Best Visual Collaboration Tools for Remote Work

Best Visual Collaboration Tools for Remote Work
Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

In this time of the pandemic, work from home schemes or arrangements is practiced in different businesses. This trend is now the new normal everyone is faced right now. You may notice that working remotely was considered a customer service position with a minimum wage in the previous years. However, this new adaptation for work becomes a full-time career for many people – be it in the government or in the private sectors. With the use of technology, remote workers or employees can handle tasks based on the goals of the organization. 

People across the world are trying to be flexible enough to adapt to the proper utilization of technology for their daily routine. Furthermore, the majority of the businesses create various means on how they can help their employees with regards to doing the tasks or jobs assigned to their subordinates.

Visual Collaboration Tools For Remote Work

How To Handle Remote Teams

Managing a team, especially with the work from the arrangement, is quite challenging on the part of the project manager. As project managers of a certain company, it is said to be your responsibility to create a path and some innovative ways to make your teams successful in their work. You must creatively think the best ways on how you can manage your team towards achieving the objectives of the company. If you successfully create a productive team for remote working, then you may even realize that it’s worth trying to push them to their limits. 

Working remotely with your team members has several advantages as well. However, it is imperative to discover the best adaptation practices for a remote team management. As much as possible, try to introduce to them the different project management tools which you can use in accomplishing the tasks every day. With these tools that you can utilize online, you can have the guarantee that your remote work team will become productive and grown professionally. 

There are some groups who may be working using email as a mode of communication for their tasks. This may seem quite difficult, dangerous, and inconvenient for both team members and the project manager. So, it would be better if they will create an avenue where they can directly communicate with one another. As a project manager, you can probably use some specific online tools to work at home more conveniently. If you want to know more about the best visual collaboration tools for remote work, then you may consider the following online tools which can be used during the working transactions:

  1. ProofHub – This is a type of online project management software that is recommended by many remote teams in bringing everything in one avenue. With the use of this software, all team members can have a chance to interact with their fellow clients and colleagues. ProofHub provides a wide array of features like chat-to-share feedback, online proofing discussions, and remote management of projects only in one place. Many users highly recognize it because it gives them a high level of proficiency when it comes to proper management within the group.


  2. Basecamp – This online software is a prominent option among teams, freelancers, managers, and agencies because of its simple functionality, elegant usability, and clean design. It is a type of team collaboration software that helps you communicate with your clients and manage projects in meaningful means. It has remarkable tools and features for organizing conversations, sharing ideas, and keeping your team members in the same place throughout the whole project.


  3. Instagantt – This is a powerful online software that can help you in planning, controlling, and scheduling projects. There are teams who utilize this online software because it is more than just with the Gantt charts creator. With this tool online, you can have the opportunity to visualize your projects accurately. Another feature of the Instagantt is that it offers great team communication, which would be a great advantage for remote working. Moreover, it offers different benefits because you can have several options like creating subtasks or tasks and making a template for the projects, milestones, baselines, notifications, critical path, automatic project scheduling, and guidelines. With these features, you can track everything that correlates to the project that you will do.


  4. Troop Messenger – It is a type of remote working tool for all different sizes of enterprises. With the use of Troop Messenger, all your team members can do social working interactions through audio or video call, instant message, and file sharing. You can also create unlimited groups for your tap all your colleagues and subordinates in the company. With the use of Troop Messenger, your group can transfer documents and files since this tool can be combined with some useful applications like Google Drive and Dropbox. So, to ensure business continuity and proper handling of management, you can opt to consider this collaborative online tool for the team.


  5. Google Drive – It is one platform for cloud storage that helps you in keeping your files and documents in one secured and centralized location. With the use of this tool, remote workers can freely share and store documents, slide presentations, and spreadsheets once needed. In addition to that, files from this tool can be linked to different devices. So, users can update and view their documents anywhere.


  6. Blink – With the advent of software development, Blink is considered one of the useful application tools that improve remote team productivity and empower communication among team members. This is designed for transforming every employee’s experience towards a unified communication mode. This online application offers a wide selection of features such as discussion boards, a news feed, employee directory, calendar management, and others. Aside from that, it provides support to absence management, payment cards, automated timesheets, and network searches. This micro-application is a good option for the company since it can be optimized for mobiles, tablets, and desktops. Blink is said to be a comprehensive application that is useful for most of the transactions in the company.


  7. Kickidler – This is a type of monitoring software to all employees of the company. In fact, it provides a powerful set of online tools that help your team members to be well dedicated to their tasks. Some of the best features of this time management tool is an employee productivity analysis, time tracking, unlimited quantity of real-time screens, efficiency dynamics, and an option to record action history on the user computers. With the use of this new application, team members can be monitored and notified easily with regards to their assigned tasks. This tool also allows users to see and monitor their working productivity statistics.


  8. Hub Staff – Another useful online application that you can use is the Hub Staff. This can make you more prolific, which also makes you valuable time work. This tool can keep track as to what specific tasks your employees are working on based on the given time. Some of its exceptional features include employee scheduling, online timesheets, employee monitoring, screen share recording, GPS tracking, payroll software, project budgeting, online invoicing, and many more. 

With all these remote working management tools that you can opt to use, your employees and colleagues will become more productive and grow professionally even though they have a work-from-home arrangement. You can easily manage your employees since these online solutions will be your partners in accomplishing the goals of the organization. With the use of these different tools that can be found online, your time zone managing projects can be followed well. The guidelines, timelines, and overall instructions of the project will be properly made and done as well. If you want to try any of these management tools for your project, you can visit some reliable sites that offer these applications. Make sure to choose the ideal ones depending on your purposes. Some websites offer a free trial using online tools and applications. You can experience how these work for your daily transactions personally.

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