Unbounce Smart Copy Review: Overview, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Unbounce smart copy review
Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

Creating online content and copy is a major part of building a brand, but keeping up with the internet’s growing demands for content can be difficult.

You can try to create a persuasive message on your own but find yourself lacking the skill. Maybe you simply don’t have the time, and outsourcing can cost a pretty penny.

Well, three words come to mind – smart copy Unbounce. No, it’s not just babbling; Unbounce Smart Copy is an AI-generator that can create copy that will bring in and convert customers at a fraction of the cost of other methods.

But is the lower price worth it compared to the results?

Read more of our Unbounce Smart Copy review as we go over this AI-generator in further detail and see if it’s worth your attention.

Unbounce Smart Copy Overview

You may be familiar with Smart Copy already or simply know it by name.

In fact, you may know it by a different name – snazzy.ai. Either way, let’s start by covering the basics of this product.

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What is Smart Copy, Precisely?

Well, the AI-powered software was released under the name of Snazzy AI in early 2021. A few months post-launch, Unbounce acquired Snazzy, and the copy-generating tool was rebranded to Smart Copy.

Now it’s one of Unbounce’s marketing products and works well with the rest of the catalog – although you can use it as a standalone service, and we’ll review it as such.

Smart Copy can generate and edit text and copy using artificial intelligence.

You provide the generator information on your brand, and you get engaging content back with the right tone and style to convert your target audience.

You could obtain new text or run old content through to switch it up and keep it up to date, all courtesy of Smart Copy.

Unbounce has seen this product grow since adding it to its offerings and has included a way to create long-form content and expand on a short piece.

Smart Copy can be used for many different industries, as well as write and rewrite content in over 30 languages, plus your content can be targeted at a specific audience with certain goals in mind. 

The main benefit of Smart Copy is that you can generate content within minutes with high conversion rates and at a cost much lower than traditional methods.

Unbounce Smart Copy Pros & Cons

We should all be well aware that no service is perfect, and Smart Copy is no different – there are both perks and drawbacks to using the service.


  • There is a free plan available;
  • Free trial for the paid version;
  • Utilizes GPT-3 AI;
  • Let’s you choose from dozens of templates.


  • It tends to generate shorter text than other AI copywriters;
  • The “Writer” tool is still in its beta stage.

Unbounce Smart Copy Features

Smart Copy by Unbounce is one of many content generators but due to its many unique features, it easily stands out from the competition.

Let’s have a closer look at all of the features Smart Copy boasts.

1. Clean UI

The user interface is the first thing the customer will notice. Smart Copy employs a minimalistic style for its product and keeps the page simple and easy to use.

You’re greeted by a simple background with a splash of color and text that encourages you to try out the software for free.

Once you sign up, you enter your company’s information and proceed to the generator.

You can easily navigate the page – go to your saved content and settings or log out using the sidebar.

The most significant issue with the design is the font’s light coloring, which makes certain parts difficult to read.

2. Templates

Smart Copy offers an excellent selection of templates for users to choose from. You can pick out of 40+ options to create content or generate ideas you can build on. 

The template options include landing pages, ads, ADIA copywriting, and much more.

You can even find some unexpected yet exciting options, such as funny 404 pages or viral growth ideas.

If you don’t feel like scrolling down to find the template you’re looking for, Smart Copy makes it easy to filter the choices.  – just go to the top of the page, and choose to view different categories like eCommerce, Social Media, Email, etc.

At the very top of the templates list, you can find and use the three main Smart Copy tools: “Writer”, “Content Expander,” and “Remix.”

Unbounce smart copy features

3. Writer

Smart Copy by Unbounce tends to create shorter text; however, the Writer tool aims to change that. This feature is relatively new and only available with a paid plan but looks promising.

The Writer tool isn’t too different from other writing templates – you update the type of content, topic, or your company’s profile, and generate an intro.

Using this tool won’t impose any limits for characters, so you can select the intro that matches your needs and keep generating new content.

Although you can only access the Writer template from a paid or Growth profile, you can gain free access to that and all the premium features of Smart Copy during the 14-day free trial.

4. Profiles

When you register with any site, you create your own profile; when you sign up with Smart Copy, the profile created is for your company.

Here you’ll insert all the information the AI needs to create content – company name, description, target audience, language, and keywords.

With all these details, the software can assemble a text with the correct tone and match your brand’s style.

You can easily change your profile information if you wish to do so, and the information will automatically be updated. However, if you’re using a free account, you will only be allowed one profile.

Those who pay for the Growth plan can create and manage an unlimited number of profiles and switch from one to another with the click of a button.

5. Refine

The Refine feature is yet another tool that’s only available if you’re willing to fork up some money. As part of your free trial, you’ll be granted access to the Refine tool, but only for 14 days. 

The option to refine content allows you to decide on the length and tone of the article – you can choose to generate short, medium, or long-form content.

As far as time goes, the message can be delivered in numerous ways, including neutral, friendly, urgent, analytical, optimistic, or confident.

You always have the final say regarding which content you keep and which you disregard. However, refining gives you more control over the results you get from the generator.

6. Extension

Smart Copy has a browser extension that you can add to Chrome for free, which will grant you quick and easy access to features that help create, rewrite, or summarize selected content.

The extension is easy to use – just highlight the text you need to work with and choose one of the options:

  1. Expand;
  2. Summarize;
  3. Remix;
  4. and Next Sentence.

Although the extension is free, you have a limited number of credits to use if you’re on the free plan, whereas if you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, you can generate unlimited characters.

Smart Copy offers the option to download the free desktop app available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

7. Smart Copy Operator

The support team operates quickly and can get back to you in a few hours.

If you chose to contact an operator, it means you weren’t able to find a solution to your problem in the FAQs or by chatting live with a support member.

How To Use Smart Copy?

Unbounce’s Smart Copy tool is surprisingly easy to use, making it all the more convenient. You can find the AI assistant listed on Unbounce’s website under “products.” 

From there:

  1. Go to the upper-right corner and choose to sign up for free. You can choose the paid plan straight away, but since most features are free, we recommend trying it out for yourself first;
  2. Put in the required information – this includes your own name and email address and information on your company.
    The AI will generate content based on the details entered, but don’t stress too much – you can always edit this later;
  3. Choose a template and fill in the topic or whatever else is needed. Unbounce offers examples of what you would write, so you shouldn’t find it too complicated;
  4. Make some content! You get 10 credits to start you off with the free plan. After this, you’ll get 5 extra credits per day;
  5. After reviewing the new copy, you can save anything you wish and find it later. You can also offer positive or negative feedback on the generated text.

If you like what you see, you can upgrade to the Growth plan at any time and gain full access to Smart Copy’s features.

You can also get the Smart Copy browser extension and desktop application whenever you’d like. You can find both by accessing “Tools” on the sidebar.

Unbounce Smart Copy Pricing

Unbounce’s Smart Copy software has a free starter option and only one paid plan. This leaves you with 3 payment options:

  1. Go for the free Starter plan and pay nothing – you don’t even need to enter any credit card information. This will gain you access to most features, but you’ll only have 5 daily credits;
  2. Pay $49 a month for the Growth plan. You’ll get unlimited profiles, access to the Writer tool, and the ability to refine generated copy;
  3.  If you choose to commit to Smart Copy for a more extended period, you can pay $300 a year for the Growth plan; which translates to a much lower monthly cost of $25.
Unbounce smart copy pricing

How is Smart Copy Different From Other AI Writing Partners?

The main difference we would point out with Smart Copy by Unbounce, and one that places it at an advantage, is its Starter plan.

The software is free for an unlimited amount of time and offers many features and quality content without charging you a dime.

Smart Copy, for now, offers fewer features than many other AI assistants. However, it also boasts some unique elements, such as investor pitch templates.


Smart Copy can serve as a great source of inspiration and a significant tool to help small startups stay competitive.

Automation and AI are the future, and if you’re not already on board, it may be time to hop on.

Those who aren’t entirely sold on Smart Copy by Unbounce can always try their free plan and see if it’s the right AI tool for them.

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

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Ron has a huge part of our Everythingfreelance.com community.

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