importance of management should never be neglected since the future of any business relies on how well it is managed.

Android Apps To Improve Company Management

Modern times have given people various technology to make daily routines easier. With this in mind, there are plenty of applications that companies use to help easily manage all the daily activities. Here are four android apps that will improve your company management.



Over the course of 13 years, Todoist has helped millions complete a total of over 1.5 billion tasks for 150 million projects. Todoist helps you get a clear overview of your schedule. This allows the user to keep track of tasks that need to be accomplished within a certain time. The application also features easy task management as well as prioritizing certain activities and projects in order for people to figure out which they want to learn next. Todoist allows you to monitor the achievements you accomplish daily and weekly, enabling the user to track their productivity and keep an eye on their goals. 

The application boasts a very user-friendly interface that allows just about anyone to glide through the app’s features quickly. Being organized is vital to achieving good company management, and Todoist condenses all that burden into a single application. If being on schedule and meeting deadlines are difficult for employees or the business as a whole, Todoist offers an overview of all the tasks you may have overlooked. Manual management takes a lot out of a person’s schedule. Given the chance that you can use a single platform to solve most of your problems, anyone would take it. 

It Is essential for each company to keep track and organize the many tasks they may need to accomplish in a certain time. Communication and task assignments can be optimized by the many features of Todoist.



Nothing sets the mood better than music. Deezer is a good application that lets you play whatever music you want to hear instantly. With its constantly expanding 56 million tracks, users can discover hundreds and thousands of artists that they may like. The applications have algorithms that allow personalized recommendations for each listener. Deezer allows its users to revisit songs that they may have forgotten about. It features only the best streaming quality and can decide which song you may just want to hear—all of this at the press of a few buttons. 

Deezer Premium also allows users to listen to their favorite music without the need to connect to the internet. Simply download the tracks you love, and they will be available whenever and wherever you want. With this, it would not matter whether you are traveling or taking a jog. Deezer allows its users to never leave without their favorite music in hand. 

It is all too frequent that company environments become toxic due to different circumstances. Employees may not be happy doing the same tasks repeatedly. Deezer will allow business members to be livelier when performing their tasks and boosts their overall mood as well as their working efficiency. 

Perimeter 81


If you are encountering issues with the security of sensitive data in the company, then Perimeter 81 will work wonders for the business. With the integration of technology to just about every aspect of daily activities, security is growing all the more important, especially for large companies. The applications have virtually endless options and solutions offered by security vendors. In contrast to simplifying cybersecurity consumption, the variety of services complicates essential tools in an organization’s network.

Perimeter 81’s framework empowers information technology with overall improved cybersecurity, which includes an access policy management for the users’ privacy or needs. 

This application provided an opportunity for growth and established companies to connect to a single, secure network where they can freely access cloud resources regardless of where they are. Perimeter 81 provides an agile service that will guarantee the safety of vital information of companies.



Organizing schedules, vacations, and payrolls for employees can quite be a handful. Luckily, Hibob optimizes all those difficult tasks in a single platform. Hibob offers configurable policies that can be assigned to employees that may take time if done manually. Besides the feature to create custom policies, the application enables access to a categorized library of readymade policies. 

Hibob also keeps track of requests and allows the manager to approve or refuse them. It organizes day off requests from employees as well as give the user an overview of the flow of work. The application also boasts the ability to view each individual employee’s current status as well as allow them to manage their own schedules. Additionally, you can keep track of future and past payrolls for the company members.

Schedules management is important for any company, regardless of size. Time is a valuable resource, and it is only necessary that vacations, holidays, working hours, and other aspects of company schedules stay organized and navigable. 


Company management can be the single most important factor to a company’s success. Whether it may be a growing business or a well-established one, management is a valuable investment. The working environment can be quite overwhelming, and these applications will greatly reduce that issue.

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