Jarvis AI vs. Copy AI: An Extensive Overview

Jarvis AI vs Copy AI
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Writing exciting and engaging copy and content is difficult, even more so when you have to do it regularly.

Whether you lack the talent, time, or inspiration to keep up with the internet’s growing need for content, you’re in luck – there’s help! 

Recently AI software has become more advanced and better at generating content than ever.

Additionally, the service is increasingly available to the public, which the audience whleheartedly accepts. 

Today, we’re looking at two of the best copy generators  – Jarvis AI vs Copy AI.

Many professionals can benefit from both tools, including copywriters, business owners, marketers, and content creators. 

We’ll review and compare all the Copy AI and Jarvis AI components. Thanks to these AI assistants, copywriting has never been easier, but which one will come out on top?

Jarvis AI vs Copy AI: Overview

Both Jarvis AI, formerly known as Conversion AI, and Copy AI are content generators that automatically rely on artificial intelligence to create engaging copy and text. They share many similarities in function.

When using these generators, you’ll need to give the AI information on what you want to create by putting in some words that will generally describe a product, service, topic, etc.

These tools can gather enough context to create multiple copies in only a few seconds based on very little info.

Both Copy AI and Jarvis can help you:

  • save time when creating content;
  • generate copy and text for less money compared to traditional methods;
  • overcome writer’s block;
  • improve your work efficiency;

However, there are a lot of distinctions to be made when looking at Copy AI vs Conversion AI, aka Jarvis.

Each software excels in different areas and includes various features, some of which overlap, while others not so much.

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Jarvis AI Overview

This AI-powered copywriter first hit the market in 2020 under the name Conversion AI and later became more popular as Jarvis AI assistant.

The program shared a name with Tony Stark’s fictional AI helper for a while; however, Jarvis AI rebranded to Jasper to avoid confusion (and a legal battle with Marvel).

Jasper has grown significantly in a short amount of time, which can speak to the efficiency of the product.

It’s considered by many to be one of the most sophisticated copywriting software programs currently available.

No matter what name it goes under, this AI copywriter does its job equally. You can use Jarvis to create short-form eCommerce or social media content and longer blog posts, SEO-optimized writing, and attention-grabbing copies.

Copy AI Overview

Copy AI, like its competitor, launched in 2020 and, in a few short years, grew a large clientele and blew up as one of the most popular copywriting tools available.

This AI assistant can generate content based on your vision or serve to inspire you by generating ideas for various types of content. You’ll always have someone to brainstorm with.

Copy AI can be used to create different types of content, same as Jasper. You can generate ad copies, social media content, website copy, eCommerce product descriptions, and blog posts.

This software has many tools to set itself apart from the competition. Much like its competitors, Copy AI employs the most common marketing frameworks – AIDA and PAS. On top of this, however, it also includes before-after bridge copywriting.

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Jarvis AI vs Copy AI: Features

This is where we can start getting into how Jarvis and Copy AI diverge. Each one has plenty of elements to explore, and by comparing their main tools, we can better see the difference between both programs.

In the jarvis.ai vs copy.ai showdown, let’s peek at how certain features are implemented. 

1. Content Templates

An appropriate writing template makes it easy as it can be to work with an AI copywriter. In need of a Facebook ad? Select the Facebook Ad template and generate one in seconds.

Now, both Copy AI and Jarvis offer dozens of different templates. A lot will cover the same areas – for example, ads, blog ideas, or product descriptions. 

Meanwhile, others are only available on one platform and not the other. Such are the Jarvis’ Quora answers or Copy AI’s Weddig vows template.

Other than choosing which template to use, you can also use both AI generators to dictate the tone of the message. This is an integral part of making sure your copy is resonating and doing so with the right audience.

2. Social Media Content

At this point, we can safely say that social media dominates most people’s lives. It’s not surprising if you spend hours on end staring at a screen, and so do your customers.

Copy AI offers numerous ways to enhance your social media presence. You can generate ads, listicles, headlines, hashtags, text hooks, and more. The software will help you write your content and give you ideas on what to write or post next.

Jarvis AI copywriting tools can generate some excellent content and ads for social media accounts. It’s clear that Jarvis is more dedicated to other types of content and copy; however, the copywriter still has plenty to offer for your social media demands.

3. Supported Languages

Both Jarvis and Copy AI support over 25 languages. If you don’t speak the language, it can be impossible to determine if the final result makes much sense. However, at the very least, you can rest assured that the AI keeps everything grammatically correct.

Jarvis AI languages

4. Integration With Third-party Apps

The ability to integrate with third-party apps and easily export content can be time-saving, convenient, and benefit you greatly, especially if you’re a marketer using these programs.

Unfortunately, neither Copy AI nor Jarvis can integrate with other apps. This may be a downside, but no one has the leg-up since neither one has implemented this feature. 

If you’re genuinely keen on having this feature as a part of your AI copywriter, you should probably take your search to a third option.

5. SEO Integration

This is when we see how these platforms majorly diversify their primary purpose. Both AI assistants are fantastic at producing text, but as we saw, Copy AI could meet your short-form social media content needs a lot better.

While Jarvis doesn’t slack in that regard, it truly excels at longer text pieces and can integrate with Surfer SEO. This lets you generate new content and make sure it’s optimized for search engines.

Copy AI, sadly, doesn’t offer any SEO integration. Still, Copy AI does have a Chrome extension that you can grab, with an almost perfect rating.

6. Quality of Support

Copy AI has a Help Center with plenty of information on how to use the software. If you haven’t managed to find an answer to your query there, you can always shoot the support team a message or DM Copy AI on Twitter.

Similarly, Jarvis AI features a Help Center page with answers to all commonly asked questions. You can also contact their support team by sending a message, and they’ll get back to you by email.

If you want to gauge better what these programs are like, you should consider the opinions of their customers. Both AI content generators have shining online reviews that can help illuminate why they’re among the top competitors in their field.

7. Plagiarism checker

While Copy AI doesn’t have any sort of plagiarism checker, this feature is a part of Jarvis.

Once again, Jarvis AI stands out as a better option for marketers needing professional and serious copywriting services.

features of CopyAI

Jarvis AI vs Copy AI: Pricing

Looking at features is one thing, but before you buy a product, you have to ensure that the price tag matches the value. So, let’s discuss the pricing options for both programs.

Copy.ai Pricing

As one of the most popular content generators on the market, Copy AI offers prospective users three plans:

  1. Free Plan: For copy.ai, pricing starts at $0. One of the major advantages of Copy AI is that it offers a free Starter plan. You get access to over 90 copywriting tools and 10 credits to use per month;

  2. Pro: This plan grants users access to unlimited credits, limitless projects, and the newest Copy AI features. It costs $49/month if you choose to pay monthly and $35/month if you opt to receive annual charges;

  3. Enterprise: This is a special plan designed for larger enterprises. You can contact copy.ai to get more information and a demo.

The free plan is perfect
for testing out all the features. If you like the software, you can upgrade to a Pro plan.

CopyAI pricing plans

Jarvis AI Pricing

Unlike Copy AI, Jarvis AI pricings works a bit differently. This particular AI-generated content creator offers two available plans:

  1. Starter: It allows you to access over 50 templates, it works in 25+ languages, and it can support up to 10 users;

  2. Boss Mode includes all the same features as the Starter plan and adds Compose & Command features and a Google docs style editor.

Now, Jarvis doesn’t offer a free plan. You can test-run the software for free for 5 days, but you have to sign up and enter your credit card details.

Also, Jarvis has many different prices. Not only do you pay based on your plan, but also based on how many words you want to generate monthly.

Jarvis offers the following default settings:

  • Starter with 35,000 words generated: $49/month if billed monthly and $40/month when billed yearly;
  • Boss Mode with 100,000 words generated: $99/month and $82/month if billed annually. 
jarvis pricing plans

Jarvis AI vs Copy AI: Pros & Cons

We went over the features and advantages of both AI generators, but let’s do a quick overview of the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

Copy AI

Although Copy AI is a highly-utilized AI-generated content creator, it comes with its own set of perks and weaknesses.


  • Free plan available;
  • Additional writing tools that help with brainstorming;
  • Variety of content to be generated;
  • Supports 25+ languages.


  • No third-party app integration is available;
  • Can’t generate full blog posts;
  • Doesn’t target precise keywords.

Jarvis AI

Like Copy AI, Jarvis is also one of the most praised copy generators on the market, but it’s not without its flaws.


  • Great results and built-in plagiarism checker;
  • Integrates with Surfer SEO;
  • Over 15 languages supported;
  • 5-day free trial.


  • It doesn’t generate unlimited content;
  • Pricier than competitors;
  • The free trial is limited to 10,000 words.

How to Choose the Right Tool?

If they pay for the plans, anyone can gain access to Copy AI and Jarvis. But you do not need both and should decide on one before you spend your money.

So, how do you pick?

Jarvis is better suited to creating long-form content and generating entire blogposts.

Meanwhile, Copy AI tends to produce smaller text pieces and is excellent for individuals such as bloggers, freelancers, and social media managers.

Regardless of which option you go for, there’s a reason both Copy AI and Jarvis have made a name for themselves.

They’re some of the best options available, and both possibilities generate amazing content and copy for you to use.

Picture of Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

Ron started as a tech blogger 15 years ago. Since then, Ron has developed massive writing skills and is reviewing tools for freelancers and more.
Ron has a huge part of our Everythingfreelance.com community.

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