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SEMRUSH vs Rankranger
Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

If you enter just about any online market today, getting eyes on your website can be very challenging. Use a search engine, such as Google, for example, and search for the first service that comes to your mind. One idea is to search for “attorney services near me.” Look at the number of total results that the search engine managed to find for the term.

Much of the search criteria that people use generates hundreds of thousands, if not millions of results. Statistically, most people don’t even go past the first page of search results, which means that many of those websites are never seen, based on the keywords used.

SEMrush and Rank Ranger are two of the top tools that you can get your hands on, as someone interested in improving your results in a super easy manner.

There are professionals out there who agree on the usefulness and effectiveness of SEMrush for SEO optimization purposes. Competitor analysis is this platform’s strong suit, which provides you with real-time rank tracking and other metrics to help you understand how you are doing against your closest competitors.

Rank Ranger is very good at keyword tracking. If you are looking for a great tool on the market that offers many filters and metrics that zero in on keywords, the opportunities they may bring, etc., Rank Ranger.

Below is a look at SEMrush vs Rank Ranger, which should go a long way in helping you to decide which one is better for your business needs.

Pricing and Free Plan


Unfortunately, there is no free plan available for SEMrush users. Your only option is to try one of the first two subscription types for a limited period. Note that the prices listed below all refer to the monthly billing option. You can choose to pay annually, which reduces all captioned costs by 16%.

The pro subscription is the first option for those who are interested in using SEMrush. It’s intended for in-house marketers, startups, and freelancers with a limited budget, and it gives you the fundamental tools you need to grow your business through better page optimization. There are PPC, SCO, and SMM projects with over 40 advanced tools at your disposal. The details you get on your competitors’ traffic include rankings, sources, social media results, etc. The cost of this subscription is $99.95 monthly.

The guru subscription is next on the agenda, and this one costs $199.95 monthly. This plan is best suited to small and medium enterprises and marketing agencies in the growing process. You get access to all the features associated with the pro plan, as well as historical data, extended limits, and a content marketing platform.

The business plan is the final option from SEMrush, and it’s best suited for businesses with an extensive web presence, agencies, and e-commerce projects. All subscription benefits from the guru plan are included here, as well as Google Data Studio integration, extended sharing and limit options, and API access. This plan costs $399.95 monthly.

SEMrush Pricing Plans

Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger offers four different listed plans, as well as a fifth with customized options. It also doesn’t have a free program. But you can try the first two subscription types free for 14 days.

The lite plan is the first on the agenda, and it goes for $79 monthly. You get rank tracking, most dashboards, site audit, site explorer, keyword explorer, marketing reports and tools, social analytics, link manager, integrations, and extras, such as email alerts and notes. You also get 500 keywords on 15 dashboards in total.

The standard subscription is next, and it costs $149 monthly. Your keyword and dashboard counts are upgraded to 1,000 and 30, respectively. All the light features make a return in an upgraded fashion.

The pro subscription follows, and it requires you to talk with Rank Ranger’s sales team for pricing information. Take advantage of 5,000 keywords and 200 dashboards, as well as improved versions of all the features available in the standard plan. Additional features include access to the standard API and Data Studio connector. Note that custom tracking options are available here.

The fourth subscription is the premium one, and it comes with 10,000 keywords and 500 dashboards. There are upgrades to the pro features, plus a custom domain. Pricing is provided by the team here too.

The final plan is known as “your plan.” You request a price based on the requirements you enter for campaigns, daily keyword tracking, search engines, the need for a custom domain, site crawls, rows per month, stored untracked links, the number of users, and if access to the standard API and Data Studio connector is needed.

Rank Ranger Pricing Plans

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Available Platforms

SEMrush and Rank Ranger are web-based platforms, which means that they are only available on internet-enabled devices with a browser installed.


The features that you can expect from SEMrush are:

  • Domain and keyword analytics, including reports, historical data, and keyword metrics
  • Competitive intelligence add-on, including traffic analytics, marketing explorer, competitor benchmarking, etc.
  • Agency growth kit, including white-label, unlimited client manager, advanced report branding, etc.
  • Projects including page crawls, SEO ideas, mobile rankings, etc.
  • Reporting with scheduled PDF reports and Google Data Studio integration
  • User management with SAML single sign-on if needed
  • Content marketing platform including calendars, plagiarism checks, research topics, SEO content templates, etc.
  • Listing management with basic and premium features
  • Ranking imports from third-party tools
  • API access

The features that you can expect from Rank Ranger are:

  • Rank tracking including campaigns, keyword tracking, and SEO monitor
  • Dashboards including marketing dashboards, client dashboards, and a custom domain
  • Site audit including site crawls and on-page SEO audits
  • Site explorer
  • Keyword explorer including keyword lists and daily reports
  • Marketing reports and tools including marketing KPIs, single-metric widgets, and inside graphs
  • Data integrations
  • Social analytics, including Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Link manager including stored and tracked links
  • Extras including user accounts, email alerts, the Data Studio connector, etc.


SEMrush has a host of integrations that you can benefit from to expand your subscription’s basic functionality. You can connect this platform to various services, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Google Disavow Tool
  • Google Docs
  • Gmail
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Search
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Calendar
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Trello
  • WordPress
  • Majestic

Rank Ranger is also home to a host of integrations that should make for a complete experience with the platform if you already use any supported services. Potential integrations include:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Bing Ads
  • Call Rail
  • Call Tracking Metrics
  • Aweber
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads and Insights
  • Google My Business
  • Instagram Analytics
  • IBM CoreMetrics
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Yext
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Twilio
  • MailChimp

Try Rank Ranger today and get the best SEO features right to your success.

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

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