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SEO Buddy Full Review
Ron Potterman

Ron Potterman

SEO Buddy is one of the best options you have to manage your optimization needs in a competitive market using buckling capabilities and content ideas. This needs to be a part of your digital marketing plan, as it should be more than just about the content you create. Time needs to be time invested in getting eyes on your content and evaluating its performance. The latter action allows you to make changes where necessary, so that you can get the best out of your page.

With a platform, such as SEO Buddy, you don’t need to worry about the ingredients you need for the best optimization mix. The software system includes a built-in SEO checklist, which is a step by step guide to every important SEO action that needs to be taken. Marketing agencies, as well as small and medium-sized companies, make use of SEO Buddy to great success.

If you want the “SEO Buddy full review,” there is no better place you could have looked. The information below should tell you all you need to know. 

SEO Buddy

How to Use SEO Buddy

Navigating around the SEO Buddy platform is a very intuitive process. All you need to do is understand the different elements on the page and how they can help you achieve your various tasks. 

First, there is the backlink tracker. This is responsible for helping you to ensure that more and more quality websites are linked to yours. To this end, you can get automatic suspicious link notifications, backlink auditing, link quality assessments, referral traffic overviews, and an easy Google Analytics integration to import any existing backlink data there is. 

Tasks make up the next item on the agenda, and it’s responsible for helping you turn data into valuable SEO opportunities. It’s an automated task list, and once generated, your team gets clarity and focus on what needs to be done. Imagine having tedious tasks broken down into clear 20 minute operations. You can also uncover new backlink opportunities and keyword targets, discover content ideas and new competitors, and take advantage of context clues to know who is responsible for each task.

The opportunities feature allows you to view backlink opportunities, identify whether it’s worth pursuing, review the opportunity notes, add successful conversions to your profile, and view relevant details about the page, including page title, meta description, domain stats, and URL. 

You can create traffic-generating assets from your content ideas. SEO Buddy allows you to collaborate with various publishers, designers, writers, and researchers. Additionally, you can assign trackable tasks to your team, set individual content asset budgets, see all actions related to a single content piece, and manage your content pipeline from one dashboard. 

There’s also content asset monitoring, which allows you to assign focus keywords, see detailed performance stats, observe which content assets yield the greatest referral traffic, and discover the content that creates the most backlinks. 

There are also keyword features that allow you to see your SERP rank, pinpoint assets assigned to keywords, note 30 -ay keyword performance, view any pending tasks linked to a keyword, and view keyword performance in our graph.

Finally, the competitor module allows you to keep an eye on your closest competitors in SERP, add newly discovered competitors, analyze competitor backlink profiles, and see social media statistics for competitor domains.

All these areas are condensed into single buttons on your SEO Buddy dashboard, and now you know what they all do. 

Pricing and Free Plan

Pricing options for SEO Buddy fall under three categories: DIY, semi-agency mode, and agency mode. The free trial is found under the DIY options, and it lasts for seven days. There is no continuous free plan, so you must make do with this test. You get an SEO strategy for up to three keywords, a monthly update frequency, unlimited usage, and unlimited seats.

The startup package is next under the DIY category, and it costs $47 monthly. You receive an SEO strategy for up to 25 keywords, a weekly update frequency, up to 30 hours of usage monthly, and unlimited seats.

Finally, there’s the SME plan, which costs $98 monthly. You get an SCO strategy for up to 50 keywords, a daily update frequency, up to 100 hours of usage per month, and unlimited seats.

SEO Buddy Pricing

Next, there is a semi-agency mode, which costs $1,000 a month. With this plan, SEO buddy puts a much greater effort into helping you make the most of the platform’s framework and the available opportunities. You can even get a hired and trained virtual assistant through the program. 

SEO Buddy Semi-Agency Mode

Agency mode is last, and it costs $5,000 a month. SEO Buddy takes care of everything, including keyword research, the checklist, a 52-week content strategy, locating writers with authority, a constant hunt for opportunities, and link building. 

SEO Buddy Agency Mode

Available Platforms

SEO Buddy is a web-based platform that is available on any browser-enabled device that can access the internet. 


The platform has three main features that it advertises on its site page. The SEO checklist guides every action to be taken, the competitive analysis framework, which helps find content opportunities and valuable backlinks, and a guide to scale your SEO strategy. All the buttons on the interface contribute to one of these three areas. 


SEO buddy does not have an API for integrations; however, you can use Google Analytics to pull in existing backlink data. 

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman

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