SurferSEO vs OnPage Champ – Features, Pricing & More

SurferSEO vs On Page CHamp
Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

Building a website is an easy job, but getting it ranked in search engine results is the real challenge. SEO is the process through which you can increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic. SEO has so many aspects, and it is humanly impossible to analyze content for those ranking factors. That’s the reason for the massive demand for SEO tools. Surfer SEO and Onpage Champ are among those tools that can boost your website traffic and improve your content quality.

This Surfer SEO vs Onpage Champ guide is about the difference between Surfer SEO and Onpage champ, their prime features, and how they can help you rank your website.

Surfer SEO Vs. OnPage Champ – What is the difference?

You must understand that every SEO tool operates in its way. There are tools in the market that serve the same purpose, but the features they will offer will be different, and thus, the format of generated reports will be different from other tools.

Surfer SEO is a cloud-based on-page optimization tool that helps you rank your article on Google search engine results by comparing it with top-ranked websites for more than 500 factors. It tells you what you lack in your article that the high-ranking websites have.

SurferSEO Overview

While in contrast, Onpage champ is a website change tracking and on-page SEO testing tool. This mainly focuses on tracking a website for on-page SEO changes and then correlates changes with rank fluctuations.

Surfer SEO Vs. OnPage Champ – Key Features

Both tools offer beneficial and unique features that are liked by so many entrepreneurs and digital marketers. This article will provide you an in-depth review and comparison of both tools so that you choose the best tool according to your requirements.

Key features of Surfer SEO

Surfer analyzes your page over 500+ factors and gives you instructions on how to optimize your page. Hence, it takes to rank on Google first page, and this all can be done through proper utilization of these fantastic tools offered by Surfer SEO:

  • SERP Analyzer
  • Content Edit
  • Keyword Research

SERP Analyzer

This is the prime feature offered by Surfer SEO, which is very useful for on-page optimization. It provides you an overview of the competitive landscape, allowing you to figure out what factors are essential to consider before making any changes to your page. Those factors can be backlinks, NLP analysis, word count, number of elements, etc.

Content Editor

If you aimed to create new optimized content from scratch, then Surfer’s content editor is the tool you must try. You will only need to enter one or more keywords and specify whether you’re looking to analyze your competitors’ content on Mobile or Desktop. Once Surfer finishes processing, you can click on the chosen keyword to start creating optimized SEO content. The Content Editor of Surfer SEO can use Google’s API to gain NLP and LSI keywords.

Keyword Research

When you want tools for keywords on one interface, you better use Surfer’s Keyword Research. You can get dozens of similar keywords, and you can easily export them in excel format. Additionally, it also shows you the monthly search volume of the keywords.

This tool suggests the questions related to your keyword, which can be included in your content. Questions look eye-catching within the search engine results and can make your website different from competitors.

Key Features of OnPage Champ

Currently, OnPage Champ offers three key features to their users, which are given below

  • Domain Tracking
  • SERP Audit
  • URL Tracking

Domain Tracking

When it comes to SEO efforts, we don’t keep a record of changes made to on-page SEO, and as a result, we usually cannot figure out which on-page SEO change helped us boost our website traffic. By using OnPage Champ’s domain tracking feature, you can keep a record of all the on-page SEO changes made to your own or competitor’s website.

It can be used to review the on-page SEO work of a team and understand its impact, especially when you are the team leader. Most of the time, we outsource our SEO work to an external agency, you can use OnPage Champ’s domain tracking feature to track their progress.

SERP Audit

It is the most widely used feature of OnPage Champ. You need to enter the focus keyword, target country, and target page, and this functionality will do its magic. You will be shown content gaps in the targeted page, comparing it with the top 10 Google results.

URL Tracking

If you’re interested in tracking a specific URL instead of the entire domain, OnPage champ’s URL tracking feature allows you to track a particular URL. You can add a keyword against a specific URL, and it will show you Google rank fluctuations creatively in the graph format.

Here is the complete summary of all the features of both Surfer SEO and OnPage Champ:

Surfer SEOOnPage Champ

·       It is a cloud-based on-page optimization tool.

·       It analyzes your article for 500+ ranking factors.

·       Surfer SEO has a chrome extension that allows you to write SEO optimized content in Google Docs.

·       You cannot use the NLP feature in the Surfer SEO basic plan.

·       It does not have a free plan.

·       It helps website owners optimize their websites and keep records of changes that happen from time to time.

·       It analyzes the given content for 35+ factors.

·       It does not have any extension.

·       It allows you to use NPL in the free plan with a limited number of domains.

·       You can sign up for a free plan and track three domains and run 10 SERP audits a month.


Surfer SEO Pricing Plan

SurferSEO vs OnpageChamp - Pricing Plans OnPage Champ Pricing Plan

OnpageChamp vs SurferSEO - Pricing Plans

In Conclusion

When it comes to SEO, there is no perfect tool. You only select that one which fulfills your requirements. You can use Surfer SEO for detailed keywords analysis and create SEO optimized content from the beginning by using their content editor. But if you’ve outsourced your SEO work to an external agency and want to keep an eye on their progress, you better choose OnPage Champ. It provides change tracking functionalities. One other factor is the pricing plans of both tools; there is no free plan offered by Surfer SEO, while OnPage champ offers a free plan with a limited number of domains.

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

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