Best Online Collaboration Tools for Remote Workers

Ron Potterman
Ron Potterman
Tools for Remote Workers

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Nowadays, majority of the employees are now having a work from home arrangement as they work on their tasks. This becomes the new trend to accomplish the given tasks due to the COVID-19 pandemic successfully. Different companies allow their people to work in attaining the organization’s goal remotely.

So, with the advent of new technology, software development, and enough knowledge on how to use these technologies, business companies can continuously operate transactions with their clients. Managers of these companies ensure that their employers can productively work even at home. That’s why they tend to embrace some collaboration tools which they can use in supervising, monitoring, providing and support, and having open communication among the team members. Many businesses utilize online application software and various management tools for them to have a productive and efficient way of dealing with their clients and employees. So, as project managers, it is essential to choose the best online collaboration tools for remote workers so that everything that is related to work can be closely monitored

Best Online Collaboration Tools For Remote Workers

Remote Working – Why Has It Become A New Trend?

There are several reasons why remote working is widely accepted as a work arrangement scheme in the company. Some reasons are the following:

  • Great comfort when working at home
  • Less stress
  • Has proper time management, especially for personal life
  • Has own working schedule (if the job is a project-based and doesn’t need to log-in and out from the online tracking portal)
  • More satisfying

There are several advantages and benefits that you might get out of working remotely. It is only a matter of perseverance and commitment so that you can accomplish every task which will be given to you by the company. Furthermore, with the project tools online that you can utilize, your job will not be as difficult as you think. Tools pertaining to team collaboration and management would be a great help in making your job easier and more convenient.

Top 8 Project Management Software and Tools online

If you want to know the different types of tools for handling remote workers, then keep in touch with the succeeding discussions. This article will provide you some information that will bring success to your company’s daily transactions. By reading this article, you can have a background on the different task management tools that can be found online. Then, choose any type of tools online if these will help you for the purpose of accomplishing your tasks and managing your team members. Here are the lists of the management software and tools which will provide more benefits in working remotely:

1. Slack

slack homepage
One of the best team communication applications which are widely used by remote teams is Slack. The majority of the businesses have virtual office platform, and they highly recognize the usefulness of this application tool. The best feature that makes it stand out from other applications is automatic reporting in business activity. Companies utilize Slack as their online communication since it facilitates the design and real-time critiques from stakeholders and peers.

2. Zoom

zoom homepage
Many people highly recognized the use of Zoom since it is now considered one of the best applications for video conferencing. If you are working remotely at any place, you can easily reach your colleagues by just using a video call application communication. Fret no more with the technical glitches like no sound and frozen videos since Zoom will provide you the best type of communication in the market. It was noted that there were already 30,000 users last 2014 and started to increase to 700,000 this 2017. So, there was an increase of almost 2333% in just three years. It is just an indication that many are using this application and even recommend the product to others aiming for good quality video conferencing.

3. InVision

invision homepage
It is said that this tool is the most inclusive group of design software in the marketplace. Many business companies use this tool for it gives them the benefits that they ate looking for. Real-time teamwork is a crucial part of the processes in design-making. This type of software allows you to plan and design presentations, receive and give feedback to the designers, but also in concurrence with the company stakeholders.

4. GitHub

github homepage
Developers and designers may have different functions, but it is necessary that they join forces in working with the projects so that they can produce high quality digital outputs. GitHub is considered as an ideal software for the collaboration of remote workers.

5. Trello

trello homepage
Because of many types of online tools in the market, it may be difficult to choose the best project management tools which can help you in accomplishing the tasks. However, you can opt to use Trello since it stands out from other applications because of its simplicity, high-performance level, and overall style. Trello can help your team members increase their productivity level by aggregating feedback from the group and visualizing what specific needs should be met. Using this project management software doesn’t even require you with much information, which is time-consuming on the part of the users. Because of this, it may be an ideal option for those people who want to startup easily. The simple design of the Trello provides extreme flexibility, which became the reason why many people tend to use the tool. One of the typical advantages of this tool is that it keeps track of updates, requests, and product issues.

6. Dashlane

dashline homepage
A team collaboration remote working sometimes requires sharing access and passwords to a specific tool. So, it would no longer be safe to store your passwords in your spreadsheets. So, to ensure a high-security level of some important data, Dashlane would help you. In fact, it is one of the best password managers that you can rely on. This software is a great tool that will make you safe with the essential data and allow your team members to log into the essential tools for the transactions easily.

7. Google Drive

google drive homepage
So far, the best application for your file management is Google Drive. It is essential to manage your files and documents digitally to ensure smooth business operations and transactions. This application will help you and your team members to store and receive files once necessary. With this online application, documents or file-sharing would be easily made and done. Thus, you can just use this means to successfully transfer your files to the whole team and to your subordinates or superiors.

8. Zapier

zapier homepage
For most businesses, work automation software is highly needed. That’s why they use Zapier for great efficiency and convenience. Teams who work remotely do have a stronger need for functionality. They always depend on technology to work effectively. From communication to accomplishing tasks perfectly, technologies and other gadgets are badly needed. Since most of the employees are working from different places, managing projects would be a bit challenging on the part of the project managers. However, with the use of Zapier, they can easily update and document the ongoing projects. Moreover, project managers can have a guarantee that the employees are productively working on the right track. This online tool can help you facilitate a good working culture even in remote places since you can connect some applications and move data without difficulty.

These applications that were mentioned above are just some of the types of software which you may use for your daily transactions. With these, you can make sure your employees can be productive even if you’re not adjacent with them. Using the technology and internet, you can easily tap and raise your concerns to your respective subordinates and colleagues.

If you want, you can also visit some reliable sites online and feel about selecting the best tools for project management. There are some companies that offer a free trial in using the application so that you can personally experience if this tool is suitable for you or not. If you think that the software online offered by some reliable sites are good for you, then you also need to read reviews from their sites. In this way, you may know if the product that they offer will be good according to your needs.

With the help of the technology and communication tools, you can have the assurance that the guidelines, overall instructions, and accomplishing works in each timeframe will be met. If you want, you may consider an application that would provide time tracking for you to see the employees’ actual time when working on their tasks.

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