Ahrefs vs WebCEO Detailed Comparison – Features, Pricing, & More

Ahrefs vs WebCEO
Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

Search Engine Optimization has played an important role in driving traffic to the website. Every business, either small or corporate, invests in SEO software to make their site more watchable in every aspect.

Many companies might feel overwhelmed by the wide range of solutions out there or might want to make sure they choose the best solution for your company. Many companies are searching for the software solution to;

  • Appraise the company’s website on-page SEO.
  • Backlinking performance
  • Research on competitor’s traffic strategies.
  • Choose the best target keyword related to your business, product, or service.

Well, if you are looking for the tool, help is on the way! This article will guide you to pick the best cost-effective SEO software solution for your company.

Ahrefs vs WebCEO: Difference


webceo homepage

WebCEO is a widely used cloud-based platform. It’s a powerful tool designed to satisfy the SEO needs of small and large SEO agencies. WebCEO has various functions: keyword search tool, rank tracking tool, quick domain analysis tool, link building tool, web analytics, and social media modules. Users can receive more keyword suggestions while understanding how well sites respond to semantic search.

WebCEO helps users identify new keywords, extract suggestions from google search consoles, and track keywords from competing sites. Users can track their site’s page and generate the SEO Audit Report.  WebCEO is a professional SEO tool loved by agencies and freelancers. It is fast, time-saving, and stable. The software aims to provide all the basic SEO needs to all agencies and businesses.


ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is one of the leading data companies that provide a toolset for SEO Analysis. Ahrefs is an SEO software containing link-building tools, competitor analysis, keyword search, rank tracking, site audits, and domain authority. Most of the features of Ahrefs are designed for marketing professionals. Ahrefs uses various functions like site explorer, keyword explorer, site audit, and rank tracker.

Ahrefs tool has become essential for many businesses. It gives new ideas for link-building and content analysis, social stats, and ratings. Ahrefs goal is to make SEO strategies and help maximize traffic on their website.

Ahrefs is the world’s biggest index of live backlinks. It gives a dependable backlink checker that offers information-rich backlink profiles for the site. Ahrefs enables you to discover sites connected to a specific URL and how robust these backlinks are. It is simple to use.

Ahrefs vs. WebCEO: Key Features

1.WebCEO Key Features:

WebCEO is famous among many agencies and freelancers because of the features they provide. Some of them are discussed below;

2. Intuitive Tools:

WebCEO has over 15 comprehensive SEO tools to address every factor logically. Among these rank checking features, keyword searching tools, auditing, and backlink evaluation, and so on. Most competing tools require extensions or parallel tools to be employed to check all the features.

3. Team Management:

Business is all about teamwork; it’s not about a one-person army. This includes the SEO strategies, and thankfully WebCEO understands this. WebCEO includes lead generation tools, marketing automation facilities with role-based access, task managers so everyone can work together to implement different marketing strategies.

4. Full Customization & Branding:

You can brand your SEO reports with schemes, layout, and logos that meet your business requirement and corporate culture completely. In reality matching, all your documents to your own ideas and identity are more important than you might think.

5. Cross-Platform:

You can take advantage of this in your platform environment, as it runs smoothly on any desktop environment such as Mac or Windows or can be accessed from mobile devices as well.  The SaaS model is very famous for a reason, and it’s not just because it is a profitable model for developers. Platform skeptics like this are only going to grow in importance as time passes.

Ahrefs- Key Features:

With Ahrefs site explorer, you can look up any site for a complete backlinks analysis. You can estimate the number of keywords the site ranks for, the traffic it generates, and its traffic value. Let’s explore the features one by one.

1. Dashboard:

The dashboard displays a graphical view of the sites you are monitoring. The dashboard provides site health scores from the site audit, the main metrics from the site explorer on backlinks, traffic, and ranking for keywords you track with the rank tracker.

 2. Site Explorer:

The explorer is where the Ahrefs backlink checker sits. Ahrefs is respected for its backlinks and extensive index. The original tool has kept it more generic rather than being called simply backlinks explorer. Ahrefs has been extended to add many more SEO metrics and even has a paid search view. You can see the wide range of metrics for the site you entered.

Ahrefs Ranks: the ranking of sites in Ahrefs index of sites. The lower, the better.

URL: it shows the strength of a target page’s backlink profile ranges from 0-100.

DR: The domain rating shows the strength of a target website’s total backlink, ranging from 0-100.

Backlinks: number of backlinks detected by Ahrefs

Referring domains: number of domains the backlinks come from.

Organic keywords: the number of keywords the site ranks for within the top 100 results.

Organic traffic: monthly organic traffic for the site.

Traffic Value: value of the traffic if you want to buy it via paid search.

Many of the metrics mentioned above are available in competing tools. By installing the extension, you can overlay the information on the search engine result page and view SEO metrics as you visit them.


3. Keyword Explorer:

Keyword explorer functionality in Ahrefs is amazing. It works more efficiently than traditional google lookups as it integrates with Amazon, YouTube, and other search engines.

After entering a keyword, you will access a detailed overview of keyword metrics which we will go through below;

Keyword Difficulty: the difficulty rank on the keyword from the backlink ranges from 0-100.

Search Volume: the volume of searches you configured the lookup for.

CPC: average cost per click to appear for the keyword via paid search.

Clicks: average the number of clicks the keywords generate according to the nature of the query.

CPS: average number of clicks each search for the keyword generates.

RR (Return Rate): this estimates how many times a user searches for the same keyword at a specific time.

Global Volume: search volume across the market where the keyword is used.

4. Site Audit:

Ahrefs audit is easy to use. You are suggested to use the site crawler when you first set up your account. It creates an overall health score, a status of warnings, breakdown of errors, and notices. It does a great job of crawling a site and rendering statistics on what is found clearly, providing access to the information you need to address issues.

5. Rank Tracker:

Rank Tracker allows you to set keywords and countries you want to check ranking for. Ahrefs shows all the keywords you are already ranking and also provides suggestions for associated keywords.

The rank tracker provides complete information for each keyword you entered. After the tracking setup, it summarizes all your projects using the following metrics: visibility, average position, traffic, SERP feature, positions, distribution, competitors, locations, and keywords.

6. Content Explorer:

Ahrefs content explorer looks for influential pages and authors. The starting point of the content explorer is the search engine query, after which it assembles results in clusters by grouping pages together and ranking the authors of the page who published these pages. A toggle identifies the page’s link, and broken links builders may find backlink opportunities in.

Content explorer allows you to find the influential sites and authors for a topic. When the author is identified, the name appears, and when Ahrefs finds the authors’ profile information, there is a link to the author’s Twitter profile.

Ahrefs vs. WebCEO- Pricing:

WebCEO Pricing:

WebCEO offers three different plans, which are; startup, Agency unlimited, corporate. The prices are;

webceo pricing

Ahrefs Pricing:

Ahrefs offers four different plans, which are; lite, standard, advanced, and Agency. The prices are;

ahrefs pricing

Wrapping UP:

Everything discussed above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to competitive analysis for SEO. When searching for the best SEO tools, make sure to pick a tool that offers all the features. You might not need a lot of tools to manage your SEO efforts.

It would be better for you to choose one SEO tool with almost every feature to improve traffic on our website. My Advice? You can run through the process above and then use the reports to analyze the best tool which suits you.

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

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Ron has a huge part of our Everythingfreelance.com community.

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