How To Work On Fiverr To Make Six Figure Income

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman
How To Work On Fiverr

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In today’s society, freelancing is akin to climbing the top of the food chain ─ everyone must fend for themselves! The online market is merciless, and there is no mixing emotions with business. 

Having said that, there are digital platforms that can lessen your burden when looking to launch your career as a freelancer. One of them is Fiverr. 

Fiverr is an online market where freelancers can advertise their products and skills. In return, clients can reach out to potential business partners and pay them for their services.

Youtube has popularized Fiverr thanks to the countless videos created on behalf of the platform. People paying others to create commercials for them, demanding freelancers to finish a chorus of a song ─ the list goes on. 

It seems that if a freelancer wants to make it big among the highly competitive workforce, they must adapt to modern platforms like Fiverr.

Therefore, today’s topic on the table is Fiverr review, and everything you need to know about it! If you want to learn how to start looking for gigs and up your chances of being discovered, keep reading.

How Do I Start Working on Fiverr?

Many people start off on Fiverr with virtually no experience. And that’s fine ─ everyone has to start somewhere. However, a lot of these individuals don’t try to learn the skill set their line of work calls for.

Fiverr is not some golden ticket getting a foot in the door for you, with little to no effort. If you’re serious about becoming a Fiverr freelancer, you better work (shh, we know how that phrase ends)!

That being said, you can begin your Fiverr journey by signing up with the site. You’ll have to list your full name, what you do, your salary range, and so on. We’ll cover more about this later.

Ways to Make Money on Fiverr

You may not have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but who says your children can’t be? You could be making a six-figure salary on Fiverr one day, given you put in the work! Below are some pointers to get you started:

1. Work on Your Profile

So, you’re starting on Fiverr from scratch. You have no ratings or customer reviews yet, and your Fiverr portfolio is empty. Don’t worry, this will sort itself out once you complete your first successful gig. 

Until then, enter a description of yourself, and a thorough one at that. You want people to open your profile and reach out to you despite your lack of experience with the platform.

Be punctual, get in touch with potential clients, and make good conversation. All of these factors can influence your ranking.

2. Add a Good Description of Your Gig

Don’t be general when describing your job title. Typing in ‘artist’ won’t rank you high in Fiverr’s database. Try to be as specific as possible. If you do sculpting, mention that, if you paint portraits, make sure to make that known, loud and clear.

Clients won’t hesitate to cancel out of your profile if it lacks information that could be of value. After all, there’s always other fish in the sea, right? 

3. Use Your Target Keywords Smartly

When you search for a web content writer on Fiverr, a ton of freelancers pop up. So, how should you, as a fellow content writer, separate yourself from the bunch?

You can do so by using the Fiverr search engine. There, you’ll type in your job title to trigger suggestions. Right below Recent Searches, in Services, you’ll see similar words or phrases to the ones you typed in pop up.

Study them well and include them in your Fiverr profile. This can greatly impact your visibility on the site, as well as trigger customer outreach.

4. Work on Similar Gigs

You don’t always have to stick to what you know best ─ sometimes, a gig will call for a challenge. Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. Fiverr How It Works

For example, if you’re a storyteller, you may do well as a web content writer. Both job titles require creativity above all, so you already have the upper hand here.

And who knows, maybe you’ll ignite a new passion of yours along the way!

5. Ensure Your Services Are New and Unique

Try to bring fresh new ideas into the community. After all, people love things that surprise them or make them laugh! Something as simple as drawing caricatures of people can garner attention if marketed the right way.

You can also research your brilliant idea beforehand to determine whether someone else thought of it first. This will spare you plenty of time when deciding what services you want to offer on Fiverr.

6. Market Your Gigs Well

The golden rule of business is: Good marketing is key!

Getting to know the right people, as well as anyone closely related to the industry, can greatly increase your number of gig requests. Don’t be afraid to be bold and let your customers know they can always pass on a good word for you. 

Furthermore, learn how to speak the language of sales. Your choice of words has a significant influence on your ability to sell. The way you put sentences together can trigger different reactions within clients, so be careful. You want to get people to buy your product, not intimidate them into declining the deal.

7. Keep Your Clients Happy

Remember, happy clients – happy life! If you manage to keep a steady client base while simultaneously pulling in new customers, you’ve officially made it.

Try to abide by client requests that resonate with you. If a customer is unhappy with the final product of your service, request that you make adjustments. Being curious about your clients without overstepping boundaries is important, too. You want your buyers to feel connected to you and trust you.

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Now that we’ve covered everything, you can always use this article as a Fiverr checklist. By following these simple rules, your Fiverr clientele will grow in no time, and so will your account balance!

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