10 Easy Online Part-Time Jobs to Enjoy Self-Earned Money

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Easy Online Part-Time Jobs
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Long gone are the days when finding a job (even part-time) was a tedious task, requiring time and a lot of effort. With the rise of the Internet and the many options, it offers, finding a job today can be a walk in the park. Whether you’re looking for something permanent or something that can be a boost to your current income, there are plenty of opportunities that wait around every corner. 

The freelancing market has a lot to offer, depending on what you’re looking for and your knowledge. If you want a part-time job that can be easy and won’t take much of your regular time but still give you significant income, you’ve come to the right place!

Keep on reading below as this article will go over the top 10 most easy online part-time jobs to enjoy self-earned money.

Finding the Right and Easy Online Part-Time Job

Finding the right job is never as easy as it sounds. But unlike in the past, when people started one job and carried it on until their retirement, today we have the option to try out various fields and find the one that suits us best. 

How? By working part-time, of course! 

Usually, people want to find some part-time jobs for extra money, but part-time is also perfect for finding your career path. However, just like with working in general, you can’t expect that every job post will be the perfect fit for you. 

If you really want to find the right part-time job for you, there are several tips that you can follow. Below we list the most important ones:

  • Decide: Are you working to boost your financial income, or are you working to boost your portfolio? This can be the key factor in deciding if a job you’ve found online is worth your time or not.
  • If you want to work some easy jobs from home, then research what the best options on the market are. Some part-timers may lean more into jobs in the linguistic section, whereas others prefer the ones in customer service. 
  • If you want to find the perfect job, you need to know your schedule. When you’re a student, you can have more free time, so doing even several easy part-time jobs shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re swamped with more work, then you need to distribute your time adequately. 
  • Remember: part-time jobs are still jobs. So, tailor your resume accordingly to the post you’re applying for. Make sure you also update all materials and, of course, read up a bit on your future employer.

What is Important When it Comes to High-Paying Online Side Hustles?

As with any job position in any industry today, some pay more than others. That rule is no exception, even if you work as a part-timer, as certain jobs and skills are more valued than others. 

This can be because of the scarcity of the people or skills that a certain niche requires. But this is only one of the reasons why these are the job posts that have higher pay – for full-time and part-time employees. 

So, how do you determine what is important when it comes to high-paying online side jobs in today’s market? Well, generally, there are several things:

  • Skills – Needless to say, if you have the skills, then you have the job. And when your skills go even beyond what is required, then you can expect to get a high-paying online job. The best way to find what skills you need for a particular part-time post is to look around online and see if you possess or can cultivate those skills.
  • Popularity – Of course, a job can’t have high-paying salaries if there is no popularity in regard to product demand. You can do simple research and see what the current market needs and where the biggest accent is. That way, you can easily detect which easy part-time jobs are highly paid.
  • Adaptability – If you want to land a high-paying online side hustle, then you have to be prepared to adapt to new surroundings. Although online, some of these jobs may require more effort to adjust to them, especially if you’re just transitioning from physical to online work.
  • Work Conditions – This is closely related to the previous factor, as it can determine how well you can adjust to the post. For example, some online part-time jobs may require working hours that are out of your comfort. 
easy online part time jobs

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

There are many jobs out there that pay well and offer stable payment for those that would like to work part-time and maybe even transition to full-time work down the road. So, without further ado, let’s go over some of the best and most lucrative jobs and positions that represent viable alternatives for part-timers to try out.

Freelance Copywriting

Interestingly, the sole act of writing still comes with a stigma that it is a skill that is difficult to earn money with. But the reality is far from it, especially today. Writing is a big industry – one that is now on the rise – and offers a lot of opportunities to make it as a writer. 

No, we’re not talking about the “traditional” book writing – today, this profession has jumped so high that it’s become a daily job for a lot of people. How? From content writing, SEO writing, creative writing, or copywriting, there are many forms that an aspiring writer can take up as he steps into the world of writing.

Still, if we are talking about highly paid positions in the writing circles, copywriting currently sets a precedent as the best and most direct form of getting highly paid online. Being a form of marketing writing, a.k.a the act of writing texts for advertising, you can see the value this text could pose to companies who like to market their products or services.

With an average projected salary of $69.000 as of 2022 in the USA, copywriting is a very lucrative type of writing that is in high demand. Many businesses today consider it an essential commodity needed for success. And let’s not forget – it’s definitely on the list of easy part-time jobs you can do!

Freelance Social Media Marketing

With the digitalization of the modern world, connections, relationships, and communications quickly moved to evolve to keep up with the rapid change of times. What was once a phone call, magazine, billboard, radio, and TV advertising, has now transformed and transported itself into the world of social media as the dominant form of communication among the newest generation.

As such, a new form of marketing specialist has emerged from the wreckage of traditional advertising – the social media specialist. With a heavily conquested internet space, companies constantly vie for a better online presence, aiming to reach new markets and new customers and sell their products, services, or messages.

And that is where the social media specialist comes into play. If you are skilled with creation, analytics tracking, and especially engaging directly with a brand’s audience, then this will be the perfect job for you. Engagement, conversion, and a specific voice are the things that can make you stand out and thus earn yourself a position as a part-time social media marketer.

Rising to $60.000 per year in the USA, as of 2022, this is the second most lucrative freelancing opportunity for people who would enjoy working part-time jobs, especially those that require working on the creative digital end.

Content Writer

Another job similar to copywriting is content writing. Creating online blog articles, webpage content, ads, and various texts to be used by companies for advertising and marketing, etc. – this is the world of a content writer. Usually paid per word or per piece, those specially skilled in writing and grammar can make quite a good living as part-time content writers. 

A portfolio of work is welcomed, but it is not a necessity, as many content writers can be asked to complete a task and or a sample by their employer if they want to gauge their skills for themselves. Time management and strong communication skills are also good prerequisites, as content writers will often work in a flexible environment in which they can control their work.

Content Editor

In the same ballpark of content writing, editors make sure that written material is usually error-free, logically structured, and following the guidelines of the clients you are working for. Responsible for all types of texts, this can be an excellent position for those with a keen analytical eye for spotting irregularities in writing.

Take note that this work is more technical and not so creative. It will most likely include researching, fact-checking, and detailed analytical work on texts and articles before actual publications.

Data Online Clerk

This type of job post typically requires fast and accurate typing skills, inserting voice recordings, or typing data into computers. If you’re a fast-thinking and hard-working individual, then you can try out for this position. The good thing is that online data clerks can find work in various industries, such as finance, retail, health care, and transportation.

This type of job is perfect for students or those that want to add a bit more to their income. It’s simple and can take up only several hours of your day.

data online clerk

Graphic Designer

If creating digital art pieces is your preference, then this is the job for you. Basically, this is the best of both worlds – a combo of artistic and technological skills. But, as fun as it may be, graphic designing is not an easy job that everyone can do. Yes, it falls under the list of easy part-time jobs for extra money, but you still need to have some knowledge and skills.

Graphic designers usually take up projects and see this job as freelance. That way, they can set up their own hourly or per-project payment structures. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no option for a part-time job as a graphic designer. One thing that is important for this job post is having a portfolio. As this industry is very technical, having a portfolio can also be very helpful in attracting higher-paying clients. 

Video Editor

Many industries require the use of video content to tell a story. Using graphics, footage, and sound, these will be the elements that you will need to mold from a raw working material to a final product of quality that can satisfy you and your clients. 

Just like a graphic designer, building a portfolio of work can also be beneficial for video editors, as already-produced films can offer your employers a much-needed sample of the quality of your work. Communication and time management are also big factors. 

Plus, this job post doesn’t just offer the chance for a part-time gig – it opens the doors to a much bigger opportunity, like being involved in the filmmaking industry, such as in video production or post-production.

Virtual Assistant

If you don’t mind performing various administrative tasks, then this might be just up your alley. From answering phone calls, and scheduling meetings to bookings and organizing calendars, you will be required to do everything to make your client’s job a little bit easier.

Working as an assistant, albeit online, you will need to be skilled with the internet, e-mail, and computer programs to process everything your clients ask of you. But don’t forget verbal and written communication, organizational, and time management skills.

Online Tutor

One of the best jobs for anyone looking to contribute a bit more to their wallet is to tutor others. If you are an expert in some field of study, then you can try and give classes as a part-time job. And yes, these can be done online!

Mostly, people go for teaching languages or math, as these are some of the more popular categories. The easiest way to do so is by searching for online platforms that connect teachers with students. However, remember that these usually give part-time opportunities to those that have certifications (like TEFL if you plan on teaching English) or pass the subject (if you plan to teach math) in school.

Web Designer

Today it’s all in the digital world. Every business needs to have an online presence, and that simply means having a website. So, one of the easy part-time jobs you can try is web designing. Good web designers are always in high demand.

If you’re in school studying computer languages, then you can implement your knowledge and get some cash on the side. But even if you don’t have any experience, online web design courses can quickly bridge the gap and get you on your way. Joomla, WordPress, or similar alternatives, are the easiest forms of web design. 

But aside from the knowledge, you also need the skills. Web designers need to have an eye for detail and a creative spark that can show the client that you can create what they have envisioned.

web designer

Now, Ready to Take Up a Part-Time Job?

Working part-time can be a great way to bring something more to your income. There are many cases when people with a nine-to-five job take up a part-time side gig solely to make more money. Others do it for the fun of it. 

As you can see, the reasons behind it can be various. Nonetheless, working part-time today is different from what it used to be. By this, we mean that today, there are plenty of easy jobs from home, i.e., part-time jobs that you can do online. 

Our list above gives you the 10 best easy part-time jobs on the current overall market – from writing to teaching and designing. It all comes down to your skills – can you write better than you can design a website, or maybe you excel in management skills? 

Find the work that calls to you and try it out – you never know if a part-time gig will lead to something more!


The answer depends on you and what you’re looking for because it’s always better to have a job you like. Even with part-time gigs, the best ones are those that are suited to your taste. 

In the current market, some top part-time working posts would be freelance writing, tutoring, internet research, proofreading, working as a social media manager, or even working as a virtual assistant.

Needless to say, the easiest job to get hired at is the one where you fulfill all the necessary requirements and pass the minimum bars set. However, nowadays, there are plenty of jobs that do not require any kind of experience.

Such options would include various online easy part-time jobs like data entry clerk, customer service representative, and virtual assistant.

With the rise of the Internet, there are plenty of easy part-time jobs that are highly in demand right now. One example can be website designers. As more and more businesses go online, there is a need to create websites that would attract customers.

In regard to this, as they try to shift their production and communication to the online world, virtual assistants are sought out to fill out the daily tasks or even substitute for a customer support agent.

Seeing as everything is shifting toward the digital world, any job that requires the use of the Internet will surely exist even 10 years from now. All easy part-time jobs for extra money that we have listed above are bound to stay and grow further. 

Take content writing, for example. There are over 1.5 billion sites online today, and each of them requires some type of content. But even jobs like teaching a language or other skills are sure to stick around – only this time, shifting to the digital realm instead of eye-to-eye sessions.

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