How to Become a Podcast Guest

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman
How to become a Podcast Guest

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To be interviewed on other podcasts is one of the most effective ways to expand your reach and grow your audience. You can take it as an opportunity to grow your podcast and establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

If you want to interview on a podcast, you must send a compelling pitch and trust your message resonates with their goals, does not conflict with their schedule, and appears appealing to their audience.

But how can you get booked as a guest on someone’s podcast? What if they never heard of you or your work? Which podcasts should you look at? In this blog post, you will get the answer to all these questions.

Let’s dive into it.

Have something to say

Podcasting is an audio product. Podcast hosts will give you importance if you have valuable information. So, in all the circumstances, whether you send an e-mail, or meet the podcast host in person, or leave a voice message, you must have to have something valuable to say.

Never be confused about why you want to be interviewed. Be confident and approach the host with a clear mind. After developing your message then begin the process of requesting an interview.

By saying a clear mind, we don’t mean that you have a canned speech. In fact, it is better if you don’t. Only you need to have a compelling reason why you want the host to have a chat with you for a couple of minutes.

A well-developed message will help you focus on the same topic and context for your pitch, pre-interview conversation, interview application, and ultimately, the interview.

Build your customizable pitch

Once you make your mind clear on what you want to say, you must create a compelling pitch. State the reason why you would be a valuable guest.

Keep in mind that many podcasts are run by teams and have a producer or an assistant to vet potential guests. But your pitch should always address the host. It is possible that you send a request to one person and receive a response from another, be prepared for that.

Write a pitch that captures your value in concise and apparent sentences. It will help in grabbing the host’s attention. Include all the information any host would need about you and what you want to talk about. Try not to include a complete bio unless your pitch is about an extraordinary life story. Explain your message, service, or product, and state how it relates to their audience.

Don’t bother to send a pitch if the episode topics don’t seem relevant to your topic. That’s why we would suggest watching a few episodes before sending your pitch.

Choose your categories and keywords

You must know the podcast category or keywords that you want to search. You might come across many questions in this process, but you must start somewhere. Have a look at category listings in Apple podcasts and choose the one that relates to your idea.

Why apple podcasts? Because it is considered the most reliable and popular podcast directory that has a very easy-to-use interface.

Many podcasts add detailed information in their description, and many directories are also searched by description; that’s why you need to select keywords. Any directory will return a podcast based on your mentioned keyword.

Select more than one category or keyword and move one.

Search Podcast Names

There are two primary sources where most people search to find podcast names, one is Google, and the other option is podcast directories.

There are many podcast directories where a podcast can be listed. The directories include every podcast platform such as apple podcasts, hosting services, other apps, and other places where podcasts are listed.

We would suggest you start from Google search for podcast names that sound relevant to your pitch topic because you’re going to come back to google to find detailed information about each podcast you’re interested in.

Find out the relevant podcasts

Once you’ve found podcast names through the research, the next step is to find out if the podcast is relevant to your topic or not.

  1. Search each podcast in Google search – on every search, you may receive unrelated blog posts. That’s why to include the word “Podcast” with the podcast name. If your query has a generic podcast name, put the name in quotations, so Google knows to search for the entire phrase.
  2. Podcast’s Apple podcast page – You can use any directory to look at the podcast show page, but Apple podcasts have some advantages. You get the podcast description and the first three lines of the description for each episode. If the podcast has no Apple podcast page, it may be dead. It is also a great way to determine if the show is relevant or not.

Find host contact details

Once you find out your relevant podcasts, you must find the host’s contact information to communicate your interview request.

You can look for the apple podcast page of the podcast and look for a website. Most probably, the show will have a website; look for one of the contact options below.

Most websites offer a podcast interview request form. It would be best if you use it. If there isn’t such a form, then go for the other options.

The host mostly indicates guests to use their website’s standard contact form and then use their website form.

What if there is no website mentioned on the Apple podcast’s page?

Listen Notes shows an e-mail button on the podcast page. There you can find the e-mail address of the podcast host.

The last option is to reach out on social media platforms. We wouldn’t suggest you use it unless you exhausted all the other options.

Customize your pitch

After going through the podcast’s description and episodes on directories, it is better to customize your pitch and include any information that may make an interview with you more appealing to the host.

If the podcast follows any specific theme, try to align your pitch with it. It is good to use a standard e-mail pitch template, but we suggest you the

Send your pitch

While sending your pitch, make sure to write the correct podcast name and hostname as noted in the directory. If you’re more curious and want to avoid any mistakes, copy and paste from the directory page to your e-mail.


Even if you send a pitch to every podcast, you’re only going to get a response from a few of them. Don’t worry, that’s normal. PodMatch is a tool that uses AI to generate interviews by bringing in guest and podcast hosts on the same platform. You get fantastic built-in messaging to schedule and book interviews. This tool will make all the tasks easy for you.

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